Hearse and Buggy

Hearse and Buggy

Hearse and Buggy Fallen SnowClaire Weatherly has fled a high stress lifestyle for a slower pace in Amish country Heavenly Pennsylvania She only planned a short visit but instead found herself opening an Amish special

  • Title: Hearse and Buggy
  • Author: Laura Bradford
  • ISBN: 9780425251317
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Fallen SnowClaire Weatherly has fled a high stress lifestyle for a slower pace in Amish country Heavenly, Pennsylvania She only planned a short visit but instead found herself opening an Amish specialty shop, Heavenly Treasures, and settling in.Claire loves her new home, and she s slowly making friends among the locals, including Esther, a young Amish woman who works in Fallen SnowClaire Weatherly has fled a high stress lifestyle for a slower pace in Amish country Heavenly, Pennsylvania She only planned a short visit but instead found herself opening an Amish specialty shop, Heavenly Treasures, and settling in.Claire loves her new home, and she s slowly making friends among the locals, including Esther, a young Amish woman who works in the shop So when the store s former owner, the unlikable Walter Snow, is murdered, and the man Esther is sweet on becomes a suspect, Claire can t help but get involved.Newly returned Detective Jakob Fisher, who left Heavenly and his Amish upbringing as a teenager, is on the case But his investigation is stalled by the fact that none of his former community will speak with him Claire s connections make her the perfect go between.As Claire investigates, she uncovers than she wanted to know about her neighbors And suddenly, everything she had hoped to find in this peaceful refuge is at risk .

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      165 Laura Bradford
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    Huge fan of Laura Bradford's other alias ,Elizabeth Lynn Casey, A Southern Sewing Circle. I quickly grabbed a copy of her newest cozy mystery series. Bardford has a gift of creating characters and places that are heart warming and not flashy.Claire Weatherly has left the fast lane for the quiet life Heavenly, Pennsylvania in Amish country along with her aunt who runs a bed and breakfast. Clarie runs a small shop 'Heavenly Treasures' that showcases the art of Amish and help her make friends with [...]

    From the first page to the last I loved this book. I "awwed" on the last line. The emotions were real in this book and I felt them with every page I turned. I have fallen in love with this series and everything about it. Such a wonderful book and I highly recommend it.

    Laura Bradford has written a wonderful, emotional Cozy Mystery set in the small-town of Heavenly, PA. Claire Weatherly has left a high-stress lifestyle behind in New York to settle in this Lancaster County town. Her shop, Heavenly Treasures, features homemade items from the Amish community. She becomes embroiled in the case when a man is murdered, and the young man her employee and friend is sweet on is accused of the crime. I love the Cozies that Laura Bradford writes. But with “Hearse & [...]

    In the romantic mystery Hearse and Buggy (An Amish Mystery), Laura Bradford displays the Amish lifestyle through the perspective of “English” woman, Claire Weatherly who has moved to Heavenly to find a life of simplicity. She ends up trying to deal with her attraction for two men and becoming an amateur detective when a murder occurs at the back of her store. I love a well balanced sweet romance novel, and this one was like a multicolored round swirly lollipop as big as my head. Laura Bradfo [...]

    After her divorce, Claire has settled into the town of Heavenly, Pennsylvania, thanks to her aunt. She’s begun to make friends among the Amish and even opened a store that sells the items her new friends make. However, the potential peace of her new life is shattered when a man is found murdered outside her store. He left town recently after being accused of stealing from the Amish. Even though murder is not in their beliefs, might one of Claire’s new friends killed him?The characters in thi [...]

    ★★★★☆ What a pleasant surprise from a "new-2-me" author. Love this author's "voice" in this cozy-mystery set in Amish country.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel in the Amish mystery series. Living in Buffalo, we've traveled around/near Amish country many times but this book bought the day-to-day living to life in a charming but fairly realistic manner. I generally don't do plot reviews because so many do that on . The mystery was well-written and kept me guessing until almost the very end. The characters were engaging, empathetic, and the story's romantic tension left me already excited for book number two. I defini [...]

    Claire has come from a very bad time in her life to the present time in her life with the help and love of her aunt. She moved to Heavenly to heal herself from the heartache of her broken marriage. She does this by moving into her aunt's B&B and helping her out. Claire soon is finding that Heavenly may be the place for her to set her roots in. It is Amish country and is made up of great people. Claire soon opens her very own shop, Heavenly Treasures, where she sells Amish made crafts to tour [...]

    Synopsis: Fallen SnowClaire Weatherly has fled a high-stress lifestyle for a slower pace—in Amish country: Heavenly, Pennsylvania. She only planned a short visit but instead found herself opening an Amish specialty shop, Heavenly Treasures, and settling in. Claire loves her new home, and she’s slowly making friends among the locals, including Esther, a young Amish woman who works in the shop. So when the store’s former owner,the unlikable Walter Snow, is murdered, and the man Esther is swe [...]

    This is the first in the An Amish Mystery series. And what a delightful and interesting series it is, too.Claire Weatherly has left an unhappy marriage and has moved to Heavenly, PA. Heavenly is located in the middle of the Amish area in Lancaster County. Claire has an Amish speciality shop, where she sells items made by Amish locals. In the evenings she helps her Aunt Diane around her B&B.Claire with the help of a young Amish woman, Esther, are getting the store organized after getting rid [...]

    I picked up Hearse and Buggy by Laura Bradford because I am intrigued by the Amish. I thought a cozy mystery set in Lancaster County, PA, would be right up my alley. I was not disappointed. I loved visiting Heavenly, PA, and meeting the characters. I enjoyed getting a little more information on the Amish as well. I am interested in seeing where this series leads. 3 stars.Interesting passages:Claire's aunt is describing why she is does not regret not getting married. Included in the response was [...]

    Clair has left her ex-husband and the stress of living in New York City to open a little shop and settle down in a small town in Amish country. She has fallen in love with the concept of living a simple life surrounded by normal, down-to-earth people, and is looking forward to getting to know everyone and becoming part of the community. Claire already is attached to the young Amish girl, Esther, who works in her store, and when the young Amish man she is sweet on becomes the prime suspect in the [...]

    I read this book because I enjoy the Southern Sewing Circle series by this author under the name Elizabeth Casey. There are some similarities in that both series are set in small towns with an engaging female sleuth. Claire has moved to Amish country to live with her aunt who runs an inn for tourists. Claire has opened a gift shop selling Amish made items; the former owner of the space is found dead in the alley behind the row of shops. Suspicion falls on a young Amish man, Eli with a short temp [...]

    This is a cozy set in Amish country, Pennsylvania. It was a great read and a good mystery. I figured out part, but not all of the ending. The writing style is a little above that of most cozies and it flowed very well. The characters were interesting and I see a lot of potential for developing them more as the series continues. There was not really a lot of information on the Amish that isn't common knowledge - hopefully, that will increase in futures books. The only real negative was the romant [...]

    Let me start by saying that I LOVE cozy mysteries. They don't have to be brilliantly written for me to enjoy them thoroughly. However. I do appreciate a decent editor. Didn't anyone else notice that they changed the name of Claire's ex-husband halfway through the book?!?! And some of the phrasing was so clunky and convoluted that I have to believe that they were just overlooked in editing. The cliches were unending, the constant "gasping" obnoxious, and the sappy sweetness, sappy sweet even for [...]

    OMG. LOVED it! The potential romance/flirtation between Claire and Benjamin (Amish) and Jakob (ex-Amish) is priceless. The author gives a "humaness" to the Amish characters. So often, we (English) feel that the simple lifestyle of the Amish removes them from the cares of the world. They feel the same things we do - happiness, anxiety, anger, etc. It is refreshing to see these feelings shown by the Amish characters. I love Amish country, and this brought me home. I am so "jonesing" for the peacef [...]

    I really enjoyed this one. Amish culture has always fascinated me, and it appears the author did some research before she wrote this. I liked the characters and the story was well told. If you're looking for a nice cozy with a little different spin, you could do far worse than picking up this one! RECOMMEND!

    What a great start to anew series. You will find yourself not wanting to put down this book. You will fall in love with the characters. I am very ready for the next book.

    Laura Bradford is my new favorite cozy mystery author! I enjoyed the Emergency Dessert Squad series and am now enjoying her Amish cozy series. If you are a cozy fan you owe it to yourself to check them out!

    As a sucker for bad puns, I loved the title of this first book in a new mystery series, Hearse and Buggy, especially since the novel is about a protagonist who lives in Pennsylvania Amish country and lives in the limbo between the anachronistic lifestyle of the Amish and her flight from the cosmopolitan (and for her, unfulfilling) lifestyle of Manhattan. The title’s pun immediately conveys (okay, so that’s a punt, too) the idea of the modern impinging on the antique and sets up the delicate [...]

    Heavenly, Pennsylvania has become home to Claire Weatherly. She lives with her aunt Diane who runs Sleep Heavenly Bed & Breakfast. She has left behind her old life in Manhattan and find herself the owner of Heavenly Treasures on Lighted Way where she sells Amish crafted items. Her store is right next to the Shoo Fly Bake Shoppe where Ruth Miller bakes up and sells her tasty treats.Ruth is a Amish woman with two very protective brothers, Eli and Benjamin. They try to keep a close eye on both [...]

    First Line: Claire Weatherly looked around the empty stockroom, kneading the small of her back with stiff, tired fingers. Claire Weatherly has finally called her marriage quits; her high-powered Wall Street husband is going to have to find someone else to berate and ignore. She decided to stay for a while with her Aunt Diane, the owner of the Sleep Heavenly Inn in Heavenly, Pennsylvania, but after six months, Claire knows she's found the lifestyle she's been craving and the place where she wants [...]

    Loved it!Looking forward to the next one in the series. Cozy mystery fans will enjoy getting to know the residents of Heavenly.

    Very nice cozy debut. Claire is rebuilding her life after divorce in Heavenly, Pennsylvania, a town that derives much of its income through tourist trade and handmade goods from an Amish community nearby. Specifically, Claire has taken over a storefront previously run by a crook who defrauded the Amish and then ran off owing them money. Claire returns the unsold items still in shop to the proper owners and is slowly rebuilding the place as a consignment shop of quality handmade goods. Claire her [...]

    I've had this book on my physical TBR shelf for close to two years now. It was a 'lucky' find that I wasn't expecting at a thrift store for an extremely cheap price. I have to say I am extremely disappointed in myself for the simple fact that I didn't read this book earlier. It was superb!I love Claire, she was broken and put-together at the same time and the author weaved her backstory in a way that made it suitably distant, yet close at the same time. Claire was slightly tedious at the beginni [...]

    What a great debut to a wonderful new series!! Claire has left New York with the hopes of escaping her failed marriage and living a simpler life in Heavenly, Pennsylvania. Her aunt runs a successful bed and breakfast in this quaint town and Claire has just become the owner of Heavenly Treaures. It's a shop that sales handmade items and souviners from members of the nearby Amish families. When the previous owner is accused of stealing money from the Amish and turns up murdered in the alley behind [...]

    I enjoyed this story except for a major complaint SPOILERS AHEAD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The only fault I have with this book is there is no way that Jakob an Amish man would not have known very well what the consequences of his leaving the Amish after baptism would be,so it really annoyed me that so much of the story focused on his pain over being shunned and the pain he caused his family.Come on. any [...]

    gh I loved this!!!!! This is book one in the Amish Mystery series by Laura Bradford and I am hooked. I have since got the next book in this series. The story is about a young woman called Claire who moves to Amish Country Pennsylvania. Living with her aunt in her B and B and running a new shop selling Amish wares life has really started to improve for this recently separated young woman. Throw in a dead body, red herring's, a different culture and lots of mystery and you have yourself one very e [...]

    Book #55 Read in 2013Hearse and Buggy by Laura BradfordThis is the first book in a cozy mystery series. Claire has a shop in an Amish village where her aunt runs a bed and breakfast. This allows Claire a new start in life after her divorce. The simple little town turns out to be a little more complicated when Walter, a man who stole from the Amish, is murdered. Claire begins her own investigation into the murder and wants to help Jakob, a detective who recently returned to his Amish hometown, fi [...]

    This will be a very good series. Claire Weatherly has left New York for Amish Country in Pennsylvania after her divorce. She opens a shop that specializes in Amish goods and is very happy in her new life. The former owner of her shop is found murdered and the suspicions are on Eli Miller, a young Amish man who has a very hot temper. Claire wants to find out who murdered Walter Snow and to clear Eli's name because he is in love with Claire's young assistant, Esther. The problem is that the new po [...]

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