Bestial Something very strange is happening in the coastal California town of Big Rock Several residents have died in unexplained particularly brutal ways many torn apart in animal attacks And there s alway

  • Title: Bestial
  • Author: Ray Garton
  • ISBN: 9780843961850
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Something very strange is happening in the coastal California town of Big Rock Several residents have died in unexplained, particularly brutal ways, many torn apart in animal attacks And there s always that eerie howling late at night.You might think there s a werewolf in town But you d be wrong It s not just one werewolf, but the whole town that s gradually transfoSomething very strange is happening in the coastal California town of Big Rock Several residents have died in unexplained, particularly brutal ways, many torn apart in animal attacks And there s always that eerie howling late at night.You might think there s a werewolf in town But you d be wrong It s not just one werewolf, but the whole town that s gradually transforming Bit by bit, as the infection spreads, the werewolves are becoming and powerful In fact, humans may soon be the minority, mere prey for their hungry neighbors Is it too late for the humans to fight back Did they ever have a chance from the start

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    Ray Garton let’s the fur fly in this one for sure. There’s plenty of saliva, gore and doggie spew dripping all over the pages. Eeeww. Gross. Yep. That’s Garton.Something lupine is running amok in the small coastal California town of Big Rock. It has friends. It wants to have lots of friends. Perhaps, the entire town if it can. It’s sure gonna try.This didn’t waste any time getting right to it. It picks up in Big Rock sometime after the events of Ravenous. The besties are back, getting [...]

    In this sequel to RAVENOUS, Ray Garton returns to the seaside town of Big Rock, California, where things have changed. There's a new sheriff in town, and he's got big plans for the idyllic and quaint place. And those that oppose him will get certain death, or a fate worse than it.But there's a few who stand in his way: an ER doctor, a pair of private investigators, and a thirty-eight year old man still living with his Seventh Day Adventist mother and grandmother. And then there's the wife of the [...]

    I should probably start by saying that I did not read Ravenous. I bought this book without knowing it was a sequel. However, I read through it just fine, and I don't feel that you need to read Ravenous for this to make sense. However, I'm sure reading it would enhance the reading of this. Anyways, 'Bestial' is a pretty interesting book. This is the first I've read by Garton and he has a pretty solid writing style. Some of the characters seem a bit flimsy and a couple of times I felt confused as [...]

    I had to snatch this book up after reading the prequel "Ravenous," because the first book was gripping, original, hard-core werewolf intensity! Sure, I was feigning for more back story in the first book and wanted to know how it was that the werewolves in the book were so feral and how the werewolves originated. I had soo many questions that I was expecting to have answered in the sequel. Well, "Bestial" is a different type of book, let me say. It answers some questions I had and introduces even [...]

    Bestial follows up Garton's first werewolf novel, Ravenous, and, while not as strong as Ravenous, it’s still a good werewolf story. Garton also pulls in characters from one of his vampire books, Night Life- private investigators Gavin Keoph and Karen Moffett. Gavin and Karen are sent to investigate numerous animal attacks popping up all over Big Rock. Werewolves are suspected in the area. Gavin and Karen discover that the attacks are werewolf attacks, and also that the werewolves have already [...]

    As much as I enjoyed 'Ravenous' it was just the appetizer for Bestial. What a great read. I so enjoy Garton's writing and his take on the supernatural. This book was less about the blood and gore and more about the story of what happens to Big Rock when it is invaded by werewolves. Loved the fact that some of the main characters from this book are the Private Investigators from 'Night Life' I am looking forward to more of their adventures in future books (at least that is where I hope that Garto [...]

    Huh. I just noticed Garton doesn’t have many reviews for his books here at GRs. I’ve only read two of his books myself, including this one (Ravenous is a prequel to Bestial ).That’s a shame because Garton does werewolves right. His creatures are feral. They’re the stink of musk, drool on your face, and ravage your body with claws kind of beast. They are also a bunch of rapists. Except they’re animals and I don’t think animals can be accused of rape. These beasties are just rutting li [...]

    The follow up to RAVENOUS packed a bloody, furry punch. The new sheriff in town is a werewolf, and he's setting down roots, grooming his pack, and creating a strategy to expand slowly and carefully before the non-werewolf believers have reason to change their minds.When an everything-paranormal fanatic hires two private investigators to look into the animal attacks and other oddities in one small town, they can't help but remember the vampires their benefactor sent them to find on their first as [...]

    Meh, this book is okay. I enjoyed Ravenous much more than Bestial. This sequel fell short for me, I couldn't really get into the characters as I did with Ravenous. It's plenty scary, and had a few plot twists that I wasn't expecting, and is mostly written well. My general dislike for the majority of characters in this novel kept me from enjoying it, though. There are only so many times I can read how much the author doesn't like Seventh Day Adventists before it's completely run into the ground, [...]

    Supermarket-grade horror novel about a gang of werewolves that infiltrates and attempts to overrun a small California town. Typical characters, predictable situations, repetitive prose - but possibly even more annoying is the constant harping on Seventh-Day Adventists. I hate religion as much as the next person but the more the subject came up, the more it felt like the author indulging a personal grudge than an actual part of the story. Tiresome.

    In this sequel to "Ravenous," we find out what happens when a group of werewolves infiltrate a small town. Ray Garton does an exceptional job (as always) with suspense and gore. I savored this book. It was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it to all horror fans and fans of gory werewolf stories. This was the best book I've read in a long time!

    Upon writing this review I discovered that this was a direct sequel to another book entitled Ravenous. Which would make a whole lot of sense considering I felt like I was jumping right into the middle of some already created plotline. Anyways I will give it my best based on just this novel. Basically this book takes place in Big Rock a town that has obviously been taken over by werewolf’s. I am assuming that it was somewhat visited in the first novel. Though don’t take my word on it because [...]

    Though I’ve never read him until this past week I’ve heard a lot of good things about Ray Garton’s work; a quick look online shows that he’s written over 50 books in the horror and related genres, to include several movie novelizations and television tie-ins. So receiving his new book, Bestial, in the mail right before flying out was definitely squee-worthy.Bestial’s the sequel to Ravenous, which is described on various sites as telling the story of the werewolves’ initial takeover o [...]

    Good gory fun!About as far from "high lit" as you can get, which is exactly how it should be. I literally read it in one sittinghey, it was a rainy day.

    Not quite as good as Ravenous but still pretty darn good. Although the ending was abrupt. Will there be more?

    i personally enjoyed the 1st book in this series (ravenous) much better than this one, it was a good story but i was not as absorbed in this one, As i said thats just my view

    When we last left our intrepid heroes, they finished off the vampires Now, it's the werewolves turn Ray Garton is a master storyteller

    I had a hard time getting through this book. It was decent, but not nearly as good as "Live Girls".

    There's something wrong happening in Big Rock, California but, for those who read the book "Ravenous" that’s not a surprise –if you haven’t read it yet and love horror books with werewolves, stop this review, forget “Bestial” and start Ravenous right now, it’s really a great book.“Bestial” pick up the story exactly where it finished on the previous book, werewolves have infiltrated in the Big Rock society, starting with the police force (the sheriff is the leader of the pack), th [...]

    I've never read werewolf fiction before, sure the books I have read mention werewolves but never on a basis where it's only about werewolves. I got this book from a cheap used bookstore, hoping to break away from my usual genre readswell great job Bestial! It's not a bad book, in fact I rather enjoyed it. Though at times it made me laugh wholeheartedly at the parts where all he'll breaks loose and it's a mass murder scene from a spoof Scary Movie film. Highly descriptive, just enough gore to mak [...]

    I love me some horror, and I love me some vicious, man eating monsters, that like to rape, debowl, and feast all at the same time (Heywe’re all a little twisted if we read the genre; So the statement is okay.) So, what makes this book only a 2 star read, considering it definitely has all of that? TOO MUCH of the raping, sexual situations, and just general horniness. “Is that even possible?” you ask. For me, apparently it is.My first sense of foreboding, came when I realized that within the [...]

    I can't put my finger on it but this book was not as good as "Ravenous". That said, it is still better than 90% of the werewolf books out there because it's Ray Garton! The action picks up where the first book left off, but it is not mandatory to read Ravenous first.There doesn't seem to be a single central character, but rather many events from many perspectives unfold in each chapter. Maybe that's why I was left feeling slightly less satisfied than with the original book. It's hard to empathiz [...]

    I really enjoyed this book, though it is gory and the werewolf disease is spread like an STD. I found it similar to the kind of tale Stephen King used to write. I enjoyed the werewolves and their thinking in taking over a town (good use of paranoia) but there were some things that were just silly (cliched characters, like Bob and his family). And, wow, do Seventh Day Adventists take a hit in this book--I'm not religious by any means, but I felt like the author was intruding in his own story. Sti [...]

    This was my first chance to read a novel by Ray Garton, and--boy howdy--does he pack a punch. I suspected this would be a visceral horror story, but I think I managed to underestimate him. This werewolf tale was relentless and reminded me of when I first read a Richard Laymon novel. Aside from a couple of moments where it felt like I was listening in on an "info dump", this was a fun ride--freaky but fun. I kind of wish I had read Ravenous prior to sitting down to Bestial, but beggars can't be c [...]

    I've been a lover of werewolves since I was a teenager so it was natural that I was drawn to the plot of Bestial. Werewolves slowly taking over a whole town, how could I not love it. Well for the most part I did with it's multitude of characters and happenings. What slowly killed it for me however was that all but two of the female characters were crazy. I get that most were turning into bloodthirsty beast but after a while it felt overdone.Over all if you're a horror or werewolf fan the book is [...]

    Watch out for STDs.*****************************updated to add:I read this before I read Ravenous. In fact, by the time I read Ravenous, I had pretty much forgotten about what happens in this book. I don't know what happened to my copy, either. I don't know who now has it, but I hope you enjoy it, mystery person.So you can read it alone. I would recommend reading them in order though, so you don't end up like I did, lol.

    Not as suspenseful as the first one but the atmosphere felt a little more menacing knowing that the protagonists were sorely outnumbered and mostly outmaneuvered from the beginning. I thought the ending left a lot to be desired. I suppose there is enough left hanging to make a sequel but it seems like certain characters were introduced and then dropped completely (particularly the second-born, whose birth/capture makes up a decent portion of the action in the book).

    A step down in quality from its predecessor, the great "Ravenous", but still an okay read. The author's serious beef with the 7th Day Adventists takes something away from the action, as it seems like he was as concerned with trashing them as he was with writing a decent horror novel. I'm a fan of Garton, but this is one of his lesser books.

    This book had my interest from the very start. I read Ravenous, the prequel to this book and loved it. I was not disappointed with the sequel.

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