Wolves of the Calla

Wolves of the Calla

Wolves of the Calla None

  • Title: Wolves of the Calla
  • Author: Stephen King Bernie Wrightson
  • ISBN: 9780340827161
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
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    If someone would have told me back in the ‘90s that the way to get Stephen King to finish up the Dark Tower series quickly was to hit him with a minivan, I would have been on my way to Maine to rent a Dodge Caravan before you could say, "Bango Skank was here."I confess this not to do more complaining about the long suffering years waiting on some advancement in the Dark Tower books, but to illustrate how utterly obsessed and frustrated I was with this goddamn series. Then King nearly came to t [...]

    It is as though Stephen King:1. Took me out to an arid, deserted sepia-toned no-place2. Lit a sputtering campfire that quickly faded to embers3. Handcuffed me4. Sat me down Indian-style across from him5. Proceeded to narrate to me in a hoarse, bored drawl over a series of three-to-four weeks the world's longest, most uninteresting story while my head lolled back, my lips grew dry with thirst, and my bum achedIf this book had been written by any writer other than Stephen King, it would never have [...]

    The 2011 re-read:Roland and his ka-tet of gunslingers ride into Calla Bryn Sturgis, a town with a problem. Once every generation, a gang of marauders called The Wolves ride out of Thunderclap and steal half of the town's children. The ones that return come back roont, or brain-damaged. Can Roland and the others stop the Wolves before Susan gives birth to the demon in her womb?It was a long wait between Wizard and Glass and Wolves of the Calla. Was it worth it? Well, does a horse piss where it pl [...]

    Oh Mr king you are one weird cat!!The Wolves of Calla is the fifth in the Dark Tower series, or 6th if you read Wind through the keyhole as 4.5.The Ka-tet have survived Blaine, Lud, lobstrosities, mob bosses and many other things and they are back on the beam to the Dark Tower, at least that is their belief. Ahead in Calla Bryn Sturgis the locals are facing a crisis of their own. The wolves are coming! After 23 years the wolves are coming like they always do - like clockwork.I am a big fan of Ki [...]

    May it do ya fine. This book did me real fine. Say thank ya.I must be picking up the language from Calla Bryn Sturgis/Mid-World because it seems lately, I've been saying the speech of the people. I almost said, "Thankee-sai" as I was handed my receipt today at the grocery store. "Say thankee" I didn't. Anyways, I'll stop being silly. (The grocery store thing is true, however.) What a fan-freaking-tastic book. I really enjoyed the town of Calla Bryn Sturgis, the people, and I LOVED the way they s [...]

    As my dawdling and ever dwindling ka-tet finally approaches the clearing at the end of the path—praise the Man Jesus—I find myself on the horns of a dilemma. You see, we read Wolves of the Calla nearly a year and a half ago, but I’ve left it unreviewed for a myriad of reasons. Actually . . . no, that’s not entirely true. For some idiotic reason, I began the silly practice of delaying reviews on buddy reads until all, or at least most my friends were finished reading. This delay tactic, c [...]

    A prequel to a sequel or a sequel to a prequel of a previous Dark Tower “review”.Both women’s hands moved like a blur as they obliterated their targets - moving and stationary. Their pistols were still smoking as they were returned them to their holsters.“Well met,” said the fat rancher, as he moved towards the taller of the two women, “and mighty impressive.”“Thankee, Sai”, said the taller of the two blonde katet members and by her calm and authoritative bearing, obviously the [...]

    Commela Come Come!Our journey has left so many behind. We have been attacked, beaten, and threatened. Yet, we persevere. Onward wayward travelers. Let us continue on our quest to the Dark Tower. Let us travel safely along the Path of the BeamOur band of crazy MahFahs, led by the craziest MahFah yeh’ve ever encountered- Yours Truly- has seen and done much. I even let Jeff out of his prison luxiourous bedroom at my home to join us in this read. I did keep him on a leash- he’s not to be trusted [...]

    OH RIZA! I think this might be my favorite (so far) of all the Dark Tower series of books.which says a lot.If you were to combine a Western film with the TV show LOST with Back to the Future with a Horror film, you would *almost* have the vibe achieved here. There is hardly anything I can say that will not spoil at least PART of the book, so I will simply continue to sing its praises. That ENDING! King continues to BLOW MY MIND. The way that EVERYTHING he has ever written seems to somehow serve [...]

    And so it was, three and a half years ago, that I stopped reading Stephen King altogether. Having begun him at age 12, and having read every single book up to that point, by my mid-twenties I was definitely reading his new stuff out of habit alone. But I was still looking forward to finishing the "Dark Tower" series.And I never did. Because I read this book, which contains more filler than I thought you could put in 700 pages, and which confirmed that King had disappeared so far up his own ass t [...]

    I didn't really realize until I'd picked up this book that I was kind of in a reading funk for a bit. Either that, or this book is just that good. Either way, I had a new life of reading when I picked up Wolves of the Calla. I was sucked right back into the path of the Dark Tower, right along one of the 6 beams. And it's not just sucked in, but I was able to pick back up after a year or two with only my rusty memory of the previous 5 (counting Wind through the Keyhole) books. Wolves is just what [...]

    This book took me the longest to get through of the dark tower series, but I blame that more on school than the book itself. I found this book to be fascinating, and so important to the connection of all the worlds and universes surrounding the dark tower. It's funny though, the conflict stated in the title of the book acted more as a clock than an actual tense moment. It was a side quest you knew they were going to win so there wasn't much stress or tension. The real important parts of the stor [...]

    My 100th book of the year is done!I'm not exactly sure why, but I enjoyed this more this time around than I did the first time. I much prefer this narrator over Frank Muller. (At this end of this audio book, King himself speaks about Frank Muller and why he didn't continue narrating this series-it was due to a motorcycle accident in which he was seriously injured. (Frank is part of the reason The Haven Foundation was created. It's to help independent authors, narrators and frelancers during time [...]

    This was a refreshing return to the story of the Ka-Tet and their journey. After what felt like thousands of pages of flashbacks and backstory in Wizard & Glass and Wind Through the Keyhole, Wolves of the Calla returns to Roland and friends in their quest for the Dark Tower. There is so much drama throughout book five, leading up to an exciting ending that leaves you desperate to start the next book right away (which I did!). This book almost feels like a reintroduction of sorts to the main [...]

    That face you make when a book has a horrible cliffhanger:Why, Stephen King, why?!?!Well, anyway, no review for this. It's suffice for me to say it's a million times better than book 4 (that one's a mess - I didn't even finish it). The story gets back to the quest to find the Dark Tower, I'm finally warming up to the characters and in few words, I liked it.A little warning for people who want to read this series: Read King's 'Salem's Lot first. The destiny of one character is told here and you'l [...]

    I absolutely LOVED this! The ka-tet get to be actual gunslingers in this story. We find out more about North Central Positronics and it's links to Eddie's, Jake's and Susannah's New York's , as well as Father Callahan. We find out how the Dark Tower is as relevant to their world as Roland's although it goes by a different name. We meet Andy, find about about the WolvesI didn't see the Big Reveal about them until I was told it is a testament to King's skill that we don't get to the actual showdow [...]

    “First comes smiles, then lies. Last is gunfire."- Roland Deschain, of GileadDark Tower reviews:#1The Gunslinger #2The Drawing of the Three #3The Waste Lands #4Wizard and Glass #5Wolves of the Calla #6Song of Susannah #7The Dark Tower

    I didn't think it was possible to be any more in love with this series than I already was. But with each book I reread, my love for it just keeps growing. I've become so invested in these characters and their journey that it feels like they've become a part of me. I had forgotten a lot of the details of the story so at times it's almost like I'm on the Dark Tower journey again for the first time. And it's truly a magical experience. I feel like now that I'm a bit older, I'm able to truly appreci [...]

    There's a lot going on here. Luckily, it has the page count so nothing feels rushed. Because there's a new character (really an old one if you read a lot of King) and his backstory, and travel between worlds, and a demonic fetus, and a child-stealing evil to vanquish Plenty to keep me avidly listening through 22 discs of audiobook.That new-but-now character is Father Callahan, late of 'Salem's Lot. I wasn't exactly clamoring to see this guy again, and I doubt very many other people were. But her [...]

    This series is fucking perfect. And that Epilogue. Literally; holy shit. That's all I have to say on the matter. Long days and pleasant nights.

    8.5/10Another stonking effort from the Dark Tower series in a book that has left me drooling at the prospect of what the last two books hold. Initially it seemed like a slow read, this might not be so much the book as external factors making me unable to get chance to read it, and it plodded along and then all of a sudden I was swept up with it all and was engrossed and the last few hundred pages flew by. I would go as far as saying this is in my top two DT books but the slowness of the start me [...]

    If this series was written by any less of a writer, we would throw it to the side as the most ridiculous of fan-fiction. We would roll our eyes at the lightsabers and the demon sex and the trains that talk and the bear with a radar dish on its head and the people who somehow still have grenades when most people don't own guns and the magic door opened with a wooden key that they knew how to make just because they did. Actually, all of the times they just know things would normally get this disre [...]

    Although many readers of this series liked this volume the least, I found it to be the most moving and exciting of them all. It appears to be a departure from the path of the Beam but in truth it is just another part of the journey of the Ka-Tet and very much on the path to the Dark Tower, bringing them closer. It is well tied in to all the past books, and it is in this book that we meet Father Callahan, from Salem's Lot. It was while reading this book that I completely fell in love with the cha [...]

    The Ka-Tet of Nineteen’s skills are requested when a gang of marauders threaten an entire generation of townsfolk. As Gunslingers, Roland and company are unable to refuse those who seek their assistance so they quickly begin preparing for battle. Susannah Dean, pregnant with a demon’s child, has yet another personality arise during her sleep. Her name is “Mia” and she may prove to be very, very dangerous.There is a lot going on in King’s fifth entry of his acclaimed Dark Tower saga. Su [...]

    So I decided it was time to finally write my review- because apparently Dan 2.0 can't write one until either Jeff or I write one first. Yupour 2.0 likes his excuses. I think his cowboy name should be changed to Procrastinatin' Shenanigan Playin' Dastardly Dan.Buddy read with- Quick Draw Stepheny, Jumpin' Jeff, Procrastinatin' Shenanigan Playin' Dastardly Dan, Calamity Bev, Bronco Bustin' Black Jackin' Jason, andCahootin' Christopher [image error]I can't believe our journey is almost finished (on [...]

    «No one ever does live happily ever after, but we leave the children to find that out for themselves.»For decades, the Wolves have come from Thunderclap to take children from Calla Bryn Sturgis, and then return them roont. After 23 quiet years, they're coming back again, and the folken, knowing that a ka-tet of gunslingers is close to their town, ask them for help.As The Dark Tower series moves forward, it gets more complex and more epic, and after the emotionally devastating Wizard and Glass, [...]

    For a long time, this was my favorite book of the series. I love it, the way it just ratchets up the tension, bit by bit, and how we get to know these people, this town and the horror that they have lived with every generation for over 100 years. This is where the series really becomes amazing. I love Drawing of the Three and The Wastelands, but Wolves of the Calla takes these characters that we've had several books' worth of time to get used to and shows us each of them in a different light. I [...]

    Yet another excellent addition to the Dark Tower series. Before I address the book, I want to say that, as a man, I love Stephen King. In the afterward, when he says he will be donating the profits of the audio book to Frank Muller's family, and explains whyI know King is wealthy, and can certainly afford the gesture, but how many people in a position to help others actually DO it? I am working my way through the series on audio this time and it seems like an almost different journey when listen [...]

    6.0 stars. In a long career which includes more great books and best sellers than I can count, "The Dark Tower" series is Stephen King's masterpiece. Even if you don't like Stephen King, you will love this series as it is one of the best Fantasy series ever written. HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION!!Nominee: Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel (2003)Nominee: Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel (2003)

    Oh wow! I looked down before starting this review and saw that I started this book way back in November. That's what happens when you read a book that is over 700 pages during the holidays takes a while. Giving this next installment of the Dark Tower series a 4. I'll break it down of course below.Let's quickly re-cap. Roland Dechain of Gilead is a Gunslinger. A Gunslinger is a kind of knight that helps when needed. He fights the powerful to help the weak. He is also obsessed with the Dark Tower. [...]

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