Of Tangible Ghosts

Of Tangible Ghosts

Of Tangible Ghosts Modesitt returns to science fiction with Of Tangible Ghosts a carefully crafted alternate universe novel In this world the Dutch never lost control of the Northeast and France Spain and Chung Kuo

  • Title: Of Tangible Ghosts
  • Author: L.E. Modesitt Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780812548228
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Modesitt returns to science fiction with Of Tangible Ghosts, a carefully crafted alternate universe novel In this world, the Dutch never lost control of the Northeast, and France, Spain, and Chung Kuo are today s superpowers, as is Colombia And in this universe, the ghosts of the dead linger, sometimes visible, sometimes speaking to the living Johan Eschbach has retiredModesitt returns to science fiction with Of Tangible Ghosts, a carefully crafted alternate universe novel In this world, the Dutch never lost control of the Northeast, and France, Spain, and Chung Kuo are today s superpowers, as is Colombia And in this universe, the ghosts of the dead linger, sometimes visible, sometimes speaking to the living Johan Eschbach has retired from service as an agent of the government of Colombia and gone north to teach at a university in his native Dutch territory Research is being conducted in the university s physics department research on the control of ghosts that is of interest to governments worldwide And Johan is forced by his former employers to work again as a spy When he discovers too much, he is marked for death But at least one ghost wants to keep him alive.

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    I think this would be classified as 'steampunk'. There's a slight difference in how electricity works, so ghosts are a fact of life. The U.S. isn't a country, instead there are several smaller countries across the NA continent. No gas cars, but steamers & there are 'difference engines' instead of computers. It's an interesting concept & world that he's created. It's mostly a mystery story with a dash of ghostly horror occasionally sprinkled through the series.

    Wow. Modesitt is one hell of an author. This book is really impressive on several fronts and the only reason i don't give it a 5 star rating is that it does tend to confuse the reader fairly often. However, this is actually kind of a good thing. I really appreciate an author who isn't playing to the lowest common denominator and isn't afraid to say "I'm making this my way and if you don't have the IQ to keep up, it's your loss." Equally impressive is how quiet everything is, which is great when [...]

    If you're looking for an action packed story this one will NOT be it. It's much more of a classic spy novel although set in a steam driven, alternative 20th century history. Bits and pieces of the puzzle slowly are revealed and as with any good spy mystery the real action starts well into the book.Modessitt is an excellent writer so even if the dialogue is about everyday events you become thoroughly engrossed by the new view point of a world where Ferdinand conquers Europe so there is never a Fi [...]

    I really enjoyed this book.It starts as an alternative history morphing into a murder mystery with political intrigue thrown in. The story has enough twists to keep it interesting, but not so many so as to be difficult to follow. The ending also throws a bit of a twist to the tale.This is a lite read - good for the beach or plane.I'm looking forward to the second book in this series. ( The Ghost of the Revelator

    This book is about an alternate reality where ghosts are real and the main character tells you what he has for every single meal and snack. The whole book can be summed up like this: "In an alternate reality, everyone drinks chocolate instead of coffee." That's the whole book - and they drink a lot of chocolate. It was terrible.

    I think this is one of the first true steampunk books I've read. A parallel universe where the Dutch still have control of part of the US, and the rest is controlled by France & England. Steam-powered cars, Babbage machines, ghosts as a normal part of life. Good intro to a series, hope the rest live up to the first!

    Great alternate history world with a fascinating take on ghosts being the reason weapons of mass destruction didn't take over on this world.

    Johan Eschbach, retired from an eventful career in service to Columbia as a naval aviator, Spazi agent, and cabinet minister, now teaches environmental economics at Vanderbraak State University in New Bruges (New Hampshire in OTL). Doktor Eschbach lost both his wife and daughter in a political murder -- he himself was badly wounded -- and he would like nothing better than a quiet life in this academic backwater. That would make for a dull book, however, and he is soon caught up in a murder inves [...]

    I picked up Ghosts of Columbia in excitement, thinking it was a new book, only to find it was Of Tangible Ghosts and The Ghost of the Revelator put together in one book. Sigh. Oh well, it had been quite some time since reading those books so why not have another go at them?The first book introduces our dashing (aging?) hero, Johan Eschbach. As is typical with most Modesitt books, especially the sci-fi, it takes a bit to really grab a hold of this new world/country/time period and the characters [...]

    The, three so far,"Ghost" books by L. E. Modesitt Jr. were an early introduction to the "Steam" genre. They present a well thought out alternate world, one in which the population must deal with and live with the repercussions of deaths by violence and war. Ghosts are real and persistent, reliving their deaths, making it difficult for those that are alive to ignore them. Some are seen by the political community as merely a nuisance, like the Buddhist protestors, that daily engage in self immolat [...]

    I'm writing this review on my phone (now isn't that a fabulous sci-fi phrase to use?! - to those of us brought up with dial telephones and party lines, that is), which means that I can't see quite everything I have on . I'm almost certain, however, that my son recommended this book to me. Thank you! What a terrific book!This is a spy and political intrigue type of novel - not my preferred genre, but in this case it's set in an alternate universe where ghosts are known to be real. In fact, massiv [...]

    An alternate history where the US is settled by the Dutch instead of the English. And he doesn't let you forget it. Every 5 minutes, the main character has to remind you he's Dutch. The other problem I had with the book is the main character is almost exactly like the main character in Flash (which I enjoyed very much). Johan in Of Tangible Ghosts is an ex-intelligence agent who is now a professor at a college. In flash, Jonas is an ex-military man turned consultant. In both books, they are flun [...]

    This strange little book takes place in an alternate history, with some fundamentally strange premises about the metaphysics of ghosts.I've tried several other of the author's works, and could not get into them.More in a bit - thanks for your patience.

    Another enjoyable book. I really enjoyed the alternate history and posing the question of what if ghosts were real and how would that change the development of world history and warfare. It was very enjoyable and I am starting book two right away.

    Because of the existence of ghosts, when Henry VIII saw the ghost of his wife he died of a heart attack and there was no reformation. Thus, there is no U.S. but rather a colony of the Dutch Republic on the east coast of North America. Interesting exploration of the implications.

    A very interesting idea. The author does stress the main character's eating habits quite a bit. The thing I will remember the most is that the Dutch are prevalent and most people enjoy drinking chocolate. A lot of chocolate. I was a bit lost in the plot of this.

    I felt like it fell slightly flat at the end, but it was a pretty interesting read.

    I enjoy Modesitt's world building. The ending was a bit flat. I would like to see cookbooks created from most of his books. He does enjoy adding mundane action to his work.

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