The Dangerous Viscount

The Dangerous Viscount

The Dangerous Viscount She is determined to find a husband now Lady Diana Fanshawe s impeccable bloodline doesn t stop society from laughing at the antics of her eccentric family She knows a proper marriage is her one chanc

  • Title: The Dangerous Viscount
  • Author: Miranda Neville
  • ISBN: 9780061808722
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • She is determined to find a husband now Lady Diana Fanshawe s impeccable bloodline doesn t stop society from laughing at the antics of her eccentric family She knows a proper marriage is her one chance to make her way in the world which is precisely why she will marry Lord Blakeney, though she s certain she ll never love him But then she s kissed by the brilliant anShe is determined to find a husband now Lady Diana Fanshawe s impeccable bloodline doesn t stop society from laughing at the antics of her eccentric family She knows a proper marriage is her one chance to make her way in the world which is precisely why she will marry Lord Blakeney, though she s certain she ll never love him But then she s kissed by the brilliant and unconventional Sebastian, Viscount Iverley and her well laid plans tumble into disarray.Sebastian wants absolutely nothing to do with love or marriage But when he arrives at his hated cousin Blakeney s house party, Sebastian is smitten by the tantalizing Diana But Diana is the marrying kind, and Sebastian has no wish to risk his freedom though the passion between them is hard to resist Should the lady follow her heart in an attempt to win Iverley s, though it seems hardened against her or should she sacrifice her love for respectability

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    3 stars – Historical/Regency RomanceThis was just an okay read for me, mainly because I didn't really care at all for the H/h or feel any connection between them. They both acted rather immature, petty, selfish, jealous, and spiteful in some fashion or another for most of the book. I liked the idea of a virgin scholar hero, but Sebastian, Viscount Iverley's insecurity about women over his somewhat nerdy, bookish personality was annoying and unattractive. And Sebastian's juvenile, bitter rivalr [...]

    I’m a sucker for an unconventional hero, who also happens to be a beta and a virgin. Miranda Neville has written such a character, an adorably odd, male bluestocking who has no time for women, and where his family and friends think he’s dead below the waist when it comes to passion and sex. The moment I began reading The Dangerous Viscount, I fell in love with Sebastian, Viscount Iverley, the cousin to the handsome and popular Marquis of Blakeney. Sebastian can’t stand females in any shape [...]

    ++Spoilers++Boy where to begin with this one? In a nutshellHero doesn't like women due to past trauma as a boy and due to being raised by a jilted uncle who also had an adversion and mistrust of women.Hero is bookish and cares nothing of fashion, balls, the ton or society in general. At first I really loved him and truly felt pity for him, at the same time, I slowly began to hate the heroine, especially after her taking the cruel wager from the hero's dislikable cousin. The wager was to see if s [...]

    You know when you finish a book and you have a goofy smile on your face because you just read an awesome book. That was how this book was for me. It wasn't overly complicated and their wasn't a cast of a thousand characters. For the most part it was Sebastian and Diana trying to figure out how to make their relationship work. Sebastian is a man of books and has no time for women of any type. But when he catches sight of some pink stockings on the leg of lovely Diana, his attitude starts to chang [...]

    Sexy, fun, and poignant book. I loved the way Neville used historical detail to propel the story. The world she created felt very old school regency romance to me--but with a hotter level of sensuality. Especially loved seeing Sebastian transform himself into a fashionable gentleman.

    I've enjoyed many of Miranda Neville's other books, and Confessions From An Arranged Marriage (the 4th of the Burgundy Club books) was, I thought, distinctly good. So it was a disappointment that I found this an unpleasant book for the most part. It's told, of course, as fluently as you'd expect - Miranda Neville is an experienced writer - and it has some very sympathetic secondary characters. I particularly liked the heroine's chalk-and-cheese parents, who have managed to create a successful ma [...]

    Let me start this review by saying that I didn't much like either the heroine nor the hero, until the end. However, they were much more interesting than most HR characters. They made silly mistakes, were blessed with poor judgement and turned the whole experience equation (experienced hero-virginal/ignorant heroine) on it's head. But their story was really fascinating and very enjoyable. The story is wittily written, the secondary characters are excellent, fully-rounded individuals (the sister i [...]

    3.5 StarsMiranda Neville's works are either a hit or miss for me, and to my delight, I really enjoyed the first three quarters of The Dangerous Viscount . Who doesn't love a beta, virgin hero? Sebastian, Viscount Iverley stays far, far away from women. Engrossed in his scholarly pursuits, he eschews the superficiality found in high Society. His bespectacled looks, frumpy clothes and social gaffes make him the source of mockery, led by his popular cousin Marquis of Blakeney. But when he encounter [...]

    I was eager to read The Dangerous Viscount for several reasons. First, the author described it as a male-makeover tale, a trope I’ve loved since I first read Georgette Heyer’s Powder and Patch and fell under the spell of Philip Jettan. Then, I enjoyed The Wild Marquis, particularly the heroine. Finally, several people whose opinions I respect had read it and rated it highly. My instincts and my friends were right. I loved this book! I fell hard for Sebastian. He may be my favorite bookish he [...]

    I just reread this and thoroughly enjoyed it a second time. I would rate it a 4+. The characters are unusual and interesting. Sebastian is a geeky, virgin while still sexy. Huh? It's true. Diana is feisty and in control. Good conflict, good story.

    Revenge of the Regency nerd is award-winning author Miranda Neville historical romance The Dangerous Viscount which released September 2010 by Avon Books.You will not find any pocket protectors the THE DANGEROUS VISCOUNT. What you will find is a shy introverted hero who would rather collect his rare editions in peace and quiet. Sebastian Iverley is your typical nerd who is not fond of hunting, fishing and riding. In fact, if you asked him he has a horrible seat. And you most certainly will never [...]

    I read a lot of romance, and it's pretty rare for a romance to grab (and fondle?) me like this one did. I enjoyed Neville's other books but they didn't really worm their way into my mind like _The Dangerous Viscount_, which I re-read and then spent several days thinking about. This book is the second in the Burgundy Club series (her series about the sexiness of Regency book rare book collecting) and some characters in the first book are supporting characters in this book.When Diana Fanshawe meet [...]

    Years ago, as a teen, Diana angsted after the Marquis of Blakeney, the very handsome heir to a Dukedom whose estate borders that of her eccentric family. Unfortunately, he was beyond her reach.Now she's a very wealthy widow and he's a bit more attainable. She manages to get herself invited to a house party at Blake's estate. His nerdy cousin, woman-hating, spectacle-wearing, wears-clothes-handed-down-by-a-scarecrow Sebastian Iverley, or Owlverly, as Blake calls him, is also there. To check out t [...]

    I love Miranda Neville! This continuation of the Burgundy Club series has Sebastian Iverley, an under appreciated bespecked but not bespoked playing mind games with Diana, Lady Fanshawe who is described as not beautiful but one of the most desirable women of the Ton. Her family is hilariously eccentric, I just adored them.Miranda's writing is humorous and light, case in point the Sacred Rod of Chastisement! Wtf is that?!?! I found this book to be more sexy and without the mystery of the first. O [...]

    I was really hoping for something better. I truly enjoyed Sebastian's character: he wasn't perfect, but he was easy to love. Unfortunately I can't tell the same about Diana. She was strong & determined, but for some reason I disliked her. She ruined the story for me. And only now I realized that I wasn't particularly fond of Juliana, the main female character from The Wild Marquis either. I don't know why, but I find Ms. Neville's heroines very unsympathetic. To summarize: I am glad I read t [...]

    My favorite of the Burgundy Club series! Sebastian is one of my all time favorite heroes! I normally like a scoundrel hero, but in this case Sebastian just broke my heart. He is so good and deserving. Sebastian does not want anything to do with love or marriage, but he falls for the widowed Diana Fanshawe. She plans to marry his cousin, Lord Blakeney, to move up in society. That is until she kisses Sebastian. Of course there are obstacles to overcome and you will enjoy reading about them. I can [...]

    "The Bookworm" is a great sequel to the first book and I enjoyed it very much. This series is quite different of other books I've read, with the use of the book collection and the other habits of the members of the club, which makes it an even more entertaining. I really loved Sebastian and find myself liking him even better than Chase and Tarquin. I will be reviewing book #3 just before moving to read the last book of the series and learning about young Minerva and Blake.

    I liked the hero, although his misogynistic tendencies got to be a bit annoying at times. But he got over them. And he was still cute. The heroine's preoccupation with Blakeley for the first part of the book was more annoying, though.And I adore virgin heroes. I really wish there were more of them. Virgin heroines are everywhere, but why is it so unacceptable for a hero to be a virgin? And also heroes with glasses. ♥

    I loved this book I opened it up on a plane and the time just flew by. Such a good revenge plot: appropriate for all the right reasons. There were shades of Balogh and Beverley and Chase (three of my favourite writers), characters from her last book -- fascinating and real, glimpses of a different side of the ton. Just run out and buy it: it's a guaranteed enjoyable and well-written romp with some tender and poignant overtones.

    Finally, a viscount who is not a rake! (Don't get me wrong, rakes are absolutely wonderful, but a bookish viscount just kicks things up a notch! At least, in my opinion.;)). I've been waiting a long time for a book like this, and I'm glad I got to read one that is written superbly with witty dialogue and lots and lots of passion!

    3.0 SterneDas Positive vorneweg. Die Geschichte war unterhaltsam, sehr unterhaltsam und konnte mich fesseln, deshalb auch die gute Bewertung. Ich habe wirklich mit den Protagonisten mitgefiebert, weil ich einfach wissen wollte, wie zwei Menschen, die für mich gar nicht zusammenpassen, sich nun endlich zusammenraufen und wie sie sich schlussendlich in einer verlieben. Nun manches davon wurde nicht geklärt. Ich fand am Ende weder dass sie super zusammenpassen noch das sie ein tolles Liebespaar a [...]

    This was an incredibly disappointing and boring novel considering I should have liked everything about it. I have the the uncomfortable feeling that perhaps I just don't meld well with this authors writing style and if someone else had taken all the elements I did like, the intelligent characters, the bookish beta hero (who sadly changes to more of an alpha as the book progresses) and outspoken heroine, the interesting family (and not so interesting family), the rivalries and even the revenge, I [...]

    THIS WAS BLOODY STUPID! D.N.F.50%I stopped reading when the heroine agrees to marry the hero's pompous cousin Duke! Frankly I see no future for Sebastian and our heroine. OUR HERO:I adored Sebastian. Having read about rakes and brooding heroes, he was a refreshing change to the HR scene. Not many authors have non alpha heroes like him. I think he deserved a better heroine who appreciates him and isn't so shallow. He is a virgin and our heroine was his first love in a way that we can imagine how [...]

    What an out of the ordinary hero! For this second in the Burgundy Club series, Neville picks Sebastian, the woman-hating, bespectacled book-collector from the first book. Turns out (this much you must see coming) Sebastian has some reasons for distrusting women, who have betrayed, abandoned and ridiculed him all his life. Raised by a misogynistic uncle, he's had his opinions carved in stone. He's a virgin, and sees no good reason to change his status until a glimpse of pink stocking rocks his wo [...]

    Miranda Neville is turning into one of my favorite authors. This was an unpredictable Regency, the two protagonists sufficiently different from the stereotypical hero and heroine that I was enthralled.First, Sebastian Iverley, once known as Owlvery to his cousin Blakeney, has totally ignored the female sex until he catches a glimpse of Diana's pink stockings.He's smitten and clueless but he's a fast learner. Lady Diana Fanshawe has no need to marry, she's wealthy and widowed. She's pursuing Blak [...]

    Very enjoyable, with lots of humor and some angst. A purely character-driven story, which is what I always prefer to read. Loved both of the main characters, Sebastian and Diana, with their flaws and insecurities and how they overcome them. Sebastian is especially appealing in the first part of the book - he is so well characterized as a borderline Aspie, and his thoughts and feelings in social situations ring so true to life. Wish I had read this book before reading "Confessions From an Arrange [...]

    Wonderfully subtly crafted. The characters have depth and feel very very real. I could recognize reactions that I would myself exhibit. Especially the rivalry between the cousins, I think is something that many of us can easily fall into. The secondary characters are quite 3-dimensional, which I really applaud. I am becoming a real fan of this author and want to immediately read the next two parts in the series!

    Celia and Sebastian's book. Very good for getting more into Sebastian's relationship with Blake which is hinted at in book 4 (dude, Blake and his sisters were kind of jackasses). Also a great look at the Montroses which we didn't see much of in book 4 (which assumes the reader read this book - which I hadn't) and Celia's affinity for history, which dovetails nicely with Sebastian's antiquarian book habits.The only thing I didn't get was how Celia thought she was plain. o.O

    I didn't think I'd like Sebastian after meeting him in the first book but I was wrong. I came to like him very much. And I was enjoying the book a whole lot until near the end when things sort of plateaued and then the ending was somewhat disappointing after the fantastic beginning of the story. Up till then, I was liking it so much better than the first book in the series.

    This was a wonderful book. I love the tale of Diana and Sebastian. There were lots of ups and downs, romance and revenge, love and hate. This book is one of the best of 2010 in my opinion and I would gladly recommend this book to a friend. (I might not lend it though, because I plan on reading it again, lol)

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