Maya & Filippo Visit San Francisco

Maya & Filippo Visit San Francisco

Maya Filippo Visit San Francisco Maya Filippo dock in San Francisco but they only have one day to visit and both kids want to see different things Learn about Alcatraz go on a cable car ride take a stroll through the Yerba Buena Ga

  • Title: Maya & Filippo Visit San Francisco
  • Author: Alinka Rutkowska
  • ISBN: 9781506126715
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maya Filippo dock in San Francisco but they only have one day to visit and both kids want to see different things Learn about Alcatraz, go on a cable car ride, take a stroll through the Yerba Buena Gardens and marvel at the skyscrapers of Union Square Then go for a quick walk on Fisherman s Wharf and admire the sea lions But soon it s time to sail away and the kidMaya Filippo dock in San Francisco but they only have one day to visit and both kids want to see different things Learn about Alcatraz, go on a cable car ride, take a stroll through the Yerba Buena Gardens and marvel at the skyscrapers of Union Square Then go for a quick walk on Fisherman s Wharf and admire the sea lions But soon it s time to sail away and the kids still haven t seen the Golden Gate Bridge What can they do

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    Alinka Rutkowska, with her loyal artist Konrad Checinski, have produced many children's books in the “Maya and Filippo” series. I have enjoyed most of the ones I've read and reviewed to date, and thought that they were suitably aimed at the target audience. They provided a little information for the reader (or more likely, for the listener, as an adult may be reading it to them) in a light and entertaining manner.In sports, even the most illustrious athletes can have an off game or a scoring [...]

    *I was given a free sample of this book for an honest review*Maya & Filippo Visit San Francisco is a children's book. This book is one of many where we follow the siblings Maya and Filippo as they travels to places around the world. This is the second book I have read, and again, I really enjoyed it. This book fits for children in so many different ages. The book have great aspects to it where it is fun, educational, good art and so forth. You can sit and read with toddlers or older children [...]

    The Fun Princess has now docked in San Francisco. Some of its inhabitants, Maya, Filippo and their mother decide to go off and sight see about the city. First, they want to visit Alcatraz, a famous prison that used to house dangerous criminals. However, the tickets are all sold out. Oh no! It's not such a bad thing, however, as they still get to go and have a ride on a cable car about the city. Afterwards, they go for a picnic in the Yerba Buena Gardens. When it starts to rain, they start to go [...]

    Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.Maya and Filippo's story takes you on an unexpected journey. When you read the first introductory pages, you'd expect the story to be taking you to the places enumerated at the beginning but instead, the author allows the story to progress without following a certain set of activities or places already set.The artwork looks great and it matches the book's theme well. It also shows the reader much of San Francisco a [...]

    Thanks to the author for the review copy!"There truly is no right or wrong way to visit a city."It's the first book of the "Maya & Filippo" series that I have read, and I really like the style of the author. The drawings are fun and full of colors. The mother gives maybe the informations in a way that is sometimes a little too formal but it doesnt get in the way of the reading. Since my nephew does not understand English (French here!), I showed him the images while translating the little st [...]

    As the Fun Princess sails into San Francisco harbor, young Maya and Filippo are set for another informative adventure. What can children do in San Francisco? Where can they go? What will they see? And how will they deal with not being able to do everything they’ve planned?The pictures have a nice bright stylized appeal, and if Mom sometimes sounds like she’s swallowed the guidebook, it’s really not a problem. Sentences are short and sweet. Information is nicely given. And the adventure end [...]

    Maya and Filippo visit San Francisco by Alinka Rutkowska I was sent an ebook copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. I enjoy  Alinka Rutkowska's writing and the illustrations by Konrad Checinski.  I think they make a wonderful team.  I have never been to San Francisco so it was very educational and also creates a must visit list list if I ever get to go there.  Checinski's illustrations are colorful and simplistic, which follows the theme of the story.  I think that both the [...]

    Maya and Filippo are a sister and brother pair who travel around the world with their parents and their cat Otello on the Fun Princess cruise ship. Today Maya and Filippo dock in San Francisco. With so much to see and do, how are they going to fit it all in? After a busy day sight-seeing, Maya and Filippo learn that there is "no right or wrong way to visit a city."This is another bright and cheerful offering from Alinka Rutkowska and illustrator Konrad Checinski. Your children will learn about t [...]

    Another great adventure for Maya & Filippo, sister and brother, as they visit San Francisco with their mother and cat Otello. One more well written book in the series by Alinka Rutkowska and illustrated by Conrad Checinski. Perfect bedtime story book, not to short not to long and full of wonderful and colorful illustrations. Wonderful learning tool to teach children that things don't always go as planned or may end up with a surprise! A childrens book that is sure to please readers from todd [...]

    Given To Me For An Honest ReviewMaya & Filippo Visit San Francisco by Alinka Rutkowska is another fun trip for Maya and Filippo and their parents. This time it is off to San Francisco. They were able to travel on the cable car, went to Yerba Buena Gardens, then off to Union Square, Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. They had a very busy day but with lots of fun and learned many things. It was time to leave so off to their ship and passing under the Golden Gate Bridge and traveling to more advent [...]

    A really great book to read to your small children, it will be interesting for all involved. The two children of the book learn many lessons as they spend their day in San Francisco as will your child, and maybe you, as they are told the story.Along with a good tale, your children will get a walkthrough tour of the City by the Bay with simple, yet entertaining artwork.At the end of the book is a short quiz and brief descriptions of the sites visited and the city itself. Both of these features I [...]

    This is a cute and educational children's book.The story is very simple. There is a lot of great information about San Francisco included in it. This doesn't just cover what the tourist sites are that can be visited. It also includes a snippet of history and what the climate is like.The illustrations are clean and cute to look. They are not cluttered up.I received a free eBook copy of this story from the author to read and review.

    Just finished reading this to my grandsons Josh and Zach (6 yrs old). Zach says" I love it!" Josh says "It's awesome!" We have read 1 other of these books and as we were getting to the end they both realized "Is this the book with the quiz?" They answered all the questions. I enjoy reading these to them. They also are very interactive with the book as I read. I highly recommend these stories for toddlers and elementary school kids. Of course your grandchildren :)

    A new wonderful colorful book by Alinka Rutkowska "Maya & Filippo visit San Francisco". This book is very good for small children and young English learners. It's filled with fluent language a great pictures. It helps children to learn about San Francisco's best sights and really helps in learning English if you're not a native speaker. I recommend you to buy this book, for there are not so many authors who write with love for children.

    Another great book written by Alinka. I have never been to San Francisco so it was just great to learn about the places that are most visited by tourist. The illustrations were colorful and beautiful. Loved that she always add's that short quiz so that the children could try to remember what was read. I also liked how she provide more information about San Francisco at the end of book. Great books for children to learn about other States.

    Arriving on a cruise ship, Maya and Filippo set off to explore San Francisco with their mother. Their time is limited, so they try to plan their sightseeing in advance. Mother lists the most famous features of San Francisco for them to consider. The illustrations are very colorful and convey the delight of exploring new territory.

    this is a great story about visiting san fran. its a great children's book with tid bits of information I especially like the quiz in the back. great books to get for children if you want them to learn about the world. looking forward to her next books about my country New Zealand im sure she will do a great job on those too.

    This is another lovely book in the Maya & Filippo series. It's written - as ever - in beautifully simple language with lots of repetition (for easy reading). The pictures are great visual clues for the story, making it a perfect book for young readers. It's also - again, as ever - a great information text with lots of facts and a quiz at the end of the book. Absolutely fabulous.

    My son & I really loved Maya & Filippo Visit San Francisco! This is my favorite book in the series. I visited San Francisco years ago and this book does a great job of highlighting San Francisco's key attractions. The Maya & Filippo series is fun and educational. I look forward to the next book in the series.

    This author should be a writer of school books - what a great way to teach children, and adults, about the history, geography and culture of different cities and countries. An excellent read - I highly recommend it.

    Very educational story. I enjoy these stories by Alinka she gives you insight on some of the places to visit in San Francisco. It teaches you some important tourist sites and places. I enjoy the questionnaire at the end for the kids to answer to make sure they were paying attention to the story.

    A good kids' book, where Maya and Filippo visit San Francisco and learn there is no wrong way to explore a city.Lots of local landmarks are illustrated.Kids should like it.

    I read this children's book with my 6 year old boy and 5 year old girl. An advance electronic copy of the book was shared with us by the author for a fair review.My kids have become big fans of Maya and Filippo's adventures on the Fun Princess (the cruise ship on which the two main character children travel the world). In this story, of course, they visit San Francisco, hitting many of the big tourist destinations of the city. Maya and Filippo have goals of riding a cable car and visiting Alcatr [...]

    This is another one of Alinka Rutkowska’s beloved children’s book that is sure to please every reader, young and adult alike. Maya & Filippo are siblings who travel around the world in their cruise ship, together with their parents and pet cat. This time, they get to visit and experience San Francisco in one whole day. Together, they enjoyed sightseeing and discovering places beyond their imagination.My folks are in San Francisco, CA, actually and I haven’t been there in a long time. S [...]

    First off, thanks to the author, Alinka Rutkowska, for the review copy of this book. I do enjoy this series, but 2 things disappointed me about this particular book. 1) The mouths looked really weird, when people had wide-mouthed smiles. 2) The "mom" had the tokens for the kids to ride the carousel available without it ever even saying that she bought them. Otherwise, this was a pretty decent book about tourists in San Fransisco.-------------------------UPDATE: The author assured me the typo had [...]

    This is a good book for children that are to be visiting San Francisco. It gives a an overview of a majority of the city. There are a lot of the cultural areas of the city left out (China town, Little Italy, etc.).

    this was a good little book the story was great easy and entertaining the author has been constant with the artwork through out this series

    What a cute story, things might not go as planned when visiting a new place. Just being there is an adventure. There is no wrong or right way to explore new places

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