Pearl and Wagner: One Funny Day

Pearl and Wagner: One Funny Day

Pearl and Wagner One Funny Day Wagner is having a bad day He oversleeps and is late for school His best friend Pearl his teacher and even the school librarian are acting very strangely It s April Fools Day

  • Title: Pearl and Wagner: One Funny Day
  • Author: Kate McMullan R.W. Alley
  • ISBN: 9780803730854
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wagner is having a bad day He oversleeps and is late for school His best friend, Pearl, his teacher, and even the school librarian are acting very strangely It s April Fools Day

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      411 Kate McMullan R.W. Alley
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    A short-chapter book is a Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book. It is part of a series of books featuring two friends - Pearl, a rabbit, and Wagner, a mouse. It is intended as a reading together book for pre-kindergarten through second grade readers.I found this book just delightful. It not only has short sentences and simple dialogue, it is an engaging story, even for an adult. The premise of April’s Day and its’ unwanted surprises for Wagner is threaded throughout the story, making the reader w [...]

    This book is appropriate for ages in grades 1-3. The proposed Fountas and Pinnell level is F. This book would be good to teach children about April Fool's Day. It has contents at the beginning of the book, and a couple of sentences on each page. There are also adorable pictures on each page that correlate to what the sentences are talking about. It has simple dialogue, and the sentences are short- so this would be good for a guided reading book. This book was deemed a "2010 Theodor Seuss Geisel [...]

    This book is a fun book for young readers! It tells how Wagner's April Fools Day was. He woke up late, and did not realize it was April Fools. Then he had jokes played on him all day. Wagner got mad in gym class, but eventually got his peers back by playing a joke on them. I liked this book because it large fonts, easy vocabulary, and a small number of words per page. It is a great beginning reader book. I would have this in my class library and would read it to my students on April Fools Day.

    It’s April Fool’s Day and Wagner is having a bad day. He overslept and is late for school. His friend, Pearl, picks another partner in Dance class and Wagner gets upset. It’s one non-funny day for Wagner until he thinks up a perfect way to get the last laugh. This is a fantastic book for a students cognitive development because of its easy-to-read status. Great for reading aloud, in small groups or alone.

    This book is really cute! Wagner is having a bad day at school, but at the end he's just laughing! A fun and entertaining story for young readers. There are quite a few sentences on each page, so this book would be for 1st or 2nd graders.

    Genre: Controlled Vocabulary Geisel AwardSummary: From the time he gets up Wagner is having an awful day, but to make things worse it also happens to be April Fool’s Day and Wagner has a hard time understanding everyone jokes, including his friend Pearl’s, though thankfully Wagner’s mood changes by the end of the day and he is the one who has the last laugh.A. Area for comment: Vocabulary and illustrations B. This is a great intermediate reader for students transitioning from small picture [...]

    1. The book is a 2010 Geisel honor book for controlled vocabulary.2. Pearl, a rabbit, and Wagner, a mouse, are best friends who are in the same class at school. It is April first and Wagner continues to be tricked by his friends and teachers on this ‘funny day.’ They all laugh at the April fool pranks but Wagner only gets more and more discouraged. But in the last chapter, Wagner is the one who has the last laugh. Covered in green spots, he convinces the whole class that he has a bad case of [...]

    1. Controlled Vocabulary- Junior Book2. April Fool’s Day is NOT Wagner’s Day! This book takes the reader through what Wagner believes is a regular school day with some very bad luck involved for him. Finally, he is the one that gets the last laugh!3. a. Connection between illustrations and text b. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this short chapter book about Pearl and Wagner. Native to controlled vocabulary books, the illustrations should complement the text but be sure not to wipe it out. This [...]

    1. Controlled Vocabulary2. This is the story of April Fool's Day for Pearl and Wagner. There are fun and games and jokes all day. Wagner struggles to enjoy the funny day, but eventually Wagner has the last laugh.3.a. Vocabulary/StoryB. The controlled vocabulary is excellent, but it does not limit the story. McMullan creates a great story with emotion and fun. C. Despite a controlled vocabulary, this book did not feel limited. McMullan creates feeling with Wagner and Pearl's adventures on April f [...]

    Poor Wagner, his day is not going well. He gets tricked about homework and the lunch menu because it is April Fool's Day, and then PE is a dance competition. But in the last chapter, Wagner thinks up a way to turn around his April Fool's Day.Ok, those two stars up there are purely because I personally loathe and despise April Fool's Day. Can't stand the way it is often used as a cover for bullying and mean pranks. So the topic of this entire beginning reader chapter book was not my favorite at a [...]

    Poor Wagner, April Fool's Day is getting the best of him at every turn! Double phooey. But he manages to turn things around in the last of the three chapters, Spots, when he plays a prank on his entire class. A solid easy reader, I enjoy the little details tucked into the illustrations that reward repeated readings (I immmediately flipped back through the final chapter to spot the source of those spots). The humor is just right for early elementary readers.

    2019 Geisel Honor awardOften times, these early chapter books, while trying to stay easy for young readers, end up having the writing either boring or disjointed. In this Pearl and Wagner series, all the chapters relate to each other (April Fool's Day) and the silliness of the characters can be appreciated by young readers, yet still has words and vocabulary that are accessible to them. Cynthia Rylant is a master of this. This book gets it right.

    This is a 2010 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award honor book for easy readers. It relates the adventures of friends Pearl (a rabbit) and Wagner (a mouse) as they go to school on April Fool's Day. I enjoyed this story, because of Wagner's confusion over what was a joke and what wasn't all throughout the day. The story held my interest right to the end. I must read more Pearl and Wagner books! Recommended, especially on April 1st!

    Today is not Wagner's day. He falls for three April Fool's jokes before lunch, Pearl won't be his partner for the dance contest, and he accidentally drinks bug juice (yuck!) Fortunately, bad days have a way of turning around and Wagner's is no different. Fast paced and a little silly, this is one funny book for "One Funny Day."This all-around good book lost one star for a very predictable ending.

    Age Range: 5-8It’s April Fool’s Day and Wagner seems to be on the wrong end of every joke. After a trying day of feeling out of sorts, Wagner embraces his malaise and discovers a perfect solution. While ‘turnabout is fair play’ isn’t usually endorsed in children’s books, most kids will identify with Wagner’s desire to turn the tables on a day that has him on the wrong foot. Similar Books: Captain Underpants series by Pilkey,

    This is a fun story for April Fool's Day (even though we're reading it in November!) It has a fairly simple narrative that is engaging and filled with surprises and the illustrations are fun. Our girls really enjoyed this book - it's a good one for children who are just beginning to read chapter books, with three short chapters.

    I read this aloud to a seven and four year old. They thought it was very funny! Wagner does not like all the pranks that people play on April Fools' Day. He comes up with a humdinger of his own. I think the book nicely shows sympathy for sensitive kids who don't like to be the butt of jokes. Recommended for first and second grade independent readers.

    Very cute beginner chapter book, with many adorable illustrations. This book is part of a series, in this story Wagner deals with April fool’s Day; everyone keeps tricking him, and it is not until the end that he pays them back. The book was an easy and funny read; recommended for first grade and up.

    This is a beginning chapter book with a level 2 rating. It is a great book with a holiday theme that younger children would understand easily when it comes to April Fools jokes. Sweet illustrations and a fun ending with even the teacher getting fooled. Three chapters and others in this series Purchase

    Poor Wagner - it seems like everybody and everything is out to get him on April Fools' Day. Even his best friend won't dance with him in the recess dance competition (and that's no foolin'). Will he figure out a way to turn the tables?

    A great beginning chapter book for young readers. Pearl and Wagner are good friends who encounter comical things in this humorous book about friendship. A great way to introduce a collection of short stories to students.

    A fun early independent reader for first graders. An enjoyable read out loud for Kinder through second especially around April Fool's Day. The pictures and text compliment each other and I loved the ending.

    Great read aloud for April Fool's day. Short chapter book with controlled vocabulary. Poor Wagner is having a rough day at school on April Fool's Day. However, he gets that last laugh. Nice illustrations to go along with good story. Repeating phrases would be very helpful for comprehension.

    Man wagner is a negative kid. I feel sorry for him not enjoying things. This is really an April Fools day book and probably should have said that on the cover. I liked the other kids but the negative attitude totally turned me off. I did not find it funny. Grades 1+

    Wagner isn't having a good day. Everyone keeps getting him with April Fool's jokes. First it was being told the teacher is on skates, that homework is due, and he hopes he's not really drinking bug juice. But Wagner turns the tables on everyone with the BEST April Fool's joke!

    I like the expressive characters that reflect true emotions and the differences between friends. There's a little bit of humor and a good thematic thread. A welcome entry in the early reader category.

    Wagner is having a bad day. He wakes up late and everyone plays jokes on him and then tells him 'April fools.' Wagner is not to thrilled about this day and feels like everything bad keeps happening to him. At the end of the story the day is almost over and he is playing the joke! Very cute

    You could use this book when teaching young students around 1st grade about april fools day. This is a book they can read on thier own after you have read it to them a few times.

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