King of Thorns

King of Thorns

King of Thorns In Book One of the Broken Empire Mark Lawrence brought to life the morbidly gripping Publishers Weekly story of a boy in search of power and vengeance Now in King of Thorns that boy s journey into

  • Title: King of Thorns
  • Author: MarkLawrence
  • ISBN: 9780425256237
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In Book One of the Broken Empire, Mark Lawrence brought to life the morbidly gripping Publishers Weekly story of a boy in search of power and vengeance Now, in King of Thorns, that boy s journey into manhood takes him to the dark depths waiting within his soul The boy who would be King has gained the throne Prince Honorious Jorg Ancrath vowed when he was nIn Book One of the Broken Empire, Mark Lawrence brought to life the morbidly gripping Publishers Weekly story of a boy in search of power and vengeance Now, in King of Thorns, that boy s journey into manhood takes him to the dark depths waiting within his soul The boy who would be King has gained the throne Prince Honorious Jorg Ancrath vowed when he was nine to avenge his slaughtered mother and brother and punish his father for not doing so When he was fifteen, he began to fulfill that vow Now he is eighteen and he must hold on by strength of arms to what he took by torture and treachery King Jorg is a man haunted by the ghost of a young boy, by a mysterious copper box, by his desire for the woman who rides with his enemy Plagued by nightmares of the atrocities he committed, and of the atrocities committed against him when he was a child, he is filled with rage And even as his need for revenge continues to consume him, twenty thousand men march toward the gates of his castle His enemy is far stronger than him Jorg knows that he cannot win a fair fight But he has found, in a chamber hidden beneath the castle, ancient and long lost artifacts Some might call them magic Jorg is not certain all he knows is that the secrets they hold can be put to terrible use in the coming battle

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    Jorg Ancrath, you little fucker.My feelings towards Jorg and this book can be best described as the epitome of an abusive relationship.Jorg is not a nice man. Actually, for most of the book, he's 14 years old, so fuck the "nice man" part because he's not even a man yet. But he'll rip your head off, quite literally, if you say that to his face. He is a rapist. A murderer. He tortures. He kills haphazardly. He is destructive, capricious. A madman in every sense of the word. He will wound you, phys [...]

    [STOP PRESS] Six death scenes cut from the book:mark---lawrenceMy next book, Red Sister, is in shops at the start of April.++++++++++++++++++++++King of Thorns was a gamble on the intelligence of my readers - I bet on it being pretty high - I appear to have won.Some readers struggle with the non-linear progression through two time-lines and various memories. It is, I'll agree, not the standard way to write a fantasy book, though those who read literary fiction will be more used to seeing a narra [...]

    2.5/5 StarsA lot of reader and fans claimed King of Thorns to be the best out of the Broken Empire trilogy, it pained me to do so but I can’t agree with that notion.I’m going to inform you right from the beginning of my review, there's an innocent dog torture scene in this book and I’ll admit that part was quite tough to read. However, this doesn’t mean that the scene itself isn’t important to the overarching story, there’s a reason behind this scene. It’s really well written and i [...]

    "I read the small forgotten books. The ones found behind the rows on the shelves. In locked chests. In pieces to be assembled. They look old. Some are--a hundred years, three hundred, maybe five, but Orrin's are most ancient. Mine though, they look older, as if what is written in them takes its toll, even on parchment and leather. Mine were set down after the Burning, after the Builders ignited their many suns."I first met Jorg Ancrath in the first book of The Broken Empire called Prince of Thor [...]

    I think this is my favorite book in an excellent trilogy, because the odds are so severely against our anti-hero Jorg. The stakes are high and the plot twists are perfect. Having killed his uncle and secured a small kingdom in the mountains, young Jorg now faces a powerful, charismatic enemy – the Prince of Arrow – who seems destined to unite the Broken Empire. The action jumps back in forth in time, from the siege of Jorg’s capital to several years before, showing us how Jorg traveled the [...]

    Unpopular opinion time! There are some brilliant anti-heroes in the realms of fiction. Anthony Burgress’ Alex from A Clockwork Orange and Byron’s Don Juan immediately spring to mind. In both cases, the characters are undeniably flawed and twisted; they exploit the world, and other people, to meet their own ends: they are egotistical bastards with little (to no) scruples.Mark Lawrence’s Jorg Ancrath is no different; he is a nasty piece of work who lives simply for himself. There’s nothing [...]

    (06/09) King of Thorns? Probably the best of all SO. MANY. FEELS.Do you know what I love in these books? Picture the perfect hero. Kind. Skilled. Supported by all kind of prophecies. See this guy, the perfect Gary Sue of fantasy? Well, here, you root for the other guy who wants to kill him.Because Jorg is some kind of anti Knight in Shining Armor."I don't play by the rules you choose."✿ Hello, Knight in Shining Armor : Prophecies see you rule the world because you're the One.♠And Jorg? Proph [...]

    Sometimes the world slows and you notice every small thing, as if you stood between two beats of eternity’s heart.() The air hung heavy with the metallic scent of rain. I wondered: if I stood out there, in the flood, would the rain wrap a grey life and make it shine? Should I stand, arms spread, and raise my face? Let it wash me clean. Or did my stains run too deep?Err… * picks up the jaw from the floor* Wow!This book is in an entirely different league than Prince of Thorns. So many layers, [...]

    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews__________________________________________2015 UPDATE AFTER FINISHING THE TRILOGYIn the below review, I had many criticisms about the story, specifically how Jorg seemingly produced "super-powers" out of thin air to save himself. While that is exactly how I felt after closing King,Emperor of Thorns satisfactorily explained those aspects of the story, so when reading this review, please understand many of my criticisms were later made moot by Mr. Lawrence [...]

    If you regularly follow my reviews, you must have already noticed that nice out of ten times I don't get to enjoy the next installments in a series as much as the first one (probably due to the fact that I'm already acquainted with the world & character building, as well as the magic system, so i am less impressed by the rest of the story). King of Thorns is the exception to the "rule". The one out of ten."Fifteen! I'd hardly be fifteen and rousting villages. By the time fifteen came around, [...]

    As good as the first? Not quite but I still really liked it. The story is told from three points of view, Jorg's present as he faces a massive army set to destroy him, flash back four years as Jorg tries to discover the origins of a mysterious copper box that seems to have stolen some of his memories, and finally the journal entries of Katherine Jorg's love interest.At times I found this bouncing back and forth confusing but I'm pretty sure it was only because of how slowly I was forced to read [...]

    Mark Lawrence stormed onto the scene (well, as much as you can in the publishing world) last year with his debut, Prince of Thorns, book one in The Broken Empire. This divisive book found a fan in me, despite this particular first person point of view that all notions of good and virtue tells you to hate.I found a lot of things that I liked about Jorg even though I didn't love everything about him. Lawrence's captivating writing and smooth prose keep the pages flying and have not a little to do [...]

    "The warrior rides a black stallion. Smoke shrouds the castle ruins behind him and the wind gives only glimpses of the corpse-choked gap between high and broken walls. That same wind streams long dark hair across his shoulders, like a pennant, and flutters the remnants of his cloak. To his left and right more riders emerge from the fog of war, warriors all, their armour dented, torn, smeared with soot and blood."Honourous Jorg Ancrath, the Prince of Thorns, has become a king in his own right, an [...]

    With my reading time becoming increasingly precious, only the very best authors make it to my reading pile at all, and of those, I went with Lawrence to read after finally finishing edits to The Daylight War. Lawrence's poetic prose is amazing, far and away the best of the modern fantasy authors. The prose can get a little hard to follow if you're sleepy or your brain is fried after a long day, but this is hardly a quibble.First person narrative is arguably the most difficult POV style, and Lawr [...]

    This month I am recommending both PRINCE OF THORNS and KING OF THORNS by Mark Lawrence. They are two of three, with the third not yet published. I have read the first and am halfway through the second. As a fantasy tale, Prince Jorg Ancraft's story is quite extraordinary. It begins when he is 13 and already a stone cold killer with a horrific past. This is a dangerous and risky protagonist for any author to put forth, but Lawrence does it with verve and confidence. It is like a train wreck from [...]

    The most interesting thing I took away from this book was that I started to like Jorg, albeit just a bit, more. He still does reprehensible things, don't get me wrong, but he's older and wiser and not so eager to jump in and kill people without asking questions first. He strategizes a great deal more as well and really tries to think many steps ahead of his opponents. Jorg actually seems to be bothered when certain people are hurt or die, instead of just forgetting them and moving on. He thinks [...]

    King of Thorns (#2 Broken Empire) by Mark Lawrence. Hmm, What to say about this Author and this series, without spoiling any of the twists or surprises. Book one, Prince of Thorns was one of the surprises of 2011. If you didn't get it on your to do list you should add it now. I'll wait while you do. Ok? Done? At it's essence, this series is a VERY dark and violent tale, told first person, from the point of view of Jorg the young and disturbed ringleader of a brutal band of wandering misfits (Bro [...]

    I don't want to be harsh and all, but all I can say of King of Thorns would be that it wasfuckingboring. It's a shame compared to Prince of Thorns. The plot's utterly full of useless shit. This novel could've been way shorter. It has 500+ pages (on my iPad) and most of the novel was full of useless conversations. It also has too much adjectives, and tends to describe things longer than it should. And where the fuck is the action? I really liked the first book because it was full of violence and [...]

    Le cambio la puntuación a cinco estrellas porque se lo merece. Tiene sus errores, cosas que no me convencen, pero este libro es fascinante.¡Arrodíllense ante Jorg Ancrath o verán perder todo lo que aman!

    Well, I’m pleased to say that I am pleasantly surprised at my feelings towards this book. Upon first reading I didn’t much care for it at all. I didn’t like Jorg, I didn’t care for his brothers and I got overly confused by the different timelines in this book. Couple that with my tendency to read rather quickly and I was left rather underwhelmed. However, upon my re-read 4 years later my opinions have changed somewhat. Don’t get me wrong, I still didn’t much care for Jorg’s brother [...]

    This second book in the Broken Empire series was of a similar quality to the first. Which means it was pretty good! The StoryThis story picks up 4 years after the end of the first book. An 18 year old Jorg now sits on the throne of Renar, but still dreams of being Emperor. His main competition for the role, the beloved Prince of Arrow, marches on Jorg's kingdom with an army many times that of Renar. In a fair fight there would only be one winner. Fighting fair has never been part of Honorous Jor [...]

    THE SOCIOPATH IS AT IT AGAIN While I despised Jorg in Prince of Thorns, the story itself was highly entertaining and kept me turning pages as quickly as I could read them.  However, I did not find this novel as engrossing, perhaps because I've grown somewhat use to the main character's sociopathic behavior.  In any event, since the "shock" value of Jorg didn't overwhelm me this go round, I found myself focusing a great deal on the story itself, which quite honestly was a bit underwhelming.  [...]

    The Broken Empire is a trilogy that I was absolutely afraid to even touch, due to reviews about how violent and gritty it is, and because of rape scenes that are really hard to read about.It's been on my to-read list for a long time as I found the story quite intriguing but all these comments about rape sensitive issues put me off.It was when I read a short story by Mark Lawrence in Unfettered and then the Sleeping Beauty. I loved the atmosphere and ML's wonderful prose in the short stories so I [...]

    This was really good. I loved that there were mainly two different storylines in different times (four years ago and wedding day). Also, since Jorg himself did not know his own plan and what happened in the past we got to figure it out together. I am surprised that I like Jorg. He really comes off as the villain most of the time but still I feel sorry for him and also really want him to win the war and become Emperor. In any case, now I need to get my hands on the third book cause I am curious t [...]

    Sanırım kimse benim kadar sevemeyecek bu seriyi. İlk kitabı çok beğenmiştim ama ne yalan söyleyeyim ikinci kitabın yanında hiçbir şeymiş. Neredeyse. İlk kitapta dünyayı anlamıyorsunuz. Bir çok yorum gördüm; 'epik fantastik bir kitapta bu kültür kalıntıları nedir böyle?' diye. Tükmen kılıcı, İran halısı, Yunan tanrıları vs. Size sadece tahmin etme olanağı bıraksa da bu ikinci kitapta neredeyse her şeyi açıklıyor. Hem de müthiş diyaloglarla.Gerçekliği [...]

    King Jorg somehow finds a way to make you root for him as a reader despite his brutality. He is bold, rash, relentless, ruthless and shameless in pursuit of power and vengeance. I love falling in love with the characters and King Jorg Ancrath. I have to say it only got better in the second installment. and now on to the next book.

    Argh this review got deleted ! Sorry to repost guys.3.5/5“We die a little every day and by degrees we’re reborn into different men, older men in the same clothes, with the same scars.” Oopsy another unpopular opinion from me *evil cackle*. Firstly I must start this review by saying this book was extremely overhyped imo. Everyone raves on about how great this book is, but to be honest it was just okay for me. I once again went into this book with high expectations as I did with Prince of Th [...]

    Prince of Thorns impressed the hell out of me. Jorg Ancrath is the best kind of protagonist: flawed, stumbling, sometimes evil. He's human, and has that greatest of human capacities: the ability to make mistakes, learn from them, and drag the world forward with him.Jorg doesn't disappoint in the 2nd installment in the series. If anything, his sharp wit, dark perceptive humor and almost precognizant read of complex situations develops. Lawrence ups the stakes in King of Thorns, and takes a comple [...]

    In King of Thorns Jorg of Ancrath takes the next step on his path to power. Again author Mark Lawrence shows us the becoming of a villain and as Jorg matures the story does as well. First time readers beware, this review will most likely to contain spoilers for Prince of Thorns.As in his first novel, Mark Lawrence divides the narrative into two timelines. The first timeline starts immediately after the concluding events of Prince of Thorns and shows us what Jorg and his Brothers are up to for th [...]

    I liked this one even more than the first. There are a lot of surprises as the world gets more and more flushed out. Jorg is a unique character, and the end is great - when you find out what's going on inside him, and how Katherine and Sageous fit into it and how he's poised to live the next phase of his life. I can't wait to finish the series.My only complaint is that it felt a little disjointed at times, with about half of it being a flashback, and half being Jorg's present day. I think it was [...]

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