The Berenstain Bears in the Dark

The Berenstain Bears in the Dark

The Berenstain Bears in the Dark After a scary bedtime story Sister Bear is too frightened of the dark to shut her eyes Sound psychological advice and a night light help Sister conquer her fears Children will empathize with Sister B

  • Title: The Berenstain Bears in the Dark
  • Author: Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain
  • ISBN: 9780394854434
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • After a scary bedtime story, Sister Bear is too frightened of the dark to shut her eyes Sound psychological advice and a night light help Sister conquer her fears Children will empathize with Sister Bear in this well written story School Library Journal.

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    Something about the Berenstain Bears never really clicked with me, even when I was very young. I think it was because while the authors made a conscious effort to keep the series topical and up-to-date, Papa and Mama Bear, alone among the citizens of Bear Country, chose to dress like extras from Little House on the Prairie every single day.It's hard on a cub when you're too embarrassed by your mom's polka-dotted nightgown and matching bonnet to have the guys over for a round of Smash Brothers, o [...]

    I read all these books to the kids when they were very small. What's interesting to me is that nearly 20 years later this is the one I remember best. Maybe because when I was a kid I would scare myself with mysteries from the library, and then not be able to fall asleep at night.I love how Brother and Sister explore books on their own. I love how they torment each other (like kids do) and how their parents deal with it. And I love the night light. That's a very cool night light.The ending was pe [...]

    All of the Berenstain Bears books help children learn something new or how to handle a problem. The book series follows the family of 5 bears living in Bear Country. In 'The Berenstain Bears in the Dark',Brother Bear reads a scary book to Sister Bear. She gets scared in the dark, but the book shows how to handle the situation. Papa Bear tells Sister Bear that she is letting her imagination run wild. This book is good for little kids to read because this is such a common problem for them. It's he [...]

    I love the berenstain bears books in general so reading this one was no different. I like how the bears have human traits all around and they live a very human like life other than the fact that they live in a tree. These books always have a moral or a problem and solution as well so it makes it a great read for the younger ages because it causes them to think critically about what’s going on. It would also be very easy to implement a lesson plan involving these books. I think the topic of the [...]

    Frighteningly boring.It's not terribly interesting. The cubs check out a book from the library. It's a scary book. Brother reads it to Sister. She gets scared and has trouble sleeping at night. Brother makes a scary noise and nobody sleeps well. The next day, Papa finds an old night light he had as a kid. See, lots of people are afraid of the dark. Even Papa was afraid of the dark when he was a baby. The end.It's a good message, just not a very interesting story.The best part: "Sister was lookin [...]

    This book is about Sister Bear being afraid of the dark after picking out a scary story to read at the library. Papa bear talks to scared sister bear and lets her know that the scary things she sees is all in her imagination. We would use this book in our classroom to teach students that our imaginations can sometimes make us think things that may not actually be true. Our imaginations are powerful tools and students must have theirs guided when they let their imaginations take them to places th [...]

    I think there's a very good reason that this book series has spanned decades and maintained popularity. It gives children the chance to think on their own and make their own choices for behaviors that carry over into their adult lives. Many of these issues will be ones that will persist through their lives, just on different levels of course.I love the nostalgia reading this as an adult. I used to be afraid of the dark and finally grew out of it. But it was great to have a book that touched upon [...]

    Being afraidof the darkDoesn't just happento you.It happens,sometimes,to little bears, too.After Brother reads her a scary book, Sister has a lot of problems falling asleep and is afraid of the dark.This is actually a good example of Papa Bear being a good father. He is the one that solves Sister's problem by talking with her and giving her a nightlight. This book could be paired with Bad Dream.

    This book in particular is a really great book dealing with sleeping in the dark. Each Berenstain Bears series deals with a family of bears and their everyday life issues. targeted toward young children they teach kids how to act/ understand certain situations. this one is about sleeping in the dark, but there are others like being babysat, or eating alot of junk food. i think they are good reads for little kids because they are interesting as well as teaching.

    ★★★The Berenstain Bears in the Dark by Stan and Jan Berenstain Brother and Sister Bear hear their bedtime story, and then its lights out. The story was spooky, and now Sister is afraid. This teaches kids, that sometimes their imagination can get the better of them, and to not read scary books before bed.

    Man, Brother Bear sure is a jerk. The thing about these books is they portray so much bad behavior without immediate repercussions. I know the overall lesson is good, but they're really just showing kids how to be little jerks. Especially since Sister Bear ends up being a little bit of a jerk in the end. That nightlight is really cute, though. I wish I had one.

    This book is about Sister Bear being afraid of the dark after picking out a scary story to read at the library. Papa bear talks to scared sister bear and lets her know that the scary things she sees is all in her imagination. I love how all Bernstein bear books have a moral of the story or something new to teach us. The illustrations beautifully tell the story and they don’t over power the text.

    I remember reading this book during my speech therapy class as kid. I used to bring different books in the series home with me in plastic ziplock bag everyday and read them or have my mom read them to me. These books taught me that you can always solve your problems. Great books for small children.

    I enjoyed reading The Berenstain Bears books as a child. The family dynamic of the family intrigued me, and the books were good for independent reading. I always imagined myself in the books and wished that I could jump into the pages. When reading The Berenstain Bears books, I definitely felt as if I was in their world.

    Sister Bear reads a scary story and then it afraid of the dark and wakes her parents up in the middle of the night. After her father tells her there is nothing to be afraid of and takes her up to the attic she is a lot better. I thought this story was enjoyable and children always go through times when they are afraid of the dark.

    No judgement! I'm going through a nostalgic phase. This was one of the ones in my collection when I was a kid. How cute is the Bears' little house? This version came with stickers, and even though this was borrowed from the library, not all were used, which is amazing. I didn't take one. I mean, not yet, I still might. Okay, I just did; I'm that kind of rude adult.

    I read so many Berenstain Bears books during elementary school it's ridiculous!I rated every book that I read during childhood 5 stars.Why? Well because that was a time in my life when I loved every single thing I read. And because they bring back fond memories. Ah, the joys of being young!

    Nothing is better than a Berenstain Bears book. I read them as a child and now I read them to my child. This is a favorite in our house, due to the scary nature of a 5 year old having to sleep all by himself.

    Brother Bear gets a spooky mystery book out of the library and reads it to Sister Bear. But it scares her and Brother Bear can't resist the temptation to give her a bit of a fright in the middle of the night, causing chaos. Very funny!

    For some reason, we had a bunch of Berenstain Bear books when my daughter was young pretty likable and easy going. I don't remember them, but they aren't on this site yet. I think this one was one, but not sure. Variety is good!

    This book is about Brother and Sister Bear being afraid of the dark and how they overcame their fear. I would use this book in my classroom to show that there is nothing to be afraid of in the dark and it is a common fear that can easily be overcame.

    weird thing.i was never afraid of the dark, but i had a nightlight as a kid. really, the only reason i kept it was because i used to sneak out of bed and read by the light of the nightlight.i was such a freak

    This is great book for students to use musical instruments to this book. It is also a great book for a read-aloud around Halloween. This book doesn't say anything about Halloween, but it gives off the idea of Halloween.

    This is a great book to read for understanding sequencing. This book is also a great book to do a character study activity since there are a lot of Berenstain Bears books. I think students will enjoy these books because they are fun books to read and listen to.

    I liked all of the Berenstain Bears books, but I particularly related to this one because I was scared of the dark as a child. I think a lot of kids are and I like how this book helps them realize they aren't alone and gives them ways to deal with the dark.

    After reading a scary story with Brother, Sister is having a hard time falling asleep. The normally cozy comfortable room seems filled with scary shadows and not at all cozy. Following a ruff night, where none of the Bear family got much sleep, Papa comes up with a plan to help Sister out.

    The Berenstain Bears in the Dark is a fun story that shows how imagination can sometimes overtake our better judgement and shows what happens when we are given a dose of our own medicine. This was cute and fun and may help youngsters combat their fear of the dark.

    Another one of my favorites. All students from all ages would enjoy and can relate to this book about being afraid of the dark. They can learn always to conquer their fears, like being in the dark, or testing, etc.

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