Playing for the Commandant

Playing for the Commandant

Playing for the Commandant A young Jewish pianist at Auschwitz desperate to save her family is chosen to play at the camp commandant s house How could she know she would fall in love with the wrong boy These are Hanna s fathe

  • Title: Playing for the Commandant
  • Author: Suzy Zail
  • ISBN: 9780763664039
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A young Jewish pianist at Auschwitz, desperate to save her family, is chosen to play at the camp commandant s house How could she know she would fall in love with the wrong boy These are Hanna s father s parting words to her and her sister when their family is separated at the gates of the Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp Her father s words and a black C sharp piA young Jewish pianist at Auschwitz, desperate to save her family, is chosen to play at the camp commandant s house How could she know she would fall in love with the wrong boy These are Hanna s father s parting words to her and her sister when their family is separated at the gates of the Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp Her father s words and a black C sharp piano key hidden away in the folds of her dress are all that she has left to remind her of life before Before, Hanna was going to be a famous concert pianist She was going to wear her yellow dress to a dance And she was going to dance with a boy But then the Nazis came Now it is up to Hanna to do all she can to keep her mother and sister alive, even if that means playing piano for the commandant and his guests Staying alive isn t supposed to include falling in love with the commandant s son But Karl Jager is beautiful, and his aloofness belies a secret And war makes you do dangerous things.

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    'The wrong boy' is not a fitting title for this novel neither is the synopsis.The story of a Jewish girl sent to Auschwitz with her family. She falls in love with the wrong boy – the German son of the camp commander.Yes, it’s a star-crossed lover’s novel. This time it’s between a Jewish Hungarian girl and a German boy. It does seem a bit erroneous in a way as if the holocaust was a tragedy rather than atrocious. I picked this up on the hope it will be good, and in my view I thought it de [...]

    Holocaust books always make me want to cry. And yet I persist reading them. Why? Because they’re history! Because history shouldn’t be forgotten. Because terrible things have happened and shouldn’t ever happen again. The author said this in her author’s note at the back: “I don’t pretend to know how it felt to be imprisoned in Birkenau. I don’t think anyone who wasn’t there can ever really understand. But it’s important to try. Reading history books and memoirs, talking about t [...]

    Hanna Mendel has a dream to follow in the footsteps of her musical muse, Clara Schumann, the celebrated German pianist. Hanna is only fifteen, and already her musical talents have seen her debut at the Debrecen Town Hall and play at the Goldmark Hall. By eighteen, Hanna hopes to shadow Clara and be playing to sell-out crowds in Vienna . . . then Hitler and the war came to Hungary, and everything changed.Hanna and her family have been living in a ghetto; sectioned off with other Juden (Jews), and [...]

    Can I just start with saying this book deserves so many more stars than 5, Seriously. If you want to read a world war 2 story, I would highly recommend you this book. This book has a place in my heart and I want to reread this book already!You follow the story of Hanna who plays the piano, I play the piano as well so that was already a good start for me. This book was full of emotions. Angry, sadness, happyness, revenge, hurt, scared, optimistic, pessimistic. Every emotion a person can feel is p [...]

    When I read a book about the Holocaust—or other terrible parts of history—my favorite part is almost always the middle, the messy, heartbreaking point when the plot is at its peak. At the heart of the story, the protagonist sees the most horrifying-yet-captivating details and is far from the tranquility of “before” and the relief of “after.” I do enjoy watching the exposition shatter as characters are captured and seeing them weave their lives back together in the conclusion, but I a [...]

    Dire che questo libro "mi è piaciuto molto" mi sembra di cattivo gusto, visto il tema trattato. Ovviamente non mi sono piaciuti il dolore e ingiustizia che la protagonista ha dovuto affrontare (lei sarà anche un personaggio fittizio, ma rappresenta milioni di persone vere, come il padre della scrittrice, effettivamente deportato), il racconto del campo è raggelante come tutti gli altri, senza fronzoli e senza illusioni. Però l'autrice ci tiene a tenere accesa la speranza, ci tiene a sottolin [...]

    La musica per sovrastare le urla, l'orrore, il dolore e la disperazioneTasti bianchi e neri che scandiscono il tempo dei ricordi e della speranza. E la dolcezza sconfinata di piccolissimi gesti che riescono a dare conforto, là, dove non esiste altro che ORRORE.Questo libro è una mina dentro al mio cuore perché, anche in mezzo alla crudeltà, l'amore e le scelte giuste riescono a donare la speranza!

    Although I found this book enjoyable it did have many lose ends that at the end of the book were left untied. You grew strong relations with the characters but at the end of the story I felt like the reader should be left more informed about what was going to happen to the girls with both the lover and the parents "presumed dead". It would not have hurt to leave them some kind of fortune, money, family, a future. It made the book very gloomy especially with the author constantly hinting that all [...]

    In my opinion this would be a fantastic way to introduce younger people to the topic of the holocaust. Sad but with happy, hope-filled moments as well. Not overly graphic while also addressing the horrors that went on.It doesn't romanticise them through avoidance.

    In spring 1944, Hungary was occupied by German soldiers and in the city of Debrecen, a ghetto was formed at the end of April. Thinking her family was lucky because their apartment fell within the walls of the ghetto, Hanna Mendel continued to believe she would be able to attend Budapest Conservatorium of Music, where she had just been selected for a hard won place as a piano student.But in the middle of a night in June 1944, a knock on the door by officers informed them that the Mendel family, p [...]

    I wanted to like this book so badly, but I just couldn't. It was supposed to be a story about how a Jewish girl falls in love for the wrong boy, the German son of the camp commander. Hanna, a fifteen years old Jewish girl who loves more than anything else to play the piano, is sent, along with her family, to Auschwitz. When they first arrived there, they have been separated from their father and as her mom slowly goes insane, Hanna turns to her older sister Erika, for support. They need each oth [...]

    I was browsing my local public library and spied a book with piano keys decorating its spine. (!!) I picked it up and read the description, and discovered that it's about a Jewish girl who plays the piano and falls in love with the son of a Nazi commander. While this may not sound like a show stopping premise to you, I was beyond thrilled. Partly because I adore YA books where the main character plays classical piano, which in my experience are pretty rare, but mostly because when I was in my ea [...]

    Ik lees regelmatig boeken over WOII en weet dat het vaak boeken zijn die mij wat verweesd achterlaten. Toen ik dit boek zag, wist ik meteen dat het een boek was waar ik van zou houden, maar tegelijkertijd me ook wat zou ontwrichten.Ik moet nu wel eerlijk zeggen dat dit allemaal klopt, maar ook weer niet. Ik heb boeken gelezen die er harder in hakken qua emoties en omschrijvingen. Het is voor mij allemaal een beetje te vlak Pas naar het einde toe vond ik het wat emotioneler, wat steviger worden. [...]

    Ho iniziato questo libro con poca voglia e molto scetticismo: tutto (dal titolo ad effetto alla trama), mi lasciava pensare che fosse un romanzo furbetto, che si serve della tragedia del'olocausto per attirare giovani lettrici in cerca di storie d'amore "proibite". In parte i miei timori erano fondati, infatti la love story ed i dialoghi sono surreali e fuori contesto sia sociale che psicologico; tuttavia il tono del libro è più delicato di quanto mi aspettassi e non scade mai nel ridicolo o n [...]

    I've been so lucky in regard to historical fiction this year! This book was an absolute marvel filled with such deep emotion that I struggled to put it down! I just wanted to know what was coming next. The events of the Holocaust are so often written about and I know a great deal about them, but even I learned more from this book which left me in such tears, I struggled to see the words! I am so happy to have discovered a new favourite author in Suzy Zail, and look forward to reading more of her [...]

    Nessuno nasce odiando i propri simili a causa della razza,della religione,o della classe alla quale appartengono. Gli uomini imparano ad odiare, e se possono imparare ad odiare possono anche imparare ad amare,perché l’amore, per il cuore umano,è più naturale dell’odio. – Nelson Mandela Questa che leggerete non è una tipica recensione, perché sono del parere che libri di questo genere, che trattano argomenti di questo genere, non possono essere analizzati come qualsiasi altro libro. Po [...]

    Any writing about Auschwitz will always be harrowing, but meant that much more to me after visiting there last year. Vividly told from the perspective of Hanna, a 16yo gifted musical student, and targeted to a secondary school audience, she discovers that not all Germans believed in the Nazi cause.

    I've always loved historical fiction, so much more if they're set during WWII. This is by far one of my favorites. Hearbreaking yet so beautiful at the same time.

    This book is good but the storyline was predictable.The fact that the main character is a classically trained pianist was the only reason I really loved this book other than the fact that the author was able to describe concentration camp life so well.Maybe the reason this book isn't one I would recommend is because the romance didn't seem appropriate at a time where the protagonist should be worried about survival rather than falling in love with the commandants son as ridiculous as that sounds [...]

    4,5 Sterne Zum Buchinhalt»Achtet aufeinander und kommt wohlbehalten wieder nach Hause.« Das ist die letzte Bitte, die Hannas Vater an seine beiden Töchter und seine Frau richtet, als sie Mitte 1944 an der Rampe von Auschwitz voneinander getrennt werden. Für die 15-jährige Hanna, die als begabte Pianistin kurz vor der Aufnahme ins Konservatorium stand, sind diese Worte die letzte Verbindung zu ihrem alten Leben. Das und ihre Liebe zur Musik. Und diese Liebe bietet ihr nicht nur einen inneren [...]

    Ich finde es unglaublich schwer, dieses bewegende und zweifellos heftige Buch zu bewerten, also lasse ich es bleiben.

    GESCHONKEN DOOR UITGEVERIJ KARMIJN (facebook/groups/Boeke )RECENSIESGESCHREVEN DOOR Geens MaritaTitel: De gave van Hanna MendelAuteur: Suzy ZailUitgever: KarmijnGenre: OorlogsromanCategorie: YA‘Zorg voor elkaar en kom veilig thuis.En als je terug bent vertel dan aan iedereen wat je gezien hebt en wat ze ons hebben aangedaan.’Dit zijn de eerste regels die je leest als je het boek opent, meteen pakkend, confronterend, en maakt benieuwd naar wat er komen gaat.De auteur is onrechtstreeks met de [...]

    This book had such good reviews and I was hoping it would be a good junior fiction option for my middle school class, but my long-standing struggle with historical fiction came to the fore. Unless historical fiction is written skillfully it often feels like the author has a checklist of historical details - in this case the horrors of WWII Nazi concentration camps - that they need to tick off. Zail has also written a non-fiction novel about her father's experiences in the Holocaust and I probabl [...]

    The Wrong Boy by Suzy Zail follows a young Hungarian-Jew Hanna Mendel and her family's life during the Holocaust. Hanna and her family are forced out of the ghetto where they live and are immediately transported to the concentration camp. There, we meet several other characters including that of Karl Jager, the son of a SS commander. Hanna is offered an audition to become the Commander's pianist and successfully does end up getting granted the position. However, what she doesn't know is that Kar [...]

    Suzy Zail is an Australian-born author and daughter of a Holocaust survivor. She writes this her first fictional story in the first person. Hanna Mendel, is a 15-year-old girl living with her older sister Erika and her parents in the Debrecen Jewish ghetto in Hungary. She is a good student and talented pianist who has always behaved appropriately. Her world changes when the Nazis arrive to announce that the ghetto is closing and the family will be “resettled”. After a long train journey in a [...]

    If the writer is good enough, an old story is successfully retold as Zail does here. After "The Boy in Striped Pyjamas" I wondered whether another story about a possibly good son of the Nazi commandant at Auschwicz could work but Zael quickly engaged me and kept me that way. It seemed to me that knowing the awful truths about the inhumanity of the Holocaust gave strength to the story. Zail bravely includes a 'capo' or block leader in the characters, otherwise the situation is the familiar one of [...]

    5 STARS!!!!! I was thrilled when I found this book on . I'm into WW2 and all Hitler did, and this was a perfect book for it. A Jewish falling in love with the commandment's son? Forbidden love at the extreme. The history written in this book is on point. The pain is heartfelt and palpable. Great research the author did. BUT THE ENDING. I wanna know what happens to Hanna and Karl!!!!!!

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