Thin Lies

Thin Lies

Thin Lies Calisto DonatiShe was just a woman That s what Calisto wanted to tell himself that s what he wanted to believe Emma was nothing than a woman There were other women for him to want To obsess over It co

  • Title: Thin Lies
  • Author: Bethany-Kris
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Calisto DonatiShe was just a woman That s what Calisto wanted to tell himself that s what he wanted to believe Emma was nothing than a woman There were other women for him to want To obsess over.It couldn t be Emma Sorrento.Not for Calisto.She was taken.She was claimed.She was not his.In a few days, Calisto would hand her off, and that would be that He wonderedCalisto DonatiShe was just a woman That s what Calisto wanted to tell himself that s what he wanted to believe Emma was nothing than a woman There were other women for him to want To obsess over.It couldn t be Emma Sorrento.Not for Calisto.She was taken.She was claimed.She was not his.In a few days, Calisto would hand her off, and that would be that He wondered why it wouldn t be that easy to let her go What good had saving her done He had simply taken her from one monster to give her to another.Emma SorrentoEmma slid on her mask All someone would need to do was look close enough to see what was really beneath the sheer falseness of her smile.At the other end of the table, Emma found her lies staring her right in the face.He smirked.And winked.Calisto Donati was her worst mistake, her greatest shame, and the one thing she still wanted than anything Emma could still feel him all over her, long after his touch and kiss was gone In thirty days, her entire world had changed he had changed her.Emma had a feeling that if she played another game with Calisto, she would surely lose.She had already lost once.Wasn t it enough WARNING The first two books in the Donati Bloodlines Trilogy end on a cliffhanger, the third is a HEA.

    Thin Lies Donati Bloodlines, by Bethany Kris Thin Lies is my first book written by Bethany Kris abd what a mind blowing debut it was for me Thin Lies was just fantastic and I am excited to be introduced to her writing and her books Thin Lies was just fantastic and I am excited to be introduced to her writing and her books. Thin Lies Donati Bloodlines Book Kindle Thin Lies, Thin Lines, Thin Lives are a romantic suspensemafia romance trilogy following the same couple Behind the Bloodlines is acompanion novella to the series All books should be read in order For information, visit BK s website at bethanykris. Thin Lies Bethany Kris That plan being a man, the one with the best last name for a contract, the family to push them higher, make them safer, or earn them business Because that s all her life Homepage Thin At Last I m down pounds and counting Thin at Last has strengthened my relationship with God, changed the way I think about what I eat and taught me to be true to myself Thank you, Miki, for teaching me how to be Thin at Last. Thin Lies Reader QA Readers questions about Thin Lies Donati Bloodlines, question answered. The Thin Blue Lie TV Movie The Thin Blue Lie R h min Drama TV Movie August A spine chilling thriller about a courageous young reporter who risks his life and career to LastWeekTonight YouTube Breaking news on a weekly basis Sundays at PM only on HBO Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight channel for the latest videos from John Oliver and the LWT Big Little Lies Big Little Lies Groe kleine Lgen ist eine US amerikanische Fernsehserie aus dem Jahr , die ursprnglich als Miniserie angelegt war Sie basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Bestsellerroman der australischen Autorin Liane Moriarty dt. Phil Lynott Nach der Verffentlichung des Live Albums Life gingen Lynott und seine Mitmusiker von Thin Lizzy getrennte Wege und Lynott wirkte in der Folgezeit u a bei Solo Projekten von Gary Moore, z B bei dem Lied Out in the Fields auf dem Album Run for Cover als Musiker und Co Autor.

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    3-3.5 StarsI didn't realized when I one-clicked this bad boy that it was by the same author as THIS book, which I didn't necessarily love.That said, once I got going on this one, I definitely got into it. It drew me in and had a little more excitement for me than Lucian (Filthy Marcellos #1). In fact, I have already started book two.I have to know how she plans on getting her characters out of the mess they are in, after allFind me at:

    4.5 STARS"He saved her, just to give her away." Well, well, well, this was a good read that is currently on Kindle Unlimited as is the next book of the series. So forgive me as I keep this review short because I’m itching to jump into the next book. Twenty year old Emma Sorrento is a Vegas mafia princess whose family has arranged her marriage to a man thirty years her senior in New York. It’s her duty to her family and though she can’t stand the idea she also blames herself for thinking th [...]

    Thin Lies is 99cents for the first time on US for a limited time! The secrets within the bloodlines of this famiglia are deadly. Grab the first book in this mafia romance trilogy! US: amazon/dp/B01E04RY2S Donati BloodlinesA TrilogyThin Lies - Thin Lines - Thin LivesEmma Sorrento & Calisto DonatiThey're not star-crossed. They're impossible.***

    4,5 STARS“DUTY was the first word a mafioso principessa learned growing up. Be good to the family. Bring them no shame. Smile for the crowd. And when the time comes, do your duty.” What an amazing ride! This story grabbed my attention from the very first page and I couldn't put it down! The story was so interesting and the characters fantastic that I felt like I was a part of the story! Whatever they felt I felt it too. Thin Lies is about betrayal, lies, secrets and suspense. What I loved mo [...]

    4.5 Duty and Respect StarsI discovered this author with the Filthy Marcellos. She has a special touch in writing about mafia families. So when I had the opportunity to read Thin Lies, I jumped on it.Emma Sorrento is 20, beautiful, feisty, and the niece of a Mob Boss in Las Vegas. She has been promised to a man 30 yrs older than her, a Mob Boss in NY. Affonso Donati needs a wife, he needs a son and marrying Emma is just business. Life in the mafia is all about duty. It doesn't matter that Emma ha [...]

    A new mafia series?What can I say? This mafia slut is up for some fresh blood and Bethany-Kris just gave me thatd I loved itEmma Sorrento is your run of the mill Mafia Principessa, she was raised being groomed for one thing and one thing onlyher ability to help the family by building alliances through marriage. So when she finds out she has to marry a man that could be her father it's like a slap to her face that wakes her up from her "perfect" little dreamCalisto Donati is her future nephewbut [...]

    *A 4.7 Not a saint Nutella jars*This was more then an alliance, bruises turned black and blue, Family was everything especially cruel. It was wrong in many ways but empires were meant to crumble when greed was in the way. Born and bred the mafia ruled but how long would these secrets keep before lies became the truth. Emma Sorrento at age 20 was spoiled rotten with everything provided to her except for a loving home the only thing she craved couldn't be bought. As the only Principessa to the Don [...]

    Thin Lies was a lighter mafia read for me. Calisto is the nephew of the mob boss of New York, and his job is to 'babysit' or watch his uncle's new twenty-year-old fiance while he's away. Calisto really made this story, and I think the 'light' part is because Calisto is just truly a really good guy. Nicest and most compassionate hero I've probably ever read about, not that I go out looking for that because I prefer rude heroes who I'd never be with in real life, but that's beside the point. He's [...]

    DEFINITELY 5 FUCKIN BRILLIANT STARSThis will most certainly mark the beginning of a fantastic mafia saga But Bethany, just simply, stunning wow from meyou bought me. the first pageCalisto Donati and Emma Sorrento could easily pose as the new Romeo and Juliet of the mafia world…Emma Sorrento was the mafia principessa, a 20 year old spoiled with wealth and gifts, she enjoyed the life, the pampered, carefree lifestyle were she was cherished and adored by all BUT actually she was bred and groomed [...]

    Will review all three books in series once I'm done. That said, I think this has a very different feel to BK's other mafia books, it's a lot slower and I'm not sure their story needed to be drawn out over three books? I'm reserving judgement till I'm done.4(ish) stars

    4.5 starsYes, I enjoyed this book! There's nothing like forbidden romance and pending messy drama to put me in a splendid mood! On to book two! I hope Father Day will reprise his role in the rest of this series. That man is a refuge for ALL sorts of juicy secrets!

    Holy hell how do I forget how much I love mafia stories?!! There is something about these forbidden men that keeps me all tingly!B-K did not disappointJust like with her other Cosa Nostra series, she has given insight to a secret world filled w extreme rules, violence, sacrifice and -of course- sex.Emma-In the beginning I was worried she would be a typical rich, spoiled, whiny brat but she opened her eyes early on and recognized that she had been showered with a lavish life only to prime her for [...]

    5 Calisto STARSHoly Hell that went by way too fast!!! If you want a Mafia love story, Bethany-Kris is THE author to go to. Wow, I didn't know this was coming out so imagine my surprise!This new series is about the Donati family, a smaller outfit in New York . Emma Sorrento is young, beautiful and the niece of a mob boss. We got a peek at the Sorrento's based out of Las Vagas in Kim and Gio's story, Giovanni. Emma has no life. She has no choice. And she certainly has no freedom. She's set to marr [...]

    “Masks were meant to be worn. His was like stone.” As usual Bethany never disappoints me. For me she is the go to author in the mafia genre!!Thin Lies was the fastest book I have read of Miss Kris. I was sucked in the story after a few pages. yes it was that good!This series will focus on Calisto and Emmy, two people who are attracted to each other but can't be together.Emmy is a pampered mafia daughter who is promised to marry a cruel and older man Affonso. And Calisto is the nephew of this [...]

    5 -What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, doesn't it?- Stars Thin Lies is my first read by Bethany-Kris. I wanted to read her other books for so long but couldn't find time for it. And after reading this book, I saw how much I missed.Thin Lies is about the arranged marriage between a Mafia Princess and a Mafia Boss. Everything is planned and the marriage will be one month later. But, one month has the power to change everything; people, feelings, priorities, loyaltyeverything.Emma Sorrento is the [...]

    ***** 4.5 'Off-limits' Stars *****Emma Sorrento is a princess in Las Vegas. Her parents have been buying her the best to keep her quiet, but a penthouse won't give her the affection she craves. Her world flips upside down when she's told to follow her duties and marry someone that will benefit la famiglia. This man is 30 years older than her, and he's also the Don of a mafia family in New York.Calisto Donati is the nephew of that Don. He's dark, dangerous, and mysterious. There is no one in the [...]

    The first book of The Donati Bloodlines was off to a good start. I'm always game for a series that will focus on the same couple because I enjoy to be torture with the slow burn romance and the cliffhanger. Emma Sorrento, 20, is the LA mafia princess that is soon to be married off to a man thirty years her senior, Affonso Donati, the current boss of New York. She only has a month left before her life now as she knows it is gonna be over. Calisto Donati, 27, consigliere to his uncle, Affonso, was [...]

    Secrets, lies and betrayal is what you’ll find in this five star read. Reigning mafia writer Bethany-Kris commands attention in this action packed, adrenaline inducing Donati Bloodlines series. You'll have to peel back the thick layers of deceit to get to the juicy heart of the drama.Calisto Donati job was relatively simple, babysit his Don’s fiancee. When the time was right, hand her off in New York. No muss, no fuss! You’d think that would be simple right?Emma Sorrento knew how to fake i [...]

    So much happened in this book that I definitely didn't see coming. Emma was a spoiled princess, but then she realized what all the clothes and jewelry really cost her: an arranged marriage to a 49 yr old Don from New York. He was a creep and I was dreading her marriage to him. But his nephew, Calisto, on the other hand. I couldn't wait until they got together. Although it definitely took longer than I wanted. I'm interested to learn more about Cal's history, especially concerning his father's de [...]

    Rating Clarification: 4.5 stars I need the next book like ASAP!! It was so good, it had everything you could want in a mafia book.

    IT'S LIVEEbook: 5 - not all women want to be queens -stars What happens to the Princess when she realizes that her throne is made of glass? When everything she enjoyed and took for granted is being used against her?What happens to the Prince (who never wanted to be one) when he learns that his choice was just a bunch of lies?They happen and their story does.Donati Bloodlines is a trilogy following the story of Emma Sorrento and Callisto Donati.Thin Liesis the first book in this series.Emma is ra [...]

    4 "Just the Beginning" StarsI fell in love with Bethany-Kris and her Mafia heroes in The Chicago War series so when I saw that she was writing a Mafia trilogy, I was all over that. While this series is definitely different than the previous, it has everything I love about her writing: smoldering sexual tension, page flipping suspense and out-of-nowhere twists. Emma Sorrento is a Mafia princess. She's been raised in the lap of luxury never really paying attention to anything happening around her [...]

    *ARC received from author in exchange for review*This is now the second series I’ve read from Bethany-Kris, and let me tell you, she likes to put her H&h’s thru the wringer! I don’t think she likes the word easy:DIn this mafia world that Bethany-Kris has created, there are a lot of variables to think about, as it is, that plays into how the H&h’s relationship plays out. We’re talking a world of crime and tradition and a separate set of rules after all. But if that’s not enoug [...]

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!How could you leave it like that Bethany????!!!! I am BEYOND heartbroken right now. I think it's safe to say she's done it again. Bethany-Kris has invaded my life armed with a new mafia series and left my heart in tatters. *SighsI'm in love with both Cal and Emmy - what amazing characters!!! Their sexual tension is freakin' palpable! I was legit like: throughout the entire book. Don't want to say much more because I don't want to spoil it for anyone. All I'm gon [...]

    I am not sure about my feelings for this book. I simply cannot put my finger on the reason why but I did not like this book. I don't know why I didn't like it though!! I guess it just wasn't for me.

    Wow.Thin Lies was amazing. Wow. Bloody fantastic.I have been reading quite a lot of mafia romance books. Some mafia romance books make a true impact on me as a reader. Sone mafia books have a storyline that lives a riveting and explosive plot that is both enchanting and addictive. Thin Lies was that to me. Thin Lies is my first book written by Bethany Kris abd what a mind blowing debut it was for me. Thin Lies was just fantastic and I am excited to be introduced to her writing and her books.Emma [...]

    ARC was kindly gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review.I'm trying to post this review as close to the release date as possible to avoid eventual spoilers, but damn! It's so hard to keep it for myself! Brand new and amazing mafia series by Bethany-Kris starts with this first book. Thin LiesEmma is forced to marry Affonso Donati , the head of the Donati family. A man much older than Emma. Until the marriage takes place she is followed everywhere by Calisto, Affonso's nephew . Trapped [...]

    5 Impossible StarsFirst off, let me say how much I keep enjoying Ms. Kris’ books. I love that she keeps it original. Her stories do not blend into the same plotline, characters, or romance you expect to read about after reading her series.“Thin Lies” was new and refreshing. And I loved every minute of it while immersing myself.Emma “Emmy” Sorrento is thrown into a situation she does not want to be in. She despises being forced to fulfill a duty for her family and to la famiglia, while [...]

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