Hellbent Think on your sins Shepherd does it every damn day He pays his penance in service to his MC keeping their secrets guarding their gates shouldering their burdens But his own secrets threaten to bury

  • Title: Hellbent
  • Author: Sara Rayne Cynthia Rayne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 271
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  • Think on your sins Shepherd does it every damn day He pays his penance in service to his MC keeping their secrets, guarding their gates, shouldering their burdens But his own secrets threaten to bury him Secrets bigger than forbidden temptations Secrets older than his loyalty to the club Secrets deeper than the grave he ll take them to And there s only one thing oneThink on your sins Shepherd does it every damn day He pays his penance in service to his MC keeping their secrets, guarding their gates, shouldering their burdens But his own secrets threaten to bury him Secrets bigger than forbidden temptations Secrets older than his loyalty to the club Secrets deeper than the grave he ll take them to And there s only one thing one person that he d sacrifice it all for.Pretty Boy spent a lot of his life wandering in the darkness and the rest of it following Shepherd to the Promised Land of the Four Horsemen MC Once upon a time, Shepherd sacrificed everything to keep Pretty Boy safe and he s hellbent on proving to Shepherd that it wasn t for nothing That he isn t nothing.

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    One of the best M/M romances I have read. Two alpha males trying to deal with their love/desire for each other in the bad ass world of a motorcycle club. Shepherd has been an intriguing character since book 1 and I was hooked into his and Noah's story before this book was released. I have enjoyed this entire series and the characters the author has delivered in each segment. Looking forward to the next in the series.

    I was looking forward to this story but. was pretty sure I wasn't going to like it and file it DNF because I'm really not a big fan of MM. BUT! This was written so tastefully and yes even the sex was super HOT. It's their love story and I LOVED IT!!

    I've been waiting for this book for THREE YEARS. I'm not even kidding. I'm glad I finally don't have to wait anymore!And let me tell you that this might be a rather biased review, because I love Shep. Absolutely adore him. Shep can do no wrong. And Pretty Boy too. Both of them are very special to me, because I've been seeing them making cow eyes at each other since book one and I was going friggin' crazy with all the sexual tension. I wanted to know their story so bad. SO BAD! And finally they g [...]

    This was such a romantic Story!! It may not be safe (they were with other people after they had an attraction but before they acknowledged their relationship) but I totally understand because it really was very difficult for both of them to acknowledge their feelings. I loved this book! One of the best M/M stories!

    So enjoyedThis was the first book I have read on same sexual relationship and I honestly loved every minute of this book. I have been in love with these characters since I read the first book. Shep. Has been one of my favorite characters since the beginning of this series. I am so happy he found his happiness. Thank you for a great read. You and your sister rock. On to axel.

    4.5 CrownsBook 5 in the Four Horseman MC series. Each book covers different members as they tackle their personal lives, but with a continuing storyline that runs in the background of each read. I therefore recommend reading the books in the order they were written to enhance your feel for the club and the very different members that make it up.Shepherd is the VP of the Four Horseman and the one that everyone turns to in their time of need. He is the clubs voice of reason and the balance of calm [...]

    Not a standalone bookThe story here is good and mostly concurrent with the previous book, plus some more advancement in the series arc. This is a series that doesn't lend itself to skipping books you'll miss out on things if you do.I have had this on my reader for a while along with book 6, waiting for more books to come out. This is Isaac 'Shepherd' Rollins and Noah 'Pretty Boy' Blake's story. It's about a couple if gay guys and their unrequited love due to the supposed hetero attitudes in the [...]

    i have been wanting this book to arrive for ages i was desperate to read it.purely because i have loved both shep and pretty boy from the previous books in the seriesis book does not disappoint it is full of agst regret guilt and to an extent shame it tells a story of awakening and acceptance,st parts are beautifully written it is poignant and in parts downright hilarious spoilers from me.just a warning for gramma junkies it could have been edited a bit better.overall it is still a fabulous book [...]

    I am lucky to say I received this as an ARC. Here is my honest review:This is the one book I've been waiting for ever since I read book one. I've loved all the books in this series, but I knew that Shep and Pretty Boy were going to be special. I was not disappointed. Hellbent made me go through every emotion (the trademark of a fantastic book). I laughed at some parts, cried, got angry, and fell in love. There is something amazing and beautiful about a love so true that even with every denial an [...]

    HmmmmI have enjoyed reading the Four Horsemen MC books but this one I had problems with it. I guess I am not into men having sex with other men. I am not a homophobe I just don't want to think about it. Cut out the sex scenes and it would be perfect. So why did I give this book 5 stars? Because I enjoy Sara Rayne's books. Just because I don't like her aspects of the book doesn't mean it is a bad book. This is a strange review I know. But, I am looking forward to the next book!

    Loved it!I rarely read books about same sex relationships, but since I had read all the other books in this series, I was already invested in the story and the characters. Ms. Rayne handled this story with the same insight and sensitivity as in her other books. The angst and emotions were the same. I liked that love always wins. This was a good book and a great story.

    I couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. Right from the start I couldn't put down. I knew it was going be such a great story, love the two main characters. With a name like Pretty Boy how could he not be Hawt.Shep is tattoed, and sexy as sin. Shep, a bad ass biker, who is in the closet due to the MC which causes him turmoil.The smoking-hot-sex and their story deserves more than 5 stars.

    Loved it. I usually like more traditional romance. I only read guy on guy when it's out of a series from an author I like. But despite this being way non-traditional, I absolutely loved Shep and Pretty Boy. If you like the others in the series, you'll love this story. It's actually my favorite so far.

    Such a great book! I love a good MC series and this one really delivers. This 5th book in the series was a M/M story and I really enjoyed it. Very well written. Loved how the characters were brought together and all the drama they went through before finally getting their happy ending. I definitely recommend reading!

    Very good continuation of seriesI have been waiting on Shep's story. He's always helping everyone else so I wanted to see him get a happy ending after years of doing for others. I didn't anticipate the MC taking his confession so badly though. I can't stand Beauregard.

    Holy Hel#Wot a book. I Cldnt put it down. My heart was in my mouth in so many occasions. Heartbreaking at times. Can't wait to read the next bk.

    I normally don't read gay romance but I felt for Shep, the poor man was so lost. It was a beautiful story

    5 special starsShort and sweet This book was epic, one of the better written books I've had the pleasure of reading, I'm looking forward to the next book

    all of the Horsemen books were awesome but Shep's story was incredible. I'm sure i'll be reading it again shortly.

    I am in love with the romantic connection between these 2 characters. The story is witty, insightful and heartbreakingly beautiful!

    I really liked how the author developed the characters and the plot was delivered. MM books can sometimes be too much, but this one was very tasteful.

    Okay so, I have read this whole series up until this point. I put of reading the this series when I got to this book because I wasn't sure about the whole gay thing. Not that I'm homophobic, it's just not something I read. That said I have read a few MMF romance novels and fell in love! So I said "what the hell, why not give a gay romance a try". I was totally shocked at my love for this book. I have to say I was not ready for this book to end. I just kept wanting more. Maybe it was because I go [...]

    Disappointed I was looking forward to this book but found it a bit boring and lacking. I suppose it has somthing to do with the different author. Certainly not the Cynthia Rayne I've become accustomed to. Hoping book six is better.

    BikersI don't normally like m & m stories but as this is part of a series and the fact I like Shep I thought I'd give it a try, glad I did. I was in tears in part, some sad tears and some happy tears

    HotMy favorite so far in this series! Gotta love pretty boy and Shep they really make you want a happy ending!

    I was really looking forward to finally getting Shep and Pretty Boy’s story and their story did not disappoint. However a few things in the story did disappoint…this would have been a solid 5 star read had it not been for those things. Those things were Lexi and her asinine parties, first the slumber party and the bullshit games, then again at the patch-in party. I was like WTF is this a biker story or college girly shit. Then the crap at the patch-in party was so drawn out it literally gave [...]

    i869otobucket/albums/abHellbent was a great 5 star read. Shepherd has feelings that he has been hiding for years. Pretty Boy came to the MC with Shepherd, he would do anything for him. These two having to deal with their secret feelings as members of an MC really tugs at your heartstrings.The sex was off the charts hot. I loved how protective Shep was of Pretty Boy, so sweet. With the things that they have had to deal with these two are meant to be together. It definitely was not an easy journey [...]

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