Crave The next chapter in one of the most romantic love stories ever toldLuxury hotel heir Ian Gregson longed for his beloved Tessa from afar for than two years forced to keep his attraction towards her we

  • Title: Crave
  • Author: Janet Nissenson
  • ISBN: 9781483573908
  • Page: 105
  • Format: ebook
  • The next chapter in one of the most romantic love stories ever toldLuxury hotel heir Ian Gregson longed for his beloved Tessa from afar for than two years, forced to keep his attraction towards her well hidden But now that his feelings no longer have to remain a secret, he is free to indulge his constant craving for the woman of his dreams.Shy, innocent Tessa LockwooThe next chapter in one of the most romantic love stories ever toldLuxury hotel heir Ian Gregson longed for his beloved Tessa from afar for than two years, forced to keep his attraction towards her well hidden But now that his feelings no longer have to remain a secret, he is free to indulge his constant craving for the woman of his dreams.Shy, innocent Tessa Lockwood is dazzled by her handsome, sophisticated lover, and falls deeper and deeper under his spell with each passing day But their newfound relationship will be tested by Tessa s lifelong insecurities, and her fears of succumbing to the throes of depression that have always tormented her.It will fall to Ian to convince her that their love is strong enough to overcome any obstacles that life might place in their way And that now that he s finally been able to make her his own, nothing and no one will ever keep them apart again.

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    Well, it is fair to say that I'm no longer frustrated with the lack of sex in this story! Where 'Covet' lacked any sexual activity between Ian and Tessa, 'Crave' had them going at it non-stop. For goodness sake, let them come up for air every once in awhile! There really can be too much of a good thing and this book was a case in point. I was ecstatic to have Ian and Tessa finally get together. The first 100-150 pages, I was in heaven. I get it. They had some sexual tension to work out of their [...]

    This is my second book by Nissenson (Covet being the first) and I was quite happy to continue my journey with the royal gorgeousnesses, Ian and Tessa. If Covet was foreplay, then Crave was full-on seduction, with sex scenes so hot, the pages sizzled. All done without a whip or butt plug in sight. I was pleased. I swear I've never taken as many cold baths as while reading this book. By the 20th smex scene however, even I had had enough and was eager to have the story move along swiftly.Except, it [...]

    First I want give major props to Janet Nissenson as she writes flawlessly. She has the uncanny ability of weaving a tale so realistic and climatic, you not only feel as tho you're there but the intensity of the characters. At least that's how it was for me. Now to explain my rating which floats between two and half to three stars. Chemistry between Ian and Tessa from both books were off the charts. If I was to merely grade on that alone along with all the sex scenes which seemed to be the primar [...]

    I must be a masochist! Because reading this, after the torture I went trough with the first book, cannot be a sign of a healthy mind. Nevertheless, read it, I did. Till the bloody fucking end. And I very much want to share my misery, so I noted some quotes down for my beloved friends. rubbing hands gleefully After 2 years of not getting any, our hero loses control and dry humps the heroine and the grand love story starts. Naturally the 40 years old hero has the stamina of 3 teenager boys combine [...]

    “You were meant for me all along, Tessa. It just took awhile for the stars to align properly.”Honestly, I think I should be renamed The Great Procrastinator!! I’m finding it hard to put into words just how much I love this book and the couple contained within.As fans of The Inevitable series will know, Crave is a reworking of Splendor with additional scenes. Yet, I found myself once again devouring Ian and Tessa’s story following the end of the prequel, Covet. This is a couple I will nev [...]

    Doing cartwheels that I got an ARC of this gorgeous book to review! First, I love the cover! It's romantic, sexy, but tasteful at the same time, and the colors are fantastic. Something different than most of the others out there these days and it really catches the eye.Crave is the re-release/re-imagining of Splendor, which still ranks as one of my all time favorite romance books ever. It's basically the same book, except that it starts several chapters in since those first few original chapters [...]

    I received a copy from net gallery for an honest review. Wow Covet made my heart break for Tessa but Crave made me smile because it was beautiful and heartwarming. This book definitely exceeded my expectations in every way. Ian has put a plan in place to slowly seduce Tessa but when he finds her in his office half naked, his plans are thrown out the window. Tessa is left confused by Ian's kiss and his quick departure and she fears the worst. She's shocked and surprised by Ian's confession - will [...]

    I don't usually write reviews so this isn't going to be anything great. Just wanted to say thanks to the author for sending me this book she gave away at a blog page takeover. I loved the first book Covet and was so happy to get Crave before it is published. Love Tessa and Ian, can't wait for the third book to read more about them.

    I usually don't write any sort of background info about one of my books until just prior to release date, which for Crave is well over a month away (August 30). But I do want to make sure that interested readers are aware that Crave is basically the same book as Splendor, the second book in the Inevitable series. There are, however, approximately a dozen new/additional scenes in Crave that were not included in the original book, and a number of other scenes have been slightly revised (though not [...]

    Shut the front door. I got what I was wanting and so much more. Now, I know for certain that I need to get a hold of the original Splendor. I have to see the beginning of what made this story so hot that it had to have a prequel. Not one prequel but two with a third in the works. Janet Nissenson makes it plain in her disclaimers that this story is more of an expanded version of the original book. She felt these two had a much bigger story to share. I have to agree with her. This is certainly tur [...]

    Crave continues the story of Ian and Tessa, starting right where Covet left off with Ian finding out Tessa is getting a divorce and now free to pursue. The author didn't waste any time getting these two together, which I was thankful for. With book 1 being all about their back story and not spent on their relationship, I was glad to finally see them as a couple. Crave is a pretty low angst and safe read. Ian is 100% devoted to Tessa no matter how many women wanted him for themselves. He had eyes [...]

    **Crave generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**3 "Let me take care of you." StarsThe second book in the Splendor series picks up where book one, Covet, leaves us. Told from the third person point of view, Ian and Tessa's passionate story continues. A lot of history and backstory is told in book one that I think is a very good start to the series. However, it's also my opinion that book two could be read as a stand alone. The characters truly make th [...]

    OMG I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO START THISI honestly did not expect this! Really! I mean REALLY?!?!?!.ok let me just say something in the beginning! This book is UNRATABLE!!!!Ian is everything every women wants. He is handsome, bossy, rich, caring, romantic, a real gentleman, and also hot and sexy. He had eyes only and only for Tessa. Tessa is shy, innocent and a little naive. There were so many sweet and tender moments. Their chemistry starts off strong, then lulls, then comes back full force.I ca [...]

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Crave captured my heart from the beginning of page one until the very end. This beautiful, passionate, intense love story is the epitome of romance. It was the perfect follow up and continuation of their story.Ian Gregson is a very powerful man. He runs a multibillion dollar hotel empire that spans all over the world. He is obviously very rich, powerful, and desirable. He is married to his work. Always has been. Enter Tessa Lockwood, a new emplo [...]

    Oh how I have waited for book 2 in this fantastic series. I've longed to catch up with Ian & Tessa following the ending of Covet, which totally hooked me to this beautiful couple & everything they stood for.Crave, truly did make me crave more - more passion, more love, more emotion. As I tumbled through the pages of this amazing love story, unable to put it down, I lost myself in their beautifully written journey, sighing with unbridled happiness, that both Ian & Tessa continued just [...]

    Crave is the second book in the (Splendor Trilogy) by Janet Nissenson ,and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this amazing story. This continues with Ian and Tessa story,and it starts right where covet left off. Ian finds out that Tessa is getting a divorce and now she's going to be free for him to pursue .Ms Nissenson hasn't wasted no time at getting these two together,which I knew had to happen sooner then later but I was happy about that. Book 1 was all their back story, and it wasn't spent [...]

    5 Emotional, Sexy Stars!Crave is the long-awaited continuation of the amazing love story of Ian Gregson and Tessa Lockwood. I couldn't wait to get into it and honestly, it did NOT disappoint!! I LOVED how this story continued to evolve, my emotions going right along on the roller coaster ride, my heart soaring with the highs and dropping to my toes with the lows! Ian absolutely owns med I adore Tessa so much! The intense love they share jumps off the pages, making you feel like you are part of t [...]

    I loved it the first story was heartbreaking, but this is the fairy tale comming true. other than there are no evil stepsister (although a couple coworkers count) this is a Cinderella story. Tessa and Ian are the perfect couple. I cannot wait for Claimed to be out. don't fret there is no cliffie just the want for more of these characters.

    I truly loved this book!! This book is part 2 of Ian & Tessas love story and it does not disappoint. The love & devotion Ian has for Tessa even prior to them finally being together is astounding!! She truly is the only woman for him and his patience and admiration of her is so moving. Janet Nissenson truly wrote a amazing love story, you get engulfed with the characters and she truly makes you fall in love with them!!I received a copy of this book for a honest review & I beyond loved [...]

    Wow this second book is simply amazing. After ending of Covet, I hoped what I wanted to happen happened. And I can say I am really pleased.I loved how it was paced, as they had waited so long. I loved how Ian treated Tessa as a princess that she deserved. I loved the ending especially, I even had a bit of a tear in my eye.I can't wait for third book. I need more Tessa, Ian and everyone else. WTMO.

    I love this couple so much and can't wait to read the conclusion to their story. This is basically the same story as Splendour, but I loved that book so much that I had to have a re-read. If you love truly romantic heroes who adore the heroine more than anything then this is the book for you. To say i'm excited for the third book is an understatement. I could read about Ian and Tessa forever.

    4.5 Stars"It's not luck - it's fate. You were meant for me all along, Tessa. It just took awhile for the stars to align properly."Crave is the continuation of Tessa and Ian’s story, that started with « Covet », the first book and prequel to the Splendor series. For more than two years, business mogul Ian Gregson has loved Tessa Lockwood from afar. She was a married woman and thus off-limits. His overwhelming attraction towards her could not be denied but he made it a point to keep his distan [...]

    Crave is the second installment in Janet Nissenson Splendor Series - I highly recommend reading them in order - Covet leaves you breathless to see what is going to happen with Ian and Tessa. Crave picks up where the Covet left off, Ian finding out that Tessa is getting divorced and he is free to finally pursue the woman of his dreams. I found this book sweet and astounding - It was lovely to see the moral code that both characters have, Ian has adored Tessa from afar - anonymously sending her gi [...]

    Where to begin on this book a very eagerly awaited continuation of Ian and Tessa's story and from the very first page you are catapulted right back to all the feels you got from book one and reminded just how much of a delicious alpha male Ian gregson really is. Crave captures you and wraps you up in a story of love and unbridled passion and lust.Ian gregson could he get any more swoon worthy finally able to call Tessa his and my does the passion and lust he have for her pour from the pages cons [...]

    4.5 STARSRECEIVED ARC IN EXCHANGE OF HONEST REVIEWFor all those who have read the original book SPLENDOR this was just the repeat. If my memory works well then there was not much added content.Since I have read SPLENDOR for me it was like re reading the book.Covet was gave more details about Tessa's life pre Ian phase .But still I enjoyed reading AGAIN a nice sweet love story with lots of love Romance and words of endearment( that I again found nauseating(I would actually kill my man for calling [...]

    I simply loved this book. I love an Hero with standards. He didn't make a move until he found out that she was free. This book was romantic and had great sex (always a plus). I also loved how his family rallied around Tessa and helped her stiffen her backbone.

    Janet Nissenson definitely grabbed my attention in book one, Covet; but book two, Crave is what I have been waiting for. Very impatiently I might add, especially since the sexual tension in book one was so high. Tessa and Ian's story just soars to new heights, they finally have the opportunity to be together just as they dreamed about. Although Tessa is still unaware of Ian's feelings, so this may come as quite a chock to her once his intentions are revealed. events leading up to Ian telling Tes [...]

    This is the second book in the Splendor trilogy, where Tessa and Ian's story continues. Ian's family owns upscale hotels all over the world and he's in charge of the Americas. When shy, sweet Tessa transferred into his offices, he immediately fell for her. He was devastated to learn she was married and pined for her in secret for two years. Tessa had been in a marriage of convenience, and while she and her husband loved each other as friends, it wasn't a romantic relationship. When her husband d [...]

    this is a fab book, i just couldnt put it down till id finished the last page. i loved the first book and couldnt wait for this one, now i'm waiting nad wanting the third book in the series. this book has fab characters which help you to be brought into the story. this is a beautiful, passsionate, intense love story which will keep you reading long into the night. this is another amazing book from this author. i cant wait for the third book in this series.highly recommendedobsessedbookreviews.wo [...]

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