Fifty Dead Men Walking

Fifty Dead Men Walking

Fifty Dead Men Walking For than four years Martin McGartland lived the astonishing double life of a secret agent To the IRA he was a trusted Intelligence Office and an integral member of an active service unit To the Brit

  • Title: Fifty Dead Men Walking
  • Author: Martin McGartland
  • ISBN: 9781844547517
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • For than four years, Martin McGartland lived the astonishing double life of a secret agent To the IRA, he was a trusted Intelligence Office and an integral member of an active service unit To the British Government however, he was known only as Agent Carol Martin McGartland is credited by British Intelligence with saving the lives of at least 50 people Every timeFor than four years, Martin McGartland lived the astonishing double life of a secret agent To the IRA, he was a trusted Intelligence Office and an integral member of an active service unit To the British Government however, he was known only as Agent Carol Martin McGartland is credited by British Intelligence with saving the lives of at least 50 people Every time he tipped off the authorities, he risked detection and yet, heroically and fearlessly, he continued to pass on life saving information Finally, his cover was blown Martin was taken from Sinn Fein headquarters in Belfast to an IRA safehouse for questioning and almost certain execution Though guarded by armed men, in a desperate bid for freedom, he dived from a third floor window This breathtaking story is now a major film starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Jim Sturgess.

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    I read this book years ago but was reminded of it recently. A very informative book detailing the pressures faced by the author, from both sides, after finding themselves in the most dangerous position possible at the time. If anyone is interested in the realities of what was happening in Northern Ireland in the latter part of the twentieth century than this is well worth a read.

    Please note. I wrote this for the site, unfortunately hijack kindle reviews to this site and it's not a setting I can change. The quotes to back up points mentioned are on my profile there but don't show up on reviews. The relevant points can also be confirmed from various reliable online sources if you can't find me on good reads. Please read them before making any kind of ignorant troll attack on my opinion of this book. Thanks :) ‘There’s nobody more callous and ruthless than MI5 once [...]

    Znepokojivě děsivé vyprávění o občanských nepokojích v Irsku z první ruky. Autor nám přibližuje pohled na práci v utajení, kterou on sám musel provádět a díky níž se nakonec stal doživotním uprchlíkem.

    This book was written by the man who lived the life of a Special Branch agent infiltrating the IRA. it is written just as he speaks, and as a result is an easy read, easy to understand to the average person. What Martin went through to help his country and save lives is nothing short of phenomenal. While the story is true, the movie inspired by the book has been doctored for Hollywood and view-ability. Read the book first, take the movie with a grain of salt.

    Not a bad book, though its writing style left something to be desired and felt as though it was written by a teenager with its repetitive text. Without belittling the author's contribution to the security of others, he clearly loves himself, has an ego, and seems rather self-centered; when things don't go his way he likes to moan about it and is a hypocrite. I lost sympathy for him by the end.

    Decent enough book. Written in a very straightforward, almost childish manner. 'I did this, then I did that'. Could have done with a lot more insight into why he turned against his childhood friends. If my family was subjected to that abuse by the British and RUC as a child it would take a hell of a lot for me to join them as an information. There is a lot here he is not telling us.

    Having gone to college in the 70's when there was much in the news about the Troubles in Ireland, later living in a northeastern city with a large Irish population, and then visiting Northern Ireland 20 years later, I found this book fascinating. Though Irish and resenting the British occupation/presence and their rough handling of the Catholic people, the author was even more resentful of the harsh treatment by the IRA of their own people. On my trip to Portrush one summer, I observed the parad [...]

    This was the latest book in my quest to understand more of the part of the world where I was conceived and have my roots. Having been born in London of Belfast protestant parents and then adopted (completely coincidentally) in to a family with its roots in Belfast's catholic community, one of whom died in an act of sectarian violence in 1972, the subject grips me and I feel compelled to know more, to understand. So did Martin McGartland assist my understanding, perhaps, but more interesting is t [...]

    This is an open and honest account of life working as an informer for the Special Branch from it's start as a young Catholic boy taunting the RUC and the British Army to it's finish as a retired informer hiding from IRA execution squads on the Mainland. McGartland is honest about his views throughout and admits that his views have changed during his life following various events in Northern Ireland. He writes as he would speak, that is readable and more accessible than many of the texts on life [...]

    Interesting account of an IRA/RUC double agent. Good insider insight of "the Troubles" in Northern Ireland. This guy is a hero to his people.

    Martin McGartland’s autobiography opens with memories of when he was four years old. After being enticed by the sound of music, the young boy eluded the protective eye of his mother to investigate the source of the loud rhythm. Distraught, she eventually found her Catholic son marching in front of the band during an orange parade. As he grew up, similar escapades were to follow, for Marty, as he was called, was a little rapscallion. He was afraid of nothing, except his formidable mother. So, t [...]

    Interesting readThe book is very informative on a subject that people know about but seldom know the ins and outs of it. This book let's you in to the facts and the organisation of what became a very powerful two decades of the troubles in northern IrelandFound the information very accurate from a very brave man who literally risked everything to do a bit of good in a fight against brutality.

    This is a fantastic book, I really enjoyed reading this true life story, and wow what a thing Marty did with his life, to sacrifice everything he did to protect the lives of innocent people. This guy's deserves not only protection from the state, he also deserves reconition for his service. I can't wait to read dead man running

    An amazing true life account of a Special Branch member who is an IRA informant. This is fast paced and equally terrifying - how a young boy / man can get so dangerously involved so easily.

    Brave or Stupid ???Compelling read keeping you engrossed in his world of killing and informing.It was hard to put the book down and I read it from cover to cover in a day.

    Having grown up during the troubles I found this book a little far fetched and down right inaccurate in places. There are better books on the same subject out there.

    Dreadful writing and riddled with inconsistencies and exaggerations, to the point I doubted much of what was written.

    More indepth below but I appreciated the book, didn't love it. What I liked: The theme - I am very interested in IRA/Troubles history and to have a story of someone who worked intimately on both sides (RUC/IRA) was very appealing. The writing style - it's clear that Martin was not edited too much; this is not some man trying to be more than he is - his writing is simple clear and to the point. I appreciated his frankness; some autobiographies get too preachy and self-praising for me but Martin s [...]

    I read this twice, before and after the addition post his shooting in 1999. This book was turned into a film and that film is so different that the only thing they share is the title, so if you have seen the film and hated it (like I did) go ahead and read the book.The book tells the story of Marty McGartland who joined the IRA to pass information back to the security forces. He was responsible for the foiled plots to kill 50 menhence the title. His cover was blown and he was kidnapped and tortu [...]

    I have always known about the troubles in Ireland and the IRA for many years but I have never read a book about how this affected someone at ground level.Marty McGartland describes how he grows up as a child hating the British Army but then sees his friends and neighbours tortured or killed by IRA punishments squads and is angered and appalled by their cowardice.He becomes a member of the IRA but at the same time works as a secret agent for the British secret service. This is his account of how [...]

    This is a very hard book to review, the terrible life the people live there is unbelievable. How in this day and time can this still go on??? You know that Martin felt that he was doing the right thing and he was but at what cost. Sure he did save a lot of lives, innocent lives, but look what it did to him and anyone connected to him. What is the RIGHT THING TO DO??? I'm glad that he and his family are all right and hopefully the British will wise up and help him and his family soon! Living thro [...]

    Very readable book on a complex subject. I suggest the book first, then the movie. It was hard for me to empathize with someone who deceived friends and family. The book portrayed the IRA justifiably as a terrorist organization that killed innocents without regard but did a poor job of portraying the Brits. Let's remember the Brits were a foreign country occupying Ireland with it's own form of terrorism and force. Would England tolerate on occupation by Germany? The IRA existed because of Britis [...]

    It was a very pedestrian, but quite interesting look at what being a double agent would have been like in Belfast during the Troubles. Martin's prose is very straight forward, but prettying it up would have taken from the narrative and from the inner workings and day to day jobs he undertook.He doesn't shy away from explaining his reasons and why he decided to play both sides and it is a snapshot of what was happening during that time. It is a snapshot of one time and one place and it kept me in [...]

    As a child growing up in the 80's I would see the troubles in Northern Ireland on the news and not really understand what was going on and why. This day and age, post 9/11 all we seem to hear about are the radical Islamic terrorists and seem to forget the terrorism that was on our doorstep little over 10 years ago.This book gives a good insight into how a young catholic man brought up on the Republican side of Belfast was so appalled at the actions of the IRA that he risked everything he had to [...]

    Such a complicated issue that has been well written. I purposefully read this before watching the film as I've heard McGartland said the film is pretty much pure fiction. Absolute chaos has been going on across the Irish Sea for decades if not centuries due to the British Government; more English people need to read this. It's like James Bond but raw, and not dolled up with a fucking Martini.

    I actually watched the movie first and went back and read the book - on my smartphone's Kindle app, no less. Marty did things that most people wouldn't even considerlet alone doing them for people he didn't even know. He paid the priced continues to this day to pay it, anonymous and without his family, somewhere in the world.if we all just had a little bit of his courage, the world would be a better place.

    A very interesting read. Written in an easy to read manner, it explains the trials and tribulations of a man who risked his life each and every day for the betterment of Northern Ireland as a whole.I am sure that there were other people who were in similar situations who would have reacted very differently and therefore there would have been a very different outcome.

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