Coffee, Tea or Me

Coffee, Tea or Me

Coffee Tea or Me Susie opens a tea shop next to Jack s coffee shop and the war begins Jack Robbins has a booming coffee business an eighty year old customer who can t keep his clothes on and a rescue Chihuahua named

  • Title: Coffee, Tea or Me
  • Author: Rich Amooi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Susie opens a tea shop next to Jack s coffee shop and the war begins Jack Robbins has a booming coffee business, an eighty year old customer who can t keep his clothes on, and a rescue Chihuahua named Chimichanga that likes to kiss on the mouth Life is good until the new business next door takes a bite out of his sales Susie McKenna has the new tea shop everyone is talkSusie opens a tea shop next to Jack s coffee shop and the war begins Jack Robbins has a booming coffee business, an eighty year old customer who can t keep his clothes on, and a rescue Chihuahua named Chimichanga that likes to kiss on the mouth Life is good until the new business next door takes a bite out of his sales Susie McKenna has the new tea shop everyone is talking about, an over protective brother, and a stubborn, good looking neighbor who is trying to steal her customers Things really start to percolate when Jack and Susie both volunteer to help plan the downtown festival They have to work together and soon Jack won t be able to get by without his daily fix of Susie But can a coffee lover and a tea devotee put their competition aside to get their happily ever after

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    3.5 stars!Review at Of Pens and PagesSometimes life shoves a fistful of something special in your face, Jack. You need to have the balls to snatch the pebble from life's hand, grasshopper"I was looking for a quick fun read, and this book delivered. I finished reading this in less than two hours and had quite a laugh throughout. Jack Robbins couldn't ask for more. He has a booming coffee business, investors who want to turn his shop into a franchise, loyal customers, and a loving pet dog. But whe [...]

    I was given a copy of this book to review and it was a superb book. I LOVED it. I would give it more than the 5 stars if I could. Its a great romantic story with a good plot line, chemistry between 2 people and comedy in the mix. A nice clean romance. I couldn't put the book down and read it in half a day. It was good and I have found another new author to love. Sure am looking forward to reading more of his books in the future. Cant wait to find more. :D

    Not as funny as I thought it was going to be. And I’m not a fan of “tell” instead of “show”. One bonus star as this is a male author writing chick lit - how often do you get to see that? - and the book is perfectly clean.

    celebrityreaders.wordpressFavorite Quote: “You don’t know if you’re going to be here tomorrow or the day after. Neither do I. Ask her out.” “What if she says no?” “There’s something a thousand times more painful than her telling you no.” “What’s that?” “Regret…”This book was cutesy. But I felt it lacked a lot of depth. A lot. The potential was there, but the follow through was pretty non-existent. I was pretty disappointed with the romance portion. It was pretty fla [...]

    Reading this book has been a wonderfully mood-lightening experience. Rich Amooi has captured the essence of a good and honorable man in Jack and made him into a romantic and caring person. As I do believe that there are men of is calibre on this planet (one just has to look real hard sometimes to find them) this story was rather special to me.In Susie we have an ambitious, clever and hardworking young lady who falls in love, has her dream crushed and her knight in shine armour takes over and sav [...]

    Jack Robbins owns his own coffee shop and his cute Chimichanga. Jack practically lives coffee and if his sales keep going up Jack will be a chain store. One day a Tea store opens up next door Jack starts freaking out cause of competition that the store will bring. Until he meets the owner Susie she's beautiful and Jack starts thinking about asking her out. Funny story and little romance added to it! I loved the character Harvey he made me laugh out loud! A must read for all those who love funny, [...]

    Everyone has their own opinion but I really can't understand the 5 star reviews. The characters, although owning their own businesses, acted like 12 year old children. Funny at times, especially Harvey the supposed hypochondriac but all in all, a rather insipid read.

    Hilarious and Brilliant This was an uplifting, hilariously motivational, cheesy romantic novel. I don't know how Rich does it, but he has a knack for creating endearing characters. The storyline reminded me of You've got Mail (1998), starring Meg Ryan. Though this was different in its own way: Susie is opening a tea shop in Mountain View, and next door is Jack's Coffee Cafe. As you can expect, there is a lot of competition, and resentment, and things are getting quite heated, quite rapidly.But J [...]

    This looked like a cute, quick read. It was quick, but I really didn't like the main couple. The author had them in their own heads for a lot of the book, and their thoughts were .teenager-ish. These two people own their own businesses and the thoughts going through their heads"does she like me" or "should I call him or let him call me"wimpy is what came to mind. Yeah, won't be reading this againI can barely remember it after having read it once.

    It read like a predictable, cheesy, hallmark movie. Sometimes that's good enough. It's not an amazing book but it's not terrible. It takes place in Mountain View, CA. That was fun since I'm very familiar with that town, and oddly enough, the audiobook was recorded in Dryden, NY, which is where I lived for 2 years. (I almost want to give it an extra star for those weird coincidences, but I won't.)

    I have been sick so I have had a hard time reading like I usually do but although this was a cute plot with sweet sympathetic characters the whole thing was just not enough to suck me in!

    THIS WAS LIKE EATING A TWINKIE - I LOVE TWINKIES - BUT NOT ENOUGH SUBSTANCE FOR MEJack owns a coffee shop that is so popular, investors want to take him and his business national. Big bucks ahead. Susie is opening a tea and scone shop right next door to Jack. She and her brother, Kenneth, are excited partners who hope to be a big success.Susie is cute, Jack is interested. Kenneth belittles Jack every chance he gets. Susie and Jack spar when they are together.OK, it is just me, I am certain.But, [...]

    A great read between two coffee and tea shops that will have you laughing and scratching your head about these characters in a great way. Jack and Susie don't need to compete but Jack is a stubborn yet funny and caring man. Can these two come together and work things out? A great read.

    Coffee, Tea or Me is a quick read that is predictable, yet fun. The title drives me a bit nuts with the lack of Oxford comma (I’m a big fan of the Oxford comma). I recommend this book to anyone wanting an easy mind vacation beach read.

    Sweet and ShortJust like the title reads, this story was short and incredibly sweet! Jack and Susie feel approachable. The rest of the story and characters help the book flow to a satisfying conclusion.

    Coffee Tea or MeI found this book to be a nice afternoon read. It's about how love wins out over conflicts. Enjoyed this new author

    Fluffy and sweet like cotton candy. The story - predictable. The plot - forgettable. Easy read for killing some time. Already forgot about it, LOL

    FantasticI love every book I have read by this author. This one is great. He always writes with humor. His books are fun and entertaining. The audio version is great also.

    I surprisingly liked this more than I thought. I'm usually not as into contemporary romance, usually because there is sex and I just don't need that in my books. But this book was clean, which was so refreshing!It was a quick read. And conflict was there, but not too drawn out, I don't think. It wasn't a really dumb, complete misunderstanding either. I liked how the author made it all work out. I think I'll look into reading more from this author. Which is another surprise because I haven't read [...]

    I found the two leading male characters childish and annoying, while their jealousy of each other caused them to try to out do one another. It was ridiculous! My choice of adventure and escape are not aligned with this book at all. I found no humor in squabbling. What was the point?Finally I closed the book and chose a more interesting book to read.

    "Very Entertaining, I Loved It"This is a feel-good story about Susie McKenna who opens a tea shop next to Jack Robbins coffee shop in Mountain View, California. They become quite competitive. Jack has a rescue Chihuahua called Chimichanga, where Susie has an over-protective brother. Things start boiling when they both volunteer to help plan the downtown festival. A fun story to read. It's well written and will definitely put a smile on your face as you read. Enjoy it!

    When Suzie opens a brand-new tea shop next to Jack's Coffee Cafe, both of their business partners are uneasy about the competition. But Jack and Suzie get along great - in fact, they start to fall in love. Everyone is preparing for the large community festival, the perfect opportunity to promote Suzie's budding business. But then, Jack makes a fatal mistake. Only by sacrificing the expansion of his own Cafe can there be any hope of saving hers, and possibly their relationship. I always enjoy Ric [...]

    This is a fun and cute book to read. I really enjoyed reading this and after introducing Susie, I had to make Tea and Scones lol.

    HilariousRich has a fantastic ability to bring out so many things in his stories. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and you can't beat a coffee bean and a scone duking it out. Lol

    Ok, for a chick-lit book, I loved it! I saw every scene play out in my head like a good romantic comedy film. There were cute moments that made me swoon. I'm definitely going to read more by this author. This book got me out of a reading slump.

    This is a cute, chick-lit light read. Very funny and you'll love how the couples go head-to-head (or rather coffee-to-tea) time and again only for the situation to go entirely as unplanned as possible.

    This was just an all around fun, light-hearted and cute story. Yes, you could say it is a cheesy romantic story, but it's a really good, fun and entertaining cheesy romantic story. Perfect for those times you want a good story without all the major angst. The story was well written and flowed smoothly. Very enjoyable story with a great cast of likable characters. The relationship between Jack and Susie felt natural and believable not rushed/forced.Rich Amooi is a new author to me. I thoroughly e [...]

    It’s Official! Anytime I need a pick me up, forget about Xanax, I’m listening to a Rich Amooi novel, his stories never fail to put a smile on my face. This light-hearted rom-com is just what the doctor ordered.Susie McKenna is the queen of scones and she opens her quaint little tea shop right next door to Jack Robbins coffee house! Her timing couldn’t be any worse, at least not from where Jack’s standing, he’s close to sealing a deal to take his coffee house brand to the next level, bu [...]

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