Andrew's Loose Tooth

Andrew's Loose Tooth

Andrew s Loose Tooth Best selling author and illustrator team Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko have created another adventure about Andrew his loose tooth and the wacky ways friends and family try to pull it out Yeo

  • Title: Andrew's Loose Tooth
  • Author: Robert Munsch Michael Martchenko
  • ISBN: 9780439388504
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • Best selling author and illustrator team Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko have created another adventure about Andrew, his loose tooth, and the wacky ways friends and family try to pull it out Yeow shouts Andrew Do something about my loose tooth It hurts to much I can t eat my apple Andrew s dad breaks his pliers trying to pull that tooth Andrew s dentist can Best selling author and illustrator team Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko have created another adventure about Andrew, his loose tooth, and the wacky ways friends and family try to pull it out Yeow shouts Andrew Do something about my loose tooth It hurts to much I can t eat my apple Andrew s dad breaks his pliers trying to pull that tooth Andrew s dentist can t pull it either not even by tying a rope to Andrew s tooth and driving off in his car The Tooth Fairy is a biker chick who says, This is the first tooth ever that I can t pull out Andrew s best friend, Louis, ends up saving the day with his special tooth removing remedy lots and lots of pepper up Andrew s nose

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    Andrew has a loose tooth and it is proving to be quite the issue. Apples are not helping and his parents seem incapable of getting the tooth out of his little head. Even a call to the local dentist proves less helpful than it might have been and the tooth remains in his gum, dangling at an odd angle. Calling in the heavyweights, Andrew's friend brings the Tooth Fairy in to try a few things, but she ends up as stumped as the others. There is only one idea left and it's an 'all or nothing' gamble. [...]

    Cute, not my favourite Munsch (but he's written so many wonderful books that few are). The illustrations are cute and funny with a lot going on and this would be a good book to read to children 6-8 who may be in the process of losing their teeth. Reading it as a child I remember being surprised that I couldn't just tie a rope around my tooth and be done with it.

    I love this story! Robert Munsch does such a wonderful job of telling a playful story about something that happens to every child; the process of loosing a tooth. Some children have pleasant experiences of loosing teeth while others can relate more to Andrew's story of going to crazy lengths to get a pesky tooth out so he is able to eat his breakfast. This story is lighthearted and would be effective for a classroom with students who are going through this exciting part of growing up.

    Timing, it's all about timing. My listener lost her second tooth tonight and I could relate all too well to Munsch's refrain, "Oooh, ooh, ooh, it's a loose tooth, I know what to do!" Still not big on intros - maybe half a sentence? But, it's all worth it for the tooth fairy feeling insulted for being accused of following the dentist's tactics. Oh, shoot - is that a spoiler?

    Andrew's tooth is loose, and nobody, not his mom, his dad, his dentist, or the tooth fairy can get it to come out. But Andrew is game to anything they try.

    Andrew has a loose tooth. And it hurts. It hurts so much, he can't eat an apple. And all the grown-ups try absurdly improbable things to get the tooth out - pliers, pulling using his nose as leverage, tying the tooth to the car and driving away I'll stop for a second and say I don't see how any child could be scared of that scene. The car FALLS APART instead of the tooth coming out! It's clearly not intended to be a realistic scenario.Eventually, Andrew's friend calls in the tooth fairy. This is [...]

    Andrew loose tooth By Robert Munsch Andrew had a loose tooth and he could not eat his apple. His mom tried to pull the tooth, nothing happen. His dad took pliers to take the tooth out that did not work. They called the dentist, the dentist took a rope and tied the rope around Andrew’s tooth and the other end to his car his car, but that did not work. Andrew friends called the tooth fairy. She tried but nothing happen, that tooth just did not want to come out until Andrew’s friend got a brill [...]

    Andrews loose tooth is about having a loose tooth and the strongest tooth couldn't come out it was loose and also the friend put pepper in their nose and his shoes fell off andSPOILERhe sneezed the tooth right out.My favourite character was the tooth fairy because she's the nicest guardian, well Santa is too but I think the tooth fairy is better cause she gives us money instead of presents. Money is better than toys, money is the best. Money is the best because you can use it on anything like fo [...]

    Cute and hilarious book about a young boy named Andrew that is on a mission to get rid of his loose tooth. He first tries eating an apple, then he tries tying a rope to door and then even tries going to the dentist but his tooth won't budge. When all else fails he calls for the expert on teeth to help but still can't get rid of his loose tooth but he is still determined to rid himself of that loose tooth. I would read this to my class probably as a fun and informative text to inform them about l [...]

    You don’t even have to read a word, just look at the illustrations and you’ll be chuckling. Add the story and your audience will be rolling with laughter. Andrew’s loose tooth prevents him from eating and as each person tries to pull the loose tooth they each take more extreme and desperate measures. A humorous story to reassure children losing a tooth that it will happen in the most simplest of ways. Great illustrations and attractive to a grade K-2 audience. Just be mindful of the off th [...]

    Andrew’s Loose Tooth by Robert Munsch is about a boy who has a loose tooth and is trying to pull it out with the help of his parents, dentist, and the tooth fairy. This comical book will have students captivated as they wonder if Andrew will ever lose his tooth. This story is relatable to students who are starting to lose teeth, and children will laugh at the exaggerated story line and humorous illustrations (by Michael Martchenko). This book is recommended for students in kindergarten to seco [...]

    Andrew's Loose Tooth by Robert N. Munsch, illustrated by Michael Martchenko, is another exaggerated, absurd, hilarious look at a common problem, a loose tooth that won't come out. After his mother, his father, a dentist, and a biker tooth fairy can't pull out the tooth, Andrew's friend comes up with a simple answer. The story is greatly enhanced by Martchenko's wild, colorful illustrations with lots of details. I love the tooth fairy, who has a need for speed. For ages 4 to 7, independent reader [...]

    In this fun, silly story a boy tries many different methods to get his loose tooth out. His parents try to help him, with no success. It could be a good book for first and second-grade students, as this is the time when many of them begin losing their teeth. Many students will probably be able to relate to this and may have even tried some of these methods for pulling their teeth out. You could use this to facilitate a discussion among the class about various ways students have tried or thought [...]

    I love the author of this book, Robert Munsch. Andrew’s loose tooth and a comical read. The book tells the story of a boy named Andrew loosing a tooth. Andrew, a dentist, the tooth fairy, and his parents try everything to get the loose tooth to fall out when Andrews buddy comes along and sneezes the tooth out of the boy. I would read this book to K-3 students as they go through that period of loosing teeth as well.

    I love the tooth fairy in this, gets the best laugh ever. Like the other books I've read by this pair I love the illustrations and have paused for many minutes with kids just wanting to look at all the things going on in the pictures. Even on the last page I would often get kids who didn't want me to close the book because they wanted to keep looking at the picture to talk and laugh about it. I love reading this one out loud so I don't mind reading it fifty billion times.

    This book is hysterical! The little boy's tooth just wont come out even though its just dangling in his mouth. When all the home remedies fail, they call in the big stops to get the tooth to come outbut with unforeseen problems that follow. This book is super easy for kids to relate to because they all have lost teeth, or are in the process of losing teeth. The kids love it, and so do i. -might be a good book for prediction

    Reading a Robert Munsch book is like eating a candy bar. It's fun, sweet, but it doesn't really fill you up, and within a few hours, you've forgotten you even had it.This particular book relies even more on the outrageous than many of his others (the Tooth Fairy wears leather and rides a Harley).Not bad for a little bit of fun, and the reading is simple enough for young readers.Michael Martchenko's illustrations play an important role in the enjoyable-ness of this book.

    I thought this was a cute book, especially to be read to a child who is in preschool or kindergarten. Many children develop a fear of doctors and dentists, and I am not quite sure that this helps with that fear; however, it does shed a humorous light of such people. I'm not sure that a teacher should read this to any classroom over 2nd or 3rd grade. Some parents may not support the idea of a tooth fairy past younger ages. Other than that, I thought this book was a cute and fun story.

    Andrew has a loose tooth. He doesn't think it should affect his breakfast but when he bites into his apple it hurts so bad that he yells for his mom. His mom tries to get his tooth out but it doesn't budge. Then his dad. Then the dentist. Then the tooth fairy! No one can get his loose tooth out until his friend Louis gets an idea!

    Andrew has a very loose tooth but no body seems to get it out. There are many people and ideas involved in this story including the tooth fairy but in the end it is a simple thing like pepper that helps Andrew.Students and teachers can share stories about how they lost teeth before. Students can come up with a new version of a story about how they got out a stubborn tooth.

    This is a funny and dramatic story about a boy who has a loose tooth. Parents try different ways of getting the tooth to come out and neither works. Finally he gets it out in the least expected manner.Could use for 1st grade due to constant loosing of teeth.

    This book is so funny! Andrew had a hard time getting his tooth out. Even his parents and the tooth fairy could not get the tooth out. Andrew's friend helped him get his tooth out by putting pepper in his nose. Andrew sneezed so hard the tooth came out and flew across town.

    This is a funny book that shows that it is okay that you have loose teeth. This shows the different funny ways that some one can pull a tooth besides going to the dentist. This book can show the kids that while its funny your tooth can fall out all by its self.

    Very funny book! Andrew has a loose tooth that just will not come out. His parents, the dentist and even the tooth fairy try to help him but nothing works. What is Andrew going to do to get rid of his loose tooth?

    this book is about a kid that has a loose tooth and nobody can get it out he trys evrything but nothing turns out right but at the end the tooth gets out by the simplest way!

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