Tave Rina Zeret is not prepared to settle down At least not with a genetically selected mate She wants true love and a happily ever after Unfortunately her mother has other ideas and submits Rina s biolo

  • Title: Tave
  • Author: Erin Tate
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rina Zeret is not prepared to settle down At least, not with a genetically selected mate She wants true love and a happily ever after Unfortunately, her mother has other ideas and submits Rina s biological material the woman s a hairbrush thief to the Population Ministry to see if they can find a genetic match for her Suddenly Rina is presented with Tave fa V yl, CrowRina Zeret is not prepared to settle down At least, not with a genetically selected mate She wants true love and a happily ever after Unfortunately, her mother has other ideas and submits Rina s biological material the woman s a hairbrush thief to the Population Ministry to see if they can find a genetic match for her Suddenly Rina is presented with Tave fa V yl, Crown Prince of Ujal, High Warrior of the Ruling Caste and Earth s greatest ally Her mother is going to be so happy Tave fa V yl is the strongest and fiercest warrior on all of Ujal and yet he cannot deny one tiny female his mother When he agrees to consider taking a mate this turning, he doesn t realize she takes things quite a bit further and finds him a woman On Earth Now he is presented with a woman who doesn t want him while he cannot think of anything past his wanting of her Rina fights their attraction but doesn t realize Tave fa V yl has never lost a battle and he will not begin with her.

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      324 Erin Tate
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    Probably actually more of 2.5 stars.The unique factor of the Ujals, or mermaliens, continue to carry this series for me. Tave didn't even have the absurd humor that Vados had. I liked the characters. I loved their moms. I even enjoyed the story. I just needed more. I needed this to have more sexy times if this was just going to be a smut book. Or I needed more conflict, if this was going to rely on the storyline. They met, they dated, they mated. The end.

    Let me start off by saying that these aren't very long books for someone who reads a lot. I finished each one in about an hour and a half. (I'm talking over the series.)I do like these however! They are great if you want to take a step away from the normal para genre, or new adult. I found them fun, short reads. It's not often you read about Merpeople! (That's basically what I understand the Ujal to be.)I liked this one better than the first one! It just felt more detailed and with more content. [...]

    Rina won my heart because the most important thing in our lives is identical. It was also funny!!! Really funny!!

    I like the idea of the world created in this series and the originality the "aliens" but this book was just mediocre for me personally. I didn’t really connect to the hero or the heroine. The insta-love was in full force and done to an overkill. It was just an ok read. I may check out more in the series at later date because fortunately they are offered on kindleunlimited, but there was nothing overly memorable with this one.

    TaveBy: Erin Tate3 “Merman Magical Spunk” StarsGenre: Sci Fi RomanceCliffhanger: No, but part of a series.Price: $2.99 for Kindle; FREE on Kindle UnlimitedQuick Thoughts: At least it was longer than the first one.I don't actually know what made me pick up the sequel to Vados seeing how underwhelming and confusing it was so I shall chalk it up to three things: It was free with my Kindle Unlimited subscription, I was bored, and for the LOLs. Yes folks, I must admit that a lot of my decisi [...]

    Not much to say about this one. It's safe. It's quick. I thought the sex talk in front of the moms was weird. I thought the h's quick acceptance was weird. I thought the H thinking she should walk around naked underwater but men looking at her legs on land infuriated himwasweird. Meh I like her dragon books better.

    2.5 stars rounded upKindle UnlimitedKind of bland and predictable with annoying manipulative mothers wanting grandbabies. Recommended as filler only

    HmmI like the "merman" concept but it was too short to get attached to the characters. Aside from the alien species, the author hadn't really provided something new in the alien romance routine, something that will hook you, make you remember the characters and inspire in you the desire to know more, it's just the usual meet > recognition (either one-sided or otherwise) > court/date > mating-till-they-drop.

    I love this series!Tave is very respectful of his mother. She is determined to have grandchildren. Rina is smart. Independent and quick with words. When they first meet she is angry at her interfering mother. It all works out in the end. Love the book.

    Pretty good!This was pretty good but I have a problem with how fast and accepting Rina was about the mating. I felt like it was too much like Insta-love in this one. Other than that, I really enjoyed it!

    part 1 of 3 reviews plus the fourth of all three parts in a complete series . this was given to me by the author in the complete volume one box set . and wow so what do you do when moms interfere with both species . and what happens when the Ujal that is getting a mate is considered Royalty to the Ujal . and what also happens when the said mate throws it away due to not reading just to find out ahe is to be mated . and what happens when the mothers decide how the mate and the ruler are to be tog [...]

    Ok,just ok Had hoped for moreI read Accidental Alien ( the complete set) the other day and even thou Valdos 's story had just been a so/so kinda story ( btw thou soo completely clueless he was a lot sweeter in his own story) Any way after Accidental Alien (which was soo completely WONDERFUL TO ME!!!) I gave it 5 stars ,which is something I rarely do,Soo I was hoping after the awesomeness of AA this be soo much better than it wasI still believe in Erin and her work but the works are like night an [...]

    Title: Tave   Series: The Ujal Destination: Book 2  104 PagesAuthor:  Celia Kyle as Erin Tate Reviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre: #SciFi  #IntergalacticMatingAgencyMy Score:   #5Stars☆☆☆☆☆♡¤▪♡¤▪♡¤▪♡¤▪♡¤▪♡¤▪♡¤▪♡     This lady is quite and accomplished writer. She sucks you in right away and of course that's the way I like it there's nothing better than to start reading, you're so into it you can't leave this page, this chapter, this b [...]

    Rina Zeret wants to find that special someone to settle down with and live happily ever after but she has no plans to start looking just yet until her mother, unbeknownst to her, steps in and decides to send Rina's DNA to the Population Ministry to see if they can find a genetic match for her. Rina was going about her everyday chores, getting ready for work and happily recycling all the Population Ministry letters and thinking no more of the annoying regular jank mail until the Ministry shows up [...]

    Great sci-fi romanceThis is the story of the Crown Prince of Ujal Tave and Rina a human. After both of their mothers send in DNA to the Intergalactic Matchmaking service, it turns out that she is his mate which to both of them is a huge surprise. Rina answers the door to several Ujal bodyguards waiting to take her to Tave, but the problems are that she had no clue what was going on and she'd been in the shower getting ready to leave for work. When the guards break her door trying to get her to a [...]

    Very Good 2!Tave is the Prince/ruler of the Ujal & Rina works in public relations on a station that houses both human & Ujal workers.Both Tave & Rina have mothers that are wanting grandbabies &/or hatchlings; so both mothers take measures to add Tave & Rina's DNA sample to the Intergalactic Mating Agency. That is how Tave & Rina met.This book was very good in the romance dept. but only had 2 sex scenes in it however they were very good ones. This book is a HEA story with [...]

    Why, oh why, did I read this book? There are characters who take away from the chance of developing our leading MCs. There's extra drama and subplots that are taking away from developing. Overly horny MCs who seem to lack all buck their sexy bits. And the history/background is confusing and disjointed occasionally. Is the King around? If so, where is he? Why all this mention of the King's displeasure over mate statuses if he isn't here at all? It's a waste of the limited word amount this author [...]

    When does 84 pages constitute a complete series. I never used to check page length when buying from , but now it is absolutely essential. The cover-art implies a book of around a 1000 pages, instead I paid $3.99 for 84 pages (thankfully give refunds).In fact, I am trying to figure out how 84 pages of writing could exist in the dimensions of the artwork I figure it would have to about 5 cm high.I am being really turned off self-publishers who use tricks like this. Perhaps the author feels like s [...]

    This is another serial and as I have discussed before I hate serials. However the entire serial Tave was available on Kindle Unlimited so I could read the entire novella at once. Why authors just don't release a novella or novel and are doing these serials I will never understand!That said, Tave was a lot of fun! I found myself laughing through most of this book. This is one of those immediate attraction type stories. But with only 84 pages there wasn't time for anything else. Rina was the type [...]

    Tave had my eyes rolling.It was boring. I never really understood how the mated pair was matched through the blood test and as soon as they met: kaboom, insta-love. Somehow this mate meets science doesn't work for me specially when only Tave was overwhelmed by the mating attraction and Rina not so much.So when most of the story was spent with Tave looking to impress Rina and her batting him away I cannot but roll my eyes. This society where women rule somehow but the men are in charge and they m [...]

    The mom gave me stress. I hated the mothers, both of them. I get why they did what they did, but they were so annoying. Even in the beginning of the book it says that the female has to be willing to participate. She could have just told the mating people that her mother stole her DNA and sent it in without her knowledge or consent. I get that would have ended the story, but the fact that the mom went behind their backs and thought it was ok THEN treated Rina and Tave like they were the bad guys [...]

    Love Celia KyleLove Celia Kyle books. Funny well written and totally entertaining. Her sexytime scenes are hot and tastefully without being vulgar.

    These are fun books to read when you are bored. This is Book #2 of the Ujal (mermen) and it is hilarious!! Rina is taking a shower when she hears the banging on her door. She ignores it only for it to get louder and sound as if they are breaking in. She comes out of the shower with her towel and snatches the door open only to have 2 Ujal guards standing there. She freaks out and the take her dripping wet and all to her mate. She should've read the mail instead chunking it! She learns what her mo [...]

    Great storyWish life could imitate arthter, attractions, desire all evidence here. A little too descriptive in sex department but guy gets the gal, and gal gets the guy. I like more action, battles, deception, resolved which happens with the dragon series

    Tave is a fun read. The world of the Ujal is interesting and enjoyable. I loved sassy Rina!! She is a spitfire full of sayings and just perfect to keep the Crown Prince Tave grounded. Rina’s mom is a hoot. She’s the mom that we love and who irritate’s us at the same time, the one that’s always charging ahead to do what she thinks is best for you. Tave and Rina have been matched due to their moms’ meddling. They learn who each other are and the different expectations between being human [...]

    So you wake up one morning thinking everything is normal and this day will be like any other timed scheduled day. You get up, shower, start washing your hair then your worse nightmare comes true. You are now being carried off by 2 alien men. Soap is running in your eye because you didn't get to rinse off. Your mom telling you she signed you up to married because she wants grandkids. And now you're being taken to meet your mate as is. Wet and soupy ! Yeah lol too funny! I loved their story and it [...]

    Another AwesomenessI enjoyed this book as much as I did reading Vados. I also am looking forward to reading the next book Rahl. As we get a sneak peek at who he will be mated with in his book. I am thoroughly enjoying this series and look forward to reading all the rest of the books. I certainly recommend you get Vados and get started reading this series, you will not be disappointed.

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