O Olho de Deus

O Olho de Deus

O Olho de Deus Numa rea remota da Mong lia despenhou se um sat lite de investiga o desencadeando uma busca fren tica pela sua carga valiosa o projeto de um f sico ligado ao estudo da energia negra e uma imagem cho

  • Title: O Olho de Deus
  • Author: James Rollins José Luís Luna
  • ISBN: 9789722528436
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • Numa rea remota da Mong lia, despenhou se um sat lite de investiga o, desencadeando uma busca fren tica pela sua carga valiosa o projeto de um f sico ligado ao estudo da energia negra e uma imagem chocante de destrui o da Costa Leste dos EUA.Ao Vaticano, chega uma encomenda contendo dois estranhos objetos uma caveira com grava es em aramaico antigo e um livro encadNuma rea remota da Mong lia, despenhou se um sat lite de investiga o, desencadeando uma busca fren tica pela sua carga valiosa o projeto de um f sico ligado ao estudo da energia negra e uma imagem chocante de destrui o da Costa Leste dos EUA.Ao Vaticano, chega uma encomenda contendo dois estranhos objetos uma caveira com grava es em aramaico antigo e um livro encadernado com pele humana Os testes de ADN revelam que pertenceram ao mesmo corpo o rei mongol Gengis Khan.O comandante Gray Pierce e a For a Sigma preparam se para descobrir uma verdade ligada decad ncia do Imp rio Romano e a um mist rio que remonta ao in cio da Cristandade, assim como a uma arma escondida h s culos e que encerra em si o futuro da humanidade.

    • [PDF] Â Unlimited ↠ O Olho de Deus : by James Rollins José Luís Luna ñ
      449 James Rollins José Luís Luna
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      Published :2019-04-13T21:23:37+00:00

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    Damn you James Rollins! Damn you!! Why did you have to make the ending so frakking heartbreaking and painful?! I was just looking for a quick timepass entertainment, I was NOT ready for this emotionally draining, heavy-hearted finishing in the end! I like to think of myself as the manliest male there can be, but even I couldn't help feeling the wetness in the corner of my eyes, or the twisting in my gut, witnessing two of my favorite characters, with whom I had known and grown to feel like real [...]

    James Rollins is one of my favorite authors. When it comes to adventure books he is truly a marvelous writer and he writes books that you hardly can put down until you have finished it. This book is not an exception. All of my favorite characters are back; Crowe, Pierce, Monk, Kowalski, and of course, my absolute favorite Seichan. The world is in danger and they have to save it and doing it they cross the world looking for Genghis Khan's tomb. The pace is fast and the story intriguing, and the e [...]

    AMAZING! The Eye of God by James Rollins is EVERYTHING. Having read all the previous Sigma Force novels as well as all the other Rollins individual adventures I have been highly anticipating this novel. It is by far the best!in the series! Rollins once again takes you on a non-stop full throttle adventure across the globe in a race against time to save the world. Using excellent locations, multiple plot lines, and history, science, technology, and adventure to create a story that is top notch. H [...]

    (See expanded review at: mgbookreviews.wordpress/2)The Eye of God is James Rollins’ most recent Sigma Force novel, and it delivers an exciting science thriller story based on theories about dark energy and the history of Genghis Khan. Unfortunately, this was not one of the stronger books of the series. While I would give it a solid three stars as I quite enjoyed reading it, the novel suffers from some plot and character issues that made it a little less entertaining than previous Sigma Force e [...]

    There are several similarities between James Rollins' THE EYE OF GOD and Dan Brown's INFERNO -- most noticeably, both novels are a race against time to save humanity and both are steeped in ancient history with abundant mysteries and exotic locales.I'd suggest however that THE EYE OF GOD succeeds far more than INFERNO for the following reasons: one, the pacing is relentless -- where Brown bogs down with laborious descriptions of artwork, Rollins paints vivid images with sparse prose that allows [...]

    The author's note at the end of the book almost made me rate this a star higher. However, I suffered far too much boredom before I got to that point for that to happen. It's ashame really. I absolutely loved "ia" by the same Author and in that book I bought every high-flying idea presented. Perhaps it's the fact that I haven't read any other "Sigma Force" novel. I didn't know the characters from previous encounters and that was a huge handicap. I didn't care much about either the good guys or th [...]

    Oh my Lord. I bought this book solely because it had a rating of 4.1 on . I'd never heard of the author or the series. Are you friggin' kidding me? I made it to page 140. And I'm stopping there. Why? Here's why: think of batman, spiderman, superman and ironman. Take all their powers, abilities, charm and "try" to roll them up into one character. Then make them super gorgeous, super smart, give them 30 years of life experience but claim they're 23 years old. That sums up just about EVERY characte [...]

    James Rollins successfully combines, science, religion, history, and mythology once more. He is the master of the sci-fi archeological thriller. (AKA - the titillating technical tomb tome) The Sigma Force is tasked with saving the world from the destructive effects of dark energy emitted from a passing comet. The key to their mission is linked to the wanderings of St. Thomas and the conquests of Genghis Khan. As with past Sigma novels, Rollins incorporates far-flung and less common locations int [...]

    I have to admit up front that I've been a fan of James Rollins ever since I read ia many years ago. I have a group of authors that I look forward to picking up their most recent books, even though they are extremely overpriced compared to the indie authors available on , and James Rollins is one of those. This isn't his best book, but that being said, it's still better than so many authors I've read in recent years. My sign as to how good a book is, is how fast I'm reading it, a good book, like [...]

    I have had the great good fortune to have hosted James Rollins twice at our library. I had long been a fan the first time and was a bit nervous to meet him. He was surprisingly funny considering that his novels are fast-paced scientifically serious thrillers. That first time here he mostly talked about his large family and how he became a storyteller. The second time he visited he talked more openly about his research and writing process. Both visits were delightful and made him even more fans h [...]

    Of course this is James Rollins and of course it is a great story blending the science, history, and Rollins' way of interweaving it all. Our favorite characters of the Sigma Force are back this time batting the end of the world (what else of course!). This time out our earth is being threatened by dark energy, (held within a comet and outer space) which is a real phenomenon and is part of quantum physics. Rollins blends the history of Attila, St Thomas, and Genghis Khan to bring out quite a sto [...]

    James Rollins has made a niche for himself in the currently overcrowded historical fiction field. He not only excels at creating eerily plausible premises based in some form of ancient history infused with a good amount of scientific research but also combines it with the brutal action of a Special Forces novel.Rollins once said at a book signing that he has a ‘magic box’ that he draws his ideas from for each of his novels. As he comes across interesting news or scientific articles he cuts t [...]

    I can't seem to wrap my mind around why so many people apparently found this book good enough to give it an overall score of 4.08. Perhaps it is because I haven't read the previous books in the 'Sigma Force' series, but it is not often you end up caring so little for the 'good' guys at the end of a book. In my mind a book, even if it is part of a series, should be able to get it's readers involved in the people that feature in it. Well, not so here. This type of book usually comes with a lot far [...]

    I've read all the James Rollins books so far but this one was more like a Wilbur Smith with full of historical description but skimping on the usual science fiction element, in which he seemed out of his comfort zone this time. This is good in itself but not compared to his previous books

    James Rollins has always been great at presenting us with exciting storylines, cutting edge science, and almost too good to be believable characters. The Eye of God is no different, but I think even though I read each of the books as the come out, I'm a little over Sigma Force. In this book, we open with the death of Atilla the Hun before moving on to modern day Rome where we catch up with some old friends, Vigor and Rachel, who find themselves nearly killed over a mystery entrusted to the pries [...]

    Won this via Goodread's First Reads.With both Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan in the same book I was pretty sure that this was going to be a particularly action packed thriller and I wasn't disappointed. Also, in every book of his that I've read Rollins puts something new and totally out of left field in the book. In this one it was rare Earth magnets in people's fingers. I'd never heard of them, wouldn't want to personally do it, but, it was an interesting new thing that I got to learn about th [...]

    I just finished reading this book and I was totally engrossed in it from start to finish. I loved the subject matter, Genghis Khan and comet predicting the future. Rollins flawlessly breeds together history and science like very few people can, and then throws in an action-packed adventure with twists and turns that you can't help but to enjoy. This was prefaced with a clever ploy by the author that a character would also die in this that has been there for awhile, and I kept trying to figure ou [...]

    I liked James Rollins' early stuff a lot - Deep Fathom, ia, Sandstorm, etc. - but his newer books have been a chore for me to get through. Some I have just skipped altogether, and I hate to admit that, because I'm a big fan. I really liked the bizarre creatures that populated those older books, and he's kind of gotten away from that. They just feel a little tedious to me. I like the military/sci-fi components, the action is good, the ideas are great and the character dialogue is better than some [...]

    Four stars as opposed to the usual five I've given every other Sigma Force full novel so far. The new romance in this novel did not seem authentic by any means; I predicted it from the beginning simply because one new character was a girl and one was a boy. Their interactions were not subtle at all; they didn't behave in any romantic way yet you knew they would get together. The science and history seemed a little less explained than usual and not tied together as well. However, I still thorough [...]

    This is how you do it, people. This is how you write an adventure book that is cutting edge but still believable. That has enough action to have you keep turning page after page. That has characters you care about, and enough emotion to keep you vested, but doesn't become schmaltzy. James Rollins is at the top of his game here. I definitely wouldn't suggest this book to someone who hasn't read other books in the Sigma Force series yet (way too much back story going on), but if you have come to l [...]

    Phew, I've been worrying for months who is he gonna kill but at the end, man, he pulled it off beautifully. It all went good with the story and it wasn't as hard to forgive him as i was expecting it to be. Good man, James Rollins has always been a good writer, then he found Sigma and started getting better with every book and now is at a master level. This is how is done. Thank you for the adventure, Mr Rollins.

    A little heavy on the history, this read was a change from his earlier works. Yes, the gang is together.Yes, they get great scene time.However, the "thrilling" action parts of the Sigma Force we are used to reading about were lacking and did not make up for the time spent hashing and figuring things out aloud. The end of the book had my attention, but to me, the whole book should have had that same intensity.A sun & sand kinda read.

    Estava quase no quatro, mas, como não gostei nada da escrita, a balança pendeu para o três. Julgo ser um livro com uma história muito interessante, que poderia ter sido melhor trabalhada.

    واقعا دارند بهتر میشند!! حتی موفق شد اشکم رو در بیاره!!!گری و سیچان رفتند دنبال مادر سیچان به جنوب شرق آسیا. می‌فهمند مادر سیچان رییس یکی از باندهای مافیایی اونجاست و این اطلاعات رو از یک دانشمند کره شمالی می‌گیرند. این دانشمند اونها رو فروخته و در حین جلسه برای دستگیریشون حمله [...]

    “গিল্ড” বিহীন “সিগমা” কেমন হয়, সে শঙ্কা ছিল কিন্তু গল্পটা এতোটই কম্প্যাক্ট রাখা হয়েছে যে গিল্ডের অভাব বোধ করার সুযোগই মেলেনি। মূল গল্পের দৈর্ঘ্য ৪ দিনের ভেতর আঁটতেই হতো, তাই কম্প্যাক্ট না [...]

    The most exciting, tragic and original of the Sigma Force series, The Eye a Of God ups the ante significantly, finally putting all of the characters in real danger. While the "science" is still wild, it's presented much less randomly, as the team is no longer miraculously pulling strange gear out of their hats. The relationships are still evolving, as the situations are making things far more personal. This is easily the best Sigma Force thus far, thankfully avoiding the plodding pitfalls of the [...]

    Took a while to finish this one- it got very science-y in the middle, which made it hard going. As always though, the story was good, the characters are like familiar friends that its good to catch up with, and the historical aspects (and the science, the bits I tried to understand) were informative and educational. I always learn a little something reading this series, which cant be bad.A great series, on to the next book!

    I love this series, it’s all action adventure! Fun fiction! But not fluff. That can be tough to find, crossovers with substance. History included with cutting edge theory and technology. This one in particular felt like a movie waiting to happen. I really enjoy the way Rollins includes theoretical science elements without taking it so far it crosses over into fantasy. As much as I enjoy Dan Brown books, I think he crosses that boundary too suddenly at key plot points, to the detriment of reade [...]

    WOW ! What does two priests, Genghis KHan, Attila the Hun, North Korea and Special Ops have in common ? This book ! So much fun, action and adventure I can’t believe I haven’t been reading this Series. Awesome cast of characters with a mind blowing storyline will take you around the world and keep you keep you wAnting more. Incredible.

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