The Defiant One

The Defiant One

The Defiant One The bluest of blood the boldest of hearts the de Montforte brothers will take your breath awayET LORD ANDREWBlessed or perhaps cursed with a fiery temper a strong will and a blatant disregard for hi

  • Title: The Defiant One
  • Author: Danelle Harmon
  • ISBN: 9780380809080
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • The bluest of blood the boldest of hearts the de Montforte brothers will take your breath awayET LORD ANDREWBlessed or perhaps cursed with a fiery temper, a strong will, and a blatant disregard for his brother s wishes, Andrew s only desire was to be left alone But after being caught in a compromising position with tempting Lady Celsiana Blake, the defiant Lord AndThe bluest of blood the boldest of hearts the de Montforte brothers will take your breath awayET LORD ANDREWBlessed or perhaps cursed with a fiery temper, a strong will, and a blatant disregard for his brother s wishes, Andrew s only desire was to be left alone But after being caught in a compromising position with tempting Lady Celsiana Blake, the defiant Lord Andrew is forced into marriage This solitary man knows he has been duped by his brother, for Andrew would never have taken the lady into his private chambers if it hadn t been for the Duke of Blackheath s machinations After all, the reluctant groom s sudden, unbidden desire for the woman who would be his bride could only be called a mere chemical reation or was it something Celsie can t account for her shameless behavior with the brilliant but brooding lord she was to wed So how was she supposed to act now that she was sharing her life with him There is only one thing a new wife on the verge of falling in love can do try to win her husband s wary heart.

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    I quite enjoyed this book. Andrew is the type of hero I wish I saw more in romances. He's a complete nerd and a bit of a mad-scientist inventor thrown in. He's a hot nerd, though, with a very sexy body and beautiful reddish hair. He sounded very very yummy to me, anyway. I loved the fiery chemistry between Andrew and Celsie. At first they thought it was mutual dislike but it turned out to be the beginning of a deep love. Although superficially they are different, there was a meeting of the minds [...]

    New cover Oh GOD please help me! I really L-O-V-E-D loved loved this book!!! The aphrodisiac scene is hilarious, funny and steamy hot. I was completely blown away into the story. The story is funny from the first moment and sweet until the very last words.Celsie is perfect companion and soul mate to Andrew. I loved them and their romance was sooooo SWEET!!! Words can't express how much I love this book.To Danelle, thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

    นี่เป็นหนึ่งในหนังสือที่เราชอบมากที่สุดเล่มนึง และการกลับมาอ่านใหม่ก็ไม่ได้ทำให้ความรู้สึกของเราเปลี่ยนแปลงไปเลยนะคะ แม้จะไม่ถึงกับมากเท่ากับที่จำได้ แต่ก็เป็นหนังสือสน [...]

    The One Series. I scarfed these down like candy. Harmon's de Montforte brothers are each delicious, and every book is better than the last. Unfortunately, most are out of print, but if you see them in the used bookstore, definitely grab a copy. Also, the last book, The Wicked One, is still available and stands alone very well.

    The entire plot was centered on a premise so ridiculously unbelievable that I really couldn't get into it. I did like the book overall, but because the plot hinged on a number of impossibilities, I couldn't enjoy it as much.The hero somehow accidentally creates an aphrodisiac with mystery ingredients that completely changes a person's personality within seconds after taking in only a few drops, and the person then forgets everything that happened as soon as they orgasm. (But they only forget if [...]

    This was a great entry in the series dealing with the youngest de Montforte man - Andrew.The machinations of our master manipulator - The Duke are obvious and heavy handed in this tale but bear fruit regardless. Courtesy of an accidentally created aphrodisiac the fun never stops. Our heroine is Celsiana Blake. An heiress of huge proportions who was an ugly duckling in her first season and suffered as a result. She has now become a swan although she doesn't realise it. She is also extremely wary [...]

    Vikki's MusingsThe Defiant One truly earns its name. Book 3 of the De Monteforte Brothers series is a story again filled with high emotion and passion, but this one is more edgy than the first two. Andrew is an inventor and appears to be angry with everyone, especially his immensely controlling eldest brother, the duke.Danelle Harmon certainly knows how to write a tortured hero, and Andrew fits this archetype perfectly. Her hero in The Defiant One is more than a match for him. She is feisty and [...]

    This one was a bit of a let-down from the first two, especially from the first. The device to get them together was very much that a device. It felt contrived and awkward. I didn't feel the love for Andrew and Celsie that I felt for the previous couples. Not bad, but missing that spark the first two had.

    I absolutely love this author and this series. One of the benchmarks for me after having read the likes of Julia Quinn and Julie Garwood is that I must care deeply about the characters in the book and be anxious to know what happens to them, Danelle Harmon does this with her characters. Add lots of laughs to the mix and this is a 5 star read from beginning to end for me.

    I didn't like the ending though;(We don't know what happened to his mental problem;/but the story itself was v.v.v. touching;)Overall 5 stars;p

    Loved this series! I didn't read them in order, but wish I had. HOT.Highly recommend. Julia Quinn and Sabrina Jeffries read/rated these books as well. can you go wrong??!

    This was an adorable love story, and I loved it. A lot of romance novels start to sound the same after a while, but this one had a few surprising twists here and there that made it very memorable, and extremely entertaining. This was a very quick read for me because I enjoyed it so much.Celsie and Andrew are both stubborn, which leaves a lot of room for quick witted lines on both of their parts giving the reader a lot to chuckle at throughout the book. By doing this, Ms. Harmon has proven her ab [...]

    Oh goodness, I loved Andrew!Sure, he was surly, and he snarled and growled and snapped. But he was also so vulnerable and so unbelievably alone I just wanted to hug him! Thankfully, Celsie figured it out and she was just the right one for him, in my opinion.I can't say I much like Gareth or Charles still - they do well as supporting characters, in a sense.And my heart ACHES for Lucien, so alone and so spurned by the siblings who don't understand I can't wait to read his book! Fingers crossed it [...]

    I loved it. The aphrodisiac was hilarious. Andrew and Celsie were great. I wish they had figured out what was wrong with Andrew. But otherwise a fun easy read. Bonus points for putting Freckles on the cover.

    About the Story: Lord Andrew de Montforte, the fourth son of Blackheath Castle of Ravenscombe was known by the villages as The Defiant One. He has a fierce temper and a terrible relationship with his older brother who apparently exerts considerable focus to get his younger brothers married using Machiavellian means. True to form he has his hand forcing his Andrew into marriage. He picks the bride and sets in motion the events. All Lord Andrew wants is to be left alone, genius that he is, work in [...]

    Andrew, the youngest de Montforte brother, is different. Start with the fact that, unlike other young bloods his age, he cares little for social activities and typical masculine pursuits and everything for science. Add the fact that he struggles with "episodes" that convince him he's going mad. The only place he feels safe is his lab, and he wants to be left alone there.As for Celsiana Blake, she's all about her causes, and doesn't want to marry anyone, particularly Andrew.Naturally, his Machiav [...]

    Andrew is a scientist and thinks that he is a mad scientist. He keeps seeing things that aren't there. He is also an inventor. His latest invention is an aphrodisiac which he created accidentally. He had no idea what he put in it. But just a taste drove his dogs to mate enthusiastically. Celsiana is an animal lover and when Andrew's brother hints that he is experimenting on animals she comes to the rescue. She finally understands that he was not experimenting on the dogs. She asks for some of th [...]

    I LOVED this story! and while I didn't get all I was hoping for in the Epiloguewhereas I sometimes deduct a little from my rating because of it, I was already giving this 5 stars at the halfway mark, it was that good.Andrew de Montforte's only desire was to be left alone. Strong willed, a complete loner, and subject to fits of temper truly made him a tortured hero I couldn't help but love. When he's forced into marriage to independently outspoken Celsiana Blake, something neither of them wantor [...]

    da sognipensieriparoleLa serie dedicata ai fratelli de Montoforte mi è piaciuta sin dall’inizio: quattro fratelli e una sorella, tutti sotto la guida e l’affettuosa “tirannia” del Duca di Blackheath, Lucien. Sinora ogni libro ha avuto un registro diverso, e confesso che ero molto titubante per il volume dedicato al Ribelle, il fratello più piccolo, Andrew, filosofo riservato e scienziato eccentrico. Temevo una storia molto tiepida, insomma. Nulla di più sbagliato. Questa è stata la s [...]

    Honestly, I have no idea why I keep reading these types of books. Every once and awhile I find myself delving into one of these so called "lusty busties." The dialogue is often rather shallow, love scenes are followed with some of the most cheesy dialogue ever uttered, lust gets confused for love, and there never seems to be a lot of mystery. Such as, how do all of these male protagonists have washboard abs that could get out the toughest stains in my laundry, when all they do is go to balls and [...]

    This was, strangely enough, my favorite of this series. Probably because I'm a sucker for mad scientists in ANY period novels (I blame my crush on Mac in Eight Cousins). I say strangely because the method of putting this couple together was by far the most bizarre and definitely the most contrived. For Gareth, Lucien preys on his desire to be like Charles. For Charleswell, Charles and Amy were already in love. But for Andrew? A sex potion? Seriously? And the crazy visions of the future? What? I [...]

    Lord Andrew de Montforte, the defiant one, is a man of science. He accidentally discovers an aphrodisiac; unfortunately, he can't recreate it. Lady Celsiana Blake is an animal activist and an heiress. Lucien, the Duke of Blackheath and Andrew's manipulative older brother, decides that Andrew and Celsie will make a perfect match - and to get them together, he allows Celsiana to believe that Andrew is conducting experiments on dogs. Gerald, the Earl of Somerfield and Celsie's brother, is almost de [...]

    Celsiana and Andrew are the next couple in the Duke of Blackheath's line of fire. Andrew is hiding a secret and just wants to be left alone with his inventions. His brother has something else planned for him and so enters Celsiana. They are found in a compromising situation (and what a situation indeed! )and both find themselves having to marry. There is tension, many situations that will leave you in laughter, and some soul bearing that will tear at your heart. I love how Danelle wrote Andrew's [...]

    Like I've stated in previous reviews of this series, I really only picked up the first three novels in order to get to Lucien's story. This installment had both highlights and issues for me.I enjoyed Andrew more than I did Charles and Gareth. He was very amusing. However, I could not bring myself to really appreciate Celsie. I liked her attitude and rejoinders. Unfortunately, the one aspect of her character that truly annoyed me was her penchant for dogs. Dogs permeate practically every scene in [...]

    I Loved both of these characters!! Andrew is the absent minded inventor. Celsiana "Celsie" is a advocate for animals. She has set up shelters in her century for abused animals. And when the Duke tells her that Andrew has used an animal for an experiment she gets so angry she confronts him.Well Andrew being a little shy and not liking to go out in public doesn't quite know what has gotten into this little over the top Celsie but he has a feeling it is his brother. So they decide to play a game wi [...]

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