I, Rhoda

I, Rhoda

I Rhoda The heartwarming memoir from beloved award winning television actress Valerie Harper Valerie Harper is finally ready to tell her story In this her first memoir the beloved and award winning televis

  • Title: I, Rhoda
  • Author: Valerie Harper
  • ISBN: 9781410457820
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The heartwarming memoir from beloved, award winning television actress Valerie Harper.Valerie Harper is finally ready to tell her story In this, her first memoir, the beloved and award winning television actress reflects on the role that made her famous Rhoda Morgenstern on the groundbreaking series The Mary Tyler Moore Show and on the spin off show Rhoda and the pressureThe heartwarming memoir from beloved, award winning television actress Valerie Harper.Valerie Harper is finally ready to tell her story In this, her first memoir, the beloved and award winning television actress reflects on the role that made her famous Rhoda Morgenstern on the groundbreaking series The Mary Tyler Moore Show and on the spin off show Rhoda and the pressures of helming her own sitcom, Valerie From her childhood in New Jersey and upstate New York to the beginnings of her acting career as a dancer and chorus girl on Broadway performing alongside stars like Lucille Ball and Jackie Gleason to her recent battle with lung cancer, Valerie shares the story of her life, both the highs and the lows, in this heartwarming memoir, filled with charming anecdotes about Betty, Lucy, and Mary, to name a few.

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    In a word: boring.Harper managed to write an autobiography which is almost devoid of any personal information. She shares only the basic facts, where she worked and who she worked with. She doesn't tell any interesting little anecdotes or divulge any secrets.According to her, her entire life was amazing, she loved everyone and everyone loved her.She drops lots of names, but then that's it, the name dropping isn't followed by any stories about that person or what she really thought of them, apart [...]

    What a major disappointment this book is--there's nothing to it other than a woman name-dropping her childhood friends (maybe to sell more copies of the book?), skipping through her career with little depth or insight, and, worst of all, preaching her political views to a captive audience wanting to know what's really going on inside her. And she does it all with happiness and joy, ignoring the fact that she once had one of the worst reputations in the TV business. The Rhoda series, after a firs [...]

    Make no mistake, I once wanted to be Valerie Harper's most famous character, Rhoda Morgenstern. The Mary Richards character of The Mary Tyler Moore Show was supposed to be the go-to role model for those of us who came of age in the 1970s, but I preferred the snap and crackle of the be-scarfed and wisecracking upstairs neighbor. I wanted her job, too. Window dresser! How creative, how off-the-wall, and how unlike the comparatively boring newsroom I eventually wound up in.So I couldn't wait to dig [...]

    I didn't hear about the bio I, Rhoda by Valerie Harper through friends or articles or ads anywhere. I actually happened to pass The Jeff Probst talk show one night in January while surfing through channels and saw Jeff interviewing Valerie Harper. It was the first interview I'd seen Harper give in a long time and I was amazed at how young she looked. I was also amazed at how well the interview went and I've become a fan of Jeff Probst's show as a result. I hadn't planned on reading anymore bios, [...]

    I don't ever read celebrity biographies. I figure they're mostly name-dropping in some pleasant way combined with one or two bland anecdotes about different aspects of the person's career. But when I was a kid the ONLY character on tv that I identified with was Rhoda. I knew I was supposed to admire Mary, but Rhoda seemed so much more ME. So when I saw this in the library, I had to take it out.It is as mediocre as you would think. Unless you are keeping a great diary, the average person is never [...]

    I am a fan of Valerie Harper. Liked her ever since she was "Rhoda" on the Mary Tyler Moore show. Ms. Harper has written a "nice" memoir. meaning she keeps it scandal free. no bad mouthing here. she keeps her memories good or bad, written in a decent non catty wayund this book a good read. Valerie shares her memories about being on the Mary Tyler Moore show. only having good memories and fond things to say about her co-starsme thing for when she went on to star in her on show Rhoda. even in the u [...]

    I remember when "Mary Tyler Moore" first came out and all our parents loved it. I was unconvinced. Those were the days of cringe-making sitcoms where you knew exactly what would happen from the first five minutes: crisis, development, denouement and all. Mary and her gang created a lot of tropes that I now realise 40 years on, young women tried to imitate. The "ETC" wooden letters on the wall. The plaid furniture (ugh!) with the daisy-loom afghan thrown over it. The lines--oh, the lines! When tw [...]

    I was already a big fan of Valerie's. I wore scarves and I dressed just like "Rhoda" throughout high school. People had no idea where my style came from. I definitely stood out in a crowd, dressed like I jumped out of the 1970s and into the 1990s! (:I think Valerie did an excellent job. Her book is well written and a very smooth read for any fan. She's just as witty as the character she created over 40 years ago. I learned a lot about her, things I never knew. Her modesty and humbleness will onl [...]

    So, how can you bad mouth Rhoda? I got this as a gift when I was ill and was surprised that her autobiography made Annette Funicello's seem positively devilish. Looking on the bright side is one thing but why bother writing a book when it could have easily been a series in Readers Digest? Again, I love me some Valerie Harper, just disappointed in the book.

    Val shares her life story and her journey in show business. Who would have thought that one of television's best loved actresses started her career as a Broadway dancer and chorus kid? Val's novel is very positive and her outlook on life has clearly helped her through tough times. A lovely read.

    Wonderfully entertaining and informative account of the life of TV's Rhoda. After reading this, I feel that I would like her very much. I recommend this highly.

    Acceptably diverting brain candy, but only of interest to those who love(d) the Mary Tyler Moore Show and/or Rhoda.

    I loved Rhoda Morgenstern when I was in my early 20s. Initially, I was drawn to Mary Richards, but eventually I came to identify less with Mary's perfect job, perfect hair, perfect boyfriends, and perfect apartment, and more with Rhoda's messy life, okay job, terrible boyfriends, tiny apartment, and weight worries. So I was eager to find out more about Valerie Harper, the actress who embodied her. I listened to this book on audio as Ms. Harper read it herself. It was a little sad that her "Rhoda [...]

    I too loved Rhoda when I was a kid. I liked her so much better than Mary, who I found to be too saintly and perfect. I haven't though, been able to see the show in syndication. I will never forget Rhoda's wedding, and remembering "Carlton, your doorman," still makes me smile.I too read the book in one day, and while it was moderately interesting, I thought it was for one, too full of dropped names, and two, taking having a positive attitude WAY too far. Hers sounds like the most charmed of charm [...]

    good actress who was on one of the best shows I've ever seen (Mary Tyler Moore) in the '70's and had a long successful career in plays, TV movies, dance, etc. before and since. On this reading she appears also to be a nice person -- says positive things about her first (now ex-) husband and everybody else as well, with the exception of unnamed execs at the production company from her short-lived eponymous spinoff series. Unfortunately, there's not much of an edge to the book. People are as you m [...]

    This is a very interesing memoir by Valerie Harper, an actress who made her mark on Broadway, in the movies, and on TV. She is most widely known for her portrayal as Mary Tyler Moore's best friend, Rhoda Morgenstern on the grounde breaking TV show of the 1970s. This book chronicles her life and her experiences in the entertainment world. I enjoyed reading about Valerie's experiences and her friendships with the well known performers of stage, screen, and TV. The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and later, [...]

    In January 2000, I was in the middle of overseeing a very busy electronic junket schedule for ABC TV programming at the Winter Press Tour, which included interviews for the upcoming television reunion movie, Mary & Rhoda, when Valerie Harper expressed her concern for my inability to stop and have something to eat for lunch. She fussed over me for several minutes instead of concerning herself with the press interviews she was in the middle of doing for the promotion of the movie which revisit [...]

    dakimel/2014/04/nHarper is Rhoda Morgenstern from The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda. (Also shows I didn't really follow, though I did watch Valerie sometimes.) She delves a little more into her childhood (parents unhappy with each other but very supportive of her love of dancing and performing) before her acting journey takes off. Harper is a little more self-deprecating and humble than Jones, and her story is more inwardly focused. I had a lot more fun with this story - not as many salacious [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about Valerie Harper and her career. This book is a great quick read and Valerie details her road to becoming Rhoda Morgenstern. The book is full of stories of family, friends and the love she has for them all. She goes into her cancer scare and treatments for overcoming this illness. Only after the book was released did the world learn of her new challenge with the disease. You will enjoy her warmhearted stories of her TV family and her real life family. You w [...]

    This memoir is a mixed bag. Some parts were really interesting while others could have been benefitted from some serious editing. If you’ve ever wandered about a family party, you know you can get snatches of stories that you find fascinating like when Granddad snuck out of the house unbeknownst to his parents, but when Great Aunt Harriet starts talking about when she was a kid taking piano lessons, you know it’s time to go to the kitchen to refresh your drink. This memoir was a little like [...]

    I loved the Mary Tyler More show when I was a kid. And of course Rhoda was the character I wanted to be! With her bohemian clothes and her cool job as a window dresser. This book was informative but lacked any thing personal. I know what she has done with her life but not how she felt! It is not a biography I would recommend. I was disappointed.

    There were many interesting facts I learned about Valerie Harper: she wanted to be a dancer and her early years were spent dancing. It was interesting to learn how she chose her projects following Rhoda Morgenstern. It is an enjoyable book but at times I found myself annoyed about the effusive praise she has for practically every person she encounters in her life as indicated in the book.

    I have always been a fan of Valerie Harper, and reading her memoir has not dampened my feelings. It is a sheer delight. I only wish her the strength to face her recently announced battle with cancer. Her kindness and certainly her love of life shine through when reading her words. Brava Rhoda, and bravissima Ms. Harper.

    Not bad. Not much meat in this one. It's reads like a diary of an actress chronicalling all of her accomplishments. Everyone is either wonderful, beautiful or incredibly talented - or all three. You won't find any juicy gossip or anything remotely exciting. Valerie Harper has led a charmed life! I have always been a fan of hers but I could have skipped this sleeper!

    I started this book looking for Rhoda and found Mary Poppins. When everybody and every experience is the best, it begins to ring false. Valerie Harper is a remarkable and likeable person, but I found her book difficult to read because it wasn't true to life.

    Valerie Harper is the nicest person in show business. This book reads more like a thank-you speech spanning her entire career. Fun to see MTM and Rhoda from her perspective and learn more about her. Not the next great American memoir, but a good read for uber fans.

    I, Rhoda A must readI grew up watching her in the 70's It was a fun book to read. She has written with a beautiful styleflowing to keep the reader interested. An amazing woman

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